A DECLARATION To Great Britain and Ireland, shewing the downfall of their Princes, and wherefore it is come upon them: Because CHRIST is riding on his white horse, conquering his Enemies till he have destroyed Antichrist, who hath made the Nations drunk with the Cup of her fornications: and till he have destroyed Mahomet, that great deceiver of the people.

REVEL. 6.2.

And I saw, and behold, a white horse, and he that sate on him had a bow, and a crown was given unto him, and he went forth con­quering, and to overcome.

Written and directed to Great Britain, and all other Nations; By me Robert Wharton, wel-wisher to my Countrymen, and to all the faithfull in Christ Jesus throughout the World. With an humble advice to the Army.

This Treatise is approved and commended, and thought worthy to be Printed,

by Master Hugh Peters.

LONDON, Printed for R. L. 1649.

[blazon or coat of arms representing the royal emblems of England (a rose), Scotland (a thistle), France (a fleur-de-lis), and Ireland (a harp), each crowned]


Courteous Reader,

WHy should it seem strange to any that the Lord Christ is going forth like a mighty Conque­rour, to overcome his Enemies, and to over­turn those that stand in his way. I pray consi­der how much the Church of Christ hath been in the Wilderness of the World, like the Ark upon the Floud, when the World was drowned, and for sixteen hundred yeers hath that great Dragon cast out a floud of persecutions to devoure her by his wicked instruments, whom he hath set at work, yet hath the Lord mightily preserved it in all ages to this time, and now the Lord is bringing her forth of her affliction, and to make her a praise upon earth: now are her enemies mad, despising her, and seeking to turn her back again, but their surviving will be to their own destruction: consider, how have all those sped that have strove against [Page]her, or but lent an hand against her since Queen Maries days, both Kings, Princes, and the meaner sort of people and how have they been crost in all their designes, and it hath been their confusion which hath fulfilled the words of our Savi­our Christ, Matth. 21.44. And whomsoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken to pieces, but on whomsoever it shall fall, it shall grind him to powder; ye, and he saith, he will bruize them with an iron rod, and break them in pieces like a potters vessell, Psal. 2.9.

