WHereas it is Certified under the Hands of very many Mercers of the chief Towns in North and South-Wales (who are the only Traders in Books there) That there are very few Di­vinity-Books in the Welsh-Language to be sold there; And to the best of their knowledg, not one Welsh-Bible to be bought at any rate, although greatly desired by Persons of all Ranks and Conditions: It would be a singular work of Charity tending to the good of Thousands, who otherwise may be destitute of the means of Knowledg, to contribute, as towards the Printing of some Pi­ous Treatises in the Welsh-Language, to be freely given away to poor Persons and Families there; so espe­cially towards the Printing of the Welsh-Bible in Octavo, which will shortly be put to the Press.

And in regard that few poor Children are there brought up to Reading, it is another good work of Charity, to raise and maintain several Schools, for teaching the poorest of the Welsh-Children to read English, and the Boys to learn to Write and cast Accounts; whereby they will be enabled to read our English Bibles and Treatises, to be more serviceable to their Country, and to live more comfortably in the World. We therefore whose Names are under-written, do promise to contribute, during our plea­sure, towards the Printing the Welsh-Bible, and other Licensed Treatises, to be freely given away to such poor people as can read them, and are not able to buy Books; as also towards the Teaching of poor Welsh-Children to read English, Write, and cast Accounts, in such Towns where Schools for that purpose are not already erected and setled by the Charity of others. Provided that this charitable and pious work be ordered and managed by Dr. Tillotson Dean of Canterbury, and the rest whose Names are after-written.

We whose Names are under-written, do promise our greatest care in managing the Money given to the above-mentioned charitable and pious works.
  • John Tillotson.
  • Benjamin Whichcott.
  • Simon Ford.
  • William Bates.
  • William Outram.
  • Simon Patrick.
  • William Durham.
  • Edward Stillingfleet.
  • John Meriton.
  • Hezekiah Burton.
  • Richard Baxter.
  • Thomas Gouge.
  • Mathew Pool.
  • Edward Fowler.
  • William Turner.
  • Richard Newman.
  • James Reading.
  • Thomas Firmin.
  • Henry Norton.
  • John du Bois.

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