YOu that are of the Parliament, hear the Word of the Lord as it came unto me concerning [...] and by the Eternal God am I moved to lay these things before you, how that your down-fall is near, and this is the word of the Lord God of Hosts unto you all that are now sitting in Parliament, the Lord will overturn you all by his Powerful Arm, for the decree of God and his purpose is, and his deter­mination is to throw down and to break up Parliaments, and there shall not any man bear rule that is out of the Law of God, but God himself will Rule & bear rule in the hearts of men, and such as know God to rule, and to guide them by his own spirit, such shal rule for God that are led by his spirit into all truth, for God will throw down and overturn, root up and consume both root and branch of all your Parliaments, until he hath brought in the Royal Heir, the Prince of peace, the Everlasting King of Righteousnesse, whose right it is to reign, and he will reign in the destruction of his ene­mies, for the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob hath determined, and he will surely accomplish his word, and Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but the Word of our God shall not pass until it is fulfilled, for pro­phesie shall go out from the Mouth of the Lord, and shall not turn again unfulfilled, for the Lord God hath raised up a Prophet like unto Moses, and he shall pro­phesie of things to come, and it shall come to pass and be fulfilled; and this is the Prophet that the Lord God hath commanded that all should hear him and obey him, and this is the light of the World, and doth enlighten every man that com­eth into the World, and God hath chosen him to bear rule, and he is exalting him, and he shall reign, and he shall tread down his enemies under him, although they now rule over him, yet this be known that God who is powerful and un­resistable, and unlimited, will break in upon his enemies like a flood, and like an armed man will he sweep them all a­way [Page 2]by the besome of destruction, for the Lord God will make the Earth to quake, and he will shake the high Moun­tains, until they become a plain for the Lord to pass over, for he will utter forth his Lightnings, his Thunders and his earth-quakes in the earth, until he hath brought down the lofty from their seat, until he hath thrown down proud Ha­mon, and raised up poor Mordecay which is kept under the proud high Nature which God will destroy, and therefore the Proud, and the High, and the Lofty, and the Honoura­ble honoured by men, God will bring down into dishonour, shame and contempt, for God is coming to stain the glory of all flesh, both of Princes and Rulers, both of Lords and No­bles, and all shall bow and bend unto him that is the Light of the World, the Way to God, to Life and to perfect joy; And all you who are yet in rebellion against the Lord God of Heaven and Earth, I say unto you, be warned in your life time to repent from dead works, and come down from your High Thrones you exalted proud ones, the Lord God will abase you and bring you low, by his own arm will he scat­ter you, and with plagues will he recompence you with eter­nal vengeance, with wo and desolation will he reward you that are out of his fear, for the indignation of the Lord God is kindled against you, and the sword of the Lord God is drawn to cut you down, and the fire of his jealousie is kind­led against your unrighteous actions, and plagues, and de­solation and utter destruction from the hand of the Lord God must you all receive if you repent not speedily, for the day of terrible judgement is hastening and coming on you from the hand of the Lord God; Therefore be you warned and flie for your lives out of Sodom and Egypt, spiritually so called, for in the streets of spiritual Sodom and Egypt is the Lamb of God slain, and the Earth whereon his bloud lyeth cryeth for vengeance to the Lord God, for the seed of Jacob is oppressed, and have long groaned under bondage to the Lord for deliverance, and for his seed and Elects sake he is coming to take vengeance on the oppressor that oppresseth the just, that hath grieved the Spirit of God in themselves and also in others, like Judas who betrayed the just into the [Page 3]hands of finners, so have many of you done, when the just principle of God have risen in you at any time, and have shewed you that you should have done the thing that pleased God that was Righteous in the sight of God, but you fled from this the good Spirit of God that should have guided you over deceit, but you like Judas have fled from Christ, and have been offended in him.