If this be his doing already in these latter years, then is it high time for us to consider what we have to do, and to be seeking for the right way, not pleasing our own fancies, but be like unto David, he saith, My soul is ravished with de­sire, and never is at rest, but seeks to know thy judge­ments high, and what may please thee best: so our Savi­our Christ saith, Ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall finde, knock and it shall be opened unto, saith our Saviour, every one that asketh receiveth, and he that secketh findeth, and to him that knocketh it shall be o­pened. I pray see what glorious promises we have to build upon, it is not upon a sandy foundation, but upon that firme rock Christ himself who spake the words with his own mouth, who never cast off any that came to him by faith, as Saint Paul, Heb. 11. Without faith it is impossible to please God; For he that commeth to him must believe, that God is, and that he is a rewarder of all those that seek him dili­gently. If it be so, let us be earnest with the Lord, that he will be pleased to enlighten our souls with strength from Heaven, as Paul was, who said, Through Christ I can do all things, but without Christ he can do nothing, Philip. 4. if it be so, that Christ must be our supporter while we live in this life, of our pilgrimage, and that all true holiness must [Page]proceed from him, in whō dwels all the fulnes of the Godhead bo­dily, & that without him we can neverattain to heaven, then let us seeke every moment of our lives for holinesse in this life, and that will bring us to that haven of happinesse which will make us happy to all Eternity, that never shall have end, which if otherwise our mindes be set to crosse the Lords designes he hath in hand, and turn enemies to him and his friends that live the lives of holinesse, be you sure that your account at the last will be miserable, as saith the Lord in the Proverbs, 1.24. Because I have called and you have refused, I have stretched out my hand and no man re­garded, but you have set all my Counsels at naught: therefore will I laugh at your destruction, and mock when the thing you feare commeth on you: Then shall you call, but I will not hear, they shall seeke me early, but shall not finde me, because they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord: Then shall the Kings of the earth, with the mighty men, Captains, bond and free, hide themselves in the dens; rocks, and holes of the earth, but all will not serve, for if they cannot hide them­selves from death, who is the Lords messenger, when the Lord comes himselfe they shall not be able to hide themselves from his fury, if this be so, that the Lords comming will be so terrible when he comes to revenge the cause of his be­loved, who hath been so long and many years in bondage and captivity, nothing but fury and revenge will serve his turn upon them that stand in his way, then let all those who are of such violent spirits be affraid and stand out no longer against this great work the Lord hath going on in the world; but let them become friends rather then enemies; Least they be torne in pieces, and there be none to deliver, Psal. 50.22. Now let us consider since the Lord hath begun to shew [Page]the power of his comming in England, since the last per­secution in Queen Maries dayes, how have they sped that lent a hand to Antichrist? have they not been brought to the Block or to the Halter? so when the Bishops with their wicked Counsell began to persecute, how strangely were they defeated in all their purposes? then the King and his No­bles, they would revenge the Bishops cause and their own de­signes, and how strongly were they overthrown, and lost their lives? for as most know, their power was so strong, that at euery field fight, the King had, he got the better at the beginning, but before the battel was ended, he lost all; which did appear, he had power and strength enough to over­come all had his cause been good. But he being weighed in the Ballance and found too light, could not stand against the work the Lord Christ had in hand. Now, consider, the Lora is not shaking and pulling down the great pillars of this Land onely, but he is shaking other Kingdoms as well, as doth appear in France and other Kingdoms, and thus will he doe among all Nations, till he hath taken possession of all the Kingdoms of the World, that they may become the Kingdoms of the Lord and his Christ, as you have it in the Revelations. Now, when the Lord hath taken possession of all, then shall that Prophesie be fulfilled which the Lord spake by the Prophet Esay, And it shall come to passe in the latter days, that the Lords house shall be prepared in the height of the Mountains; and shall be higher then the highest, or, as may be said, higher then the Kingdoms of the World, for his power, glory, and beauty: Then shall all Nations seeke unto him, a multitude of people shall speak one to another, Come let us ascend to the hill of the Lords house, he will instruct us in his wayes, and we will walke in his paths, for out of Sion shall come a [Page]Law and the Word from Jerusalem, yea, and shall give sentence among the Nations, yea, and the multitude of the people shall breake their Swords into Mattocks, and their spears into pruning hooks, they shall not learn War any more, nor lift up a weapon one against another, then shall the high heads of men be brought low, and the Lord only shall be exalted, Esay 2. Then shall be ful­filled the word of the Lord concerning his people and his enemies, saying, Behold, my servants that rejoyce for very quietnesse of heart, but ye shall cry for sorrow of heart, and complain for vexation of Spirit: your name shall you leave for a curse among my chosen, for the Lord shall slay you, & call his servants by another name, Esay 45. Now, to consider, concerning this Prophesie, that Esay spake of many things concerning Christs comming in the flesh for the redemption of man, is accomplished, which was the greatest worke of all works, but for the accomplish­ing of his power, in bringing his people from the bondage of their enemies is but now begun, and when he hath done concerning his enemies, and taken possession of all Kingly powers and authority, then shall be brought to passe the Pro­phesie of Esay the Prophet, Shall learn War no more, which shall be fulfilled at the time the Lord hath appointed: now the Lord hath appeared for his people, and is going on his way conquering his enemies, either goe on with him, or goe out of his way of his fury, lest you be found partakers with them in their sinfulnesse, and so be partakers with them of their punishment, then let us beware while it is called to day, least if we come in the hardnesse of our hearts, heaven be shut against us to all eternity, and then too late to call for mercie: therefore our Saviour Christ gives us warning, [Page]saying, Watch, for ye know not when the master com­meth, whether at noonday or at midnight, or at the cock crowing, or at the dawning; lest he come suddenly, he finde you sleeping: and what I say unto you, I say unto all. Watch: Mark 13.35, 36. Now, I pray you in the feare of the Lord, consider what the Lord hath done, and what he is now a doing, and the Lord enlighten your understanding that ye may see more and more of the Lords appearing for his people, and be partakers with them of their happiness in Christ.

The Lord unite the Nations together, that as we are but one people and language, so we may be of one heart and minde; which the Lord grant for Jesus Christ his sake. AMEN.

Yours R.W.


To the Reader, l. 5. for much r. long, page 5. line 22. as for r. abhorr'd, p. 9.18. r. when ye, p. 10. l. 18. r. Essex from the Land service, r. my Lord of from the Sea, p. 11. l. 18. r. appeare, ibid. l. 31. r. seem'd to frown on them. p. 12. l. 1. for take r. lose, ibid. l. 33. r. buried.

A Declaration to Great Britain.

TO all my loving country men, whom I am bound to love, I am desirous to impart a few lines concerning the great worke that God hath wrought for his Gospel in this latter age of the World, especially in England, where we are a Nation, as first, to consider how he worketh, next what he hath brought to passe. It pleased the Lord in King Henries dayes about the 9th. year of his Reign, that the Lord brought to light the Gospel here in England by the hand of Luther, who sent it to this Nation, where it was accepted among many people with great joy and comfort to their poor souls: This being done, it pleased the Lord to continue it till Queen Maries days, then begun a great persecution to come againe by that red Dragon which is spoken of Revelati­ons, Chap. 12. concerning Michael and his Angels who fought with the Dra­gon and his Angels, which was figured out plainly by Queen Mary who gave the red Dragon for her Arms, and so plaid her part accordingly, as you all know by the story, but it pleased the Lord to shorten her days and set up a Governour who favoured the Gospel, then was the power of the Devil brought down, and whosoever rose up against the Gospel were brought to the block or the halter: likewise the Spanish Navie who came to devoure up the Gospel how were they overthrown in the sea, and their great General Don Pedro brought in to the mercy of the Queen, after the Lord had removed her, he set up the King of Scots to rule over us, who before he came into Eng­land, made a Covenant with his Ministers to purge the Church of England, who came and was Crowned our King, which being done, and a Parliament called, then did the Devil, that red Dragon, begin to set his own servants, the Papists, to work, who thought when they had blown up the Parliament de­vised a project to have proclaimed that the Puritans had done it, and so have raised the whole Countrey to out off the people of God most barbarously, but the Lord who neither slumbers nor sleeps, befooles them all, and brought them miserably to their ends, yet did not this great mercy put out King in minde how the Lord dealt lovingly with him in bringing him out of a poore Countrey into a glorious land, where he had all the pleasures that might be afforded, as we all know, that he had delivered him and his Nobles from such a deadly blow, and made him of a poor Scotch King a glorious English King, which would make me think the more the Lord had honoured him, the [Page] [...] [Page] [...] [Page 2]more he should have sought for to glorifie the Lord, but he did not, for con­cerning the Covenant he made with his Ministers in Scotland he neglected, casting it behind his back, which when the Ministers saw, they came into England to White Hall, where one of them made a Sermon before him, put­ting him in minde how he had broke his Covenant with God and man, and how the Lord would lay to his charge his Covenant he made concerning purging the Church of England, he charg'd him deeply, but he charged him so deeply with it, that as soon as he had done his Sermon, he was soundly checkt for it, sent to the Tower, where he lay a time, but means being wrought for him, he was released, banished the land, to come no more; but marke what befell, in short time, the King married his daughter to the King of Bohe­mia, who were turned out of their Countrey, and have lived as strangers in an­other Countrey, and were maintained by the charge of England, and their children fighting against the people of God, as ye see to this day, when they were turned out of Bohemia, the next chance that befall, Prince Henry was poysoned, thus were his children curb'd and cut off, though his children were thus miserably brought under and cut off, yet did he not consider nor call to minde wherefore the Lord had brought this judgement on his children, but sinned yet more, by suffering a Papist house to be built up in Black-friers, but marke what befell, as soon as they were in their devotions