But wo, wo from the Lord God unto you that have so done, a bitter cup is prepared for you, and you shall as surely drink it as the Lord God is True, for as a bird is taken in the snare, so shall you be taken that sleight the day of your visitation which is passing away, and then shall you be taken with all the unprofitable servants that hath spended their portion with the Harlot, with the beast and the false prophet; this will the Lord God say unto such, Go ye Cursed into ever­lasting torment prepared for the Devil and his angels; For Gods in­dignation is gone forth against the Heads and Rulers in this Nation, and he will overturn them all, and this is the cause that the Lords Righteous Soul is vexed with them, and plagues will be bring on them speedily, because they hold up that that the Lords purpose is to throw down, the kingdom of antichrist, the beast and false prophet with them shall fall together, and both they and their upholders shall drink of one cup; and wo unto the false prophets that are upheld by the powers of darknesse, the Devil that hath ensnared men to teach lies, and then they go to the same power to be up­holded, and to have maintenance; but wo unto their up­holders and to their maintainers, those are seen to be decei­vers; and this is the day of the Lord, wherein the Lord is opening the eyes of all people that have been long blinded by them, and they that have heard them long now are made to cry out wo against them; for the Lord God hath a terrible cup for them to drink, and wo unto their upholders, they that uphold Tithes for them, who constraineth people to pay Tithes to them whether they will or no; away with this Mi­nistry, it is not of God but of Antichrist, and upholded by the power of antichrist, the Devil that ruleth in the hearts of men; therefore away with Tithes, put it down, for else [Page 4]the plagues of God will fall on you that are the upholders of it, and the indignation of the Lord shall surely come upon you, unless you joyn unto the Lord against his enemies, o­therwise the hand of the Lord will be against you, and you shall never prosper till you act for the Lord and not to please men, for you that are men-pleasers is out of the Covenant of God; and therefore put down Tithes, for God never com­manded you to pay Tithes nor to uphold them for his Mi­nisters, neither do they seek to you for any support, but God he maintaineth his Ministers and supporteth them by his power, and they come not to you, for they that have receiv­ed the gift of God gives it freely, as freely as they have re­ceived; and therefore come and buy wine and milk without money and without price, as Christ said unto his Disciples, Behold I send you forth as Lambs amongst Wolves, without bag or scrip, freely give, for freely you have received; So they that are Christs Disciples, they are his Ministers, and they he send­eth forth and commandeth them to give freely as they have received him, so they preach him, and this is the godly Mi­nistry, and these God will uphold, and not by any strength of man.

But all your man-made Ministers, made by the will of man, such as have learned lying inventions in the corrupt Nature, and so mix them with the Pure Scripture which was given forth by the Pure Spirit of the Pure God by his Servants and Messengers, but these whom you call your Ministers have not the Spirit of God, but they are separated from God sensu­al having not the Spirit, so those are the clouds without rain carried about with the tempest, but of them beware, for they have craftily crept into houses, calling them Churches, but God hath a Church of living stones, Elect and pretious, and this Church is God a building in this our day, a Spiritual House built upon that Rock that never shall be shaken, the Rock that is Gods Elect, upon whom all the righteous build­eth, and behold all that are not builded upon this Rock, the storms now ariseth apace that will shake them, when the Wil­dernesse shall be shaken, and the World shall be in amazement, and sadnesse of heart shall smite the rebellious with the Hypocrite, and whether will you fly that are out of the fear [Page 5]of God, for the Tribes of the Earth shall mourn, and I tell you, such Tribulation and anguish of Soul shall come as hath not been known since the beginning, although darkness hath long covered the Earth, yet now hath the Lord God com­manded light to shine out of dakness, and now people doth begin to see where they have been in the alienation, even strangers from their Maker; now the senses of people coming to be awakened after this long night of thick darkness where­with they have been clouded, so that the face of the Lord hath been hid from his Creatures; but now it shall be so no more, but all that do believe in the light, & that shall yet come to believe, all such shall see the Glory of the Lord, and all flesh shall behold the beauty of the Lord, for now God is co­ming in Power and in great Glory, & excellent brightness is a breaking forth, as the lightening cometh out of the East and shineth unto the West, even so is the coming of the Son of man, and they that have seen his coming in them, may so de­clare of him, and such may Prophesie of his coming, for the powers of Heaven shall move, then shall you see the Son of man coming in the clouds of Heaven with power and with great Glory, and this is the day of his coming, and such as know him come may declare of him, they may give their te­stimony for him that they have seen his coming in them; and such as have not seen his coming in them, they are lying dreamers that dreameth a lie, and the world wondreth after them.

These are the lying Beasts and the false Prophets that de­ceiveth all the world with their lying wonders, these are they that God will destroy and utterly consume by the breath of his mouth; therefore let Tythes go down lest you par­take with them in their plagues, for Gods vengeance and his plagues and woes is against them and against their upholders, for the Lords unresistable power and his unlimited spirit cau­seth us to cry against them and against their upholders, fore­seeing their desolation and their destruction coming on them and their upholders, and therefore flye from the wrath to come, I warn you by the spirit of the Lord God, whose Con­sciences is not wholly seared, whilst there is any tenderness [Page 6]left, beware of the deceivers, neither hearken unto them, neither lend an ear to the wicked one, nor to his temptation, but turn to the light of the Lord God in your own heart, and lend your ear there, and hear the voice of wisdom which calleth you to return and hearken to the Counsel of God which is known within, for whatsoever is to be known of God is manifest in man; behold this is the day of the Lords ever­lasting love and kindness wherein he is revealing himself unto the sons of men, and an everlasting power is he a breaking thorow the Earth, and he is rending down the Mountains that hath been high, and exalted above all that is called God, and he is searching and trying the hearts of all men high and low; great, and mighty, and powerful is the Lord God of Abraham, and he will throw down both Kings and Rulers that are Ru­ling and Governing in the Earth, and they themselves are not governed by the Spirit of the Lord God, which is Truth in the inward parts, and leadeth into the path of Justice, Truth, and Righteousness, to Rule for the Lord God, and not for men; and that is required of you by the Lord God, that are Ruling and Governing in this Nation, that you Act for the Lord God, and that you may no longer uphold that which the hand of the Lord God is against you for, and against them that you uphold; and this is the day of the Lord wherein he is coming to break in pieces the potsheards of the Earth that by force and cruelty oppress the just and grieve the righteous spirit of the Lord God who will not alwayes strive with you, but whilst he doth strive by his unlimited power, harden not your hearts lest the Lord destroy you as he did hard-hearted Pharaoh, and as he did Sodom and Gomorah, who Repented not although he warned them by his Messengers, whom they be­lieved not; for God is not mocked, but he will reward a just recompence into the bosome of the rebellious, hard-hearted and stiff-necked, who are out of the Covenant of God, and enemies to the Cross of Christ, and so are found idlers out of the Vineyard of God without in the world, where the sins of Sodom doth abound, idleness and fulness of bread, and so forgetting the Lord that created them, and such the Lord God will plead with in the day of his appearance, which is already [Page 7]come; and yet they do not see it because they are blinded by the God of this world, and by the deceivers that hath de­ceived the hearts of all men that are in the world; but now Antichrist and his kingdom will the Lord God speedily throw down and utterly confound, and this work is the Lord alrea­dy doing, and he will go thorow with it although men can­not see it whose eyes are blinded; yet many whose eyes are opened do see the work of the Lord, and glory be to his name, he is laying low all the dark Powers of the Earth that hath up­holden the false Prophet, and great Babel which hath been builded so high, yet now will the Lord God throw her to the bottom, and great shall be the fall of her and of her uphol­ders, for the Lords indignation and wrath is to be poured forth upon the Whore, and the Beast, and the false Prophet, and they are to be turned alive into the lake of endlesse tor­ment, for the unresistable God will utter forth everlasting Plagues upon the Deceivers of this Nation, who have called themselves Ministers of Christ, and are upheld by men; but such as uphold them, the unlimitted power of God will break them in pieces and dash in sunder, for the Decree of God is already sealed to break in pieces the dark power that uphold­eth them that he hath purposed in his heart to throw down, for this is God about to do, even to destroy all the false Pro­phets, and Antichrist, and there shall not one of them escape the powerful hand of the Lord God, for God never sent them yet they run, they say The Lord saith, when he never spake un­to them; And these are man-made Ministers, and these are the greatest enemies that the Lord God hath upon the face of the whole Earth, and both they and their upholders shall pe­rish together.

Therefore in the fear of the Lord consider, you that are upholding them whilst they are deceiving you, try your deeds by the light of Christ, and see whether or no your works be wrought in God, and see with the single eye which is the light as in the presence of the Lord God, try your deeds, words, and actions in the fear of the Lord; I lay it upon you as I received it from the pure, eternal and invisible God whose works are wrought in the light, and whose counsel is known [Page 8]in the light to such as fear him and walk in his light; for he that revealeth the Father is the Son, and the Son is the light of the world, and he that is out of the light is out of the counsel of God; and marvel not at these things as Nicodemas did, although he was a Ruler in Israel, he knew not the things of God; and this I say unto you, unless you come to the light of Christ, the gift of God, you cannot enter into the King­dom of God; and this is the Truth of God, and he that climbeth up another way he is a thief and a robber, and such enters not by the door, Christ; this is to you given forth by the spirit of the Lord God for you to read in the fear of the Lord, and his Message who is the Lord of Heaven and Earth, that you may be warned to repent and to leave these things that the hand of the Lord is against you for, that you may e­scape the terrours of the Almighty which are ready to break in upon you, and this in pure obedience to the spirit of the Lord was I moved to give forth unto you, whose spirit is unresistable; the wind bloweth where it listeth, and no man can stop it; even so is the spirit of the Lord God unlimitted and without bounds: Therefore hear and consider, & quench it not; and this is dear love to warn you, and its the large love of God that reacheth unto his own in every man: And this is Truth given forth,

By Dorothy White.

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