with their strange gods, the house fell down on their heads, as Dagon fell before the Arke of God, where were killed some fourescore persons, besides what was maim­ed, yet did not this strange work move him, but he sinned yet more, sending his sonne to Spain, and France, to get a wife that served strange gods, and to make it appear more, procured a Chappel for Papistry to be built up at Saint Jameses where it standeth to this day; but take notice what befel him, he that was his dearest friend, whom he preferred before God and his people, became his ruin, which was the Duke of Buckingham, who with his Mother wrought Sorceries, and so poysoned the King as would have been proved if things had been brought to triall, thus was his end miserable, who preferred the enemies of Jesus Christ before the Lords worship, not ruling the Na­tion in obedience to the Lord: this being done, and his dayes ended, his son snatcht the Crown to his head, Reigning in strange manner as ye have seen, not ruling the people as in obedience to God and the Lord Christ, but as a covetous King to God's dishonour, preferring his own designes before Gods word; he suffering any thing to be done for money, preferring the friends to Papistry before Gods worship, and preferring the Duke that helped to destroy his father, before the whole Kingdome, slighting the whole Nation, and set him up in the throne of his heart; but miserable was that wicked [Page 3]mans end, when he was cut off from him; then were the Bishops and their friends set up in his heart, he allowing them to do whatsoever they pleased: then did they begin to make havock of Gods worship, changing the Sabboth into pastimes, for people to serve the Devil; and set forth an Order for it: thinking that for sports and pleasure they could the easier draw the whole Nation to their designe, and so put down the true worship of God: then was Papistry advanced, and all the friends to it in high esteem; then did they thinke all was their own, and nothing could hinder them, so jovially went they on: then went the King on in his designes, suffering all that could bring money into his Treasury, to reigne as petty Kings under him, in pilling and pol­ling the Nation by oppression; as Patentees, and making a new Freedome; how many poore apple-women and broom-men, rag-merchants, and people of all sorts, sold and pawned their bedding, and their cloaths for a new Free­dome; and when all was done, it proved a very cheat, thus was the Kings cof­fers fill'd with oppression: thus did the King, his Bishops, and his wicked crue reigne for a time. But marke, what befel, when the Lord saw them thus triumphing in their jollity, like the unjust Steward, sitting and drinking with the drunken, and smiting their fellow servants, Luk. 12. Then did the Lord begin to a wake his people, then did he stirre them up to prayer, then did they begin to multiply and flock together: then did the Lord put them. Ezek. 36.37. Thus saith, the Lord, I will yet for this be inquired of by the house of Isarel, to do it for them: I will increase them with men like a flock.

But mark, when the wicked crue faw what was doing, and knew not what would become of their projects, then did they begin to smite them about the eares, imprisoning them, and banishing them; then did they see what they could do with Scotland, then were they thrown out with these white coats, then did the people in the City of London, begin to grow more sensible when they saw the Scots withstand them, and so became stronger and stronger; when the King, the Bishops, and their wicked crue saw their wicked designes begun to shake and cotter, then were they in a straight, nothing would serve their turne but the destruction of the people of God: then did they in their wicked Counsels conjoyne with the King of Spaine to send an Army to cut off the City and take the spoile of it for his reward; then did they raise an Army against Scotland, cunningly carried the arms, and strength from Sussex and those parts their joyning to the sea, that the Spaniard might not be exposed: thus, in their cunning designes did they conjoyn, but take notice how they were befooled, the King of Spaine sending his Army hither, thinking all was his own, was befooled wonderfully; though he sent such great strength, ha­ving many friends to entertain them, as the Earle of Northampton, an arch [Page 4]Papist, and Pennington with his ships to assist him: Dover Castle that should have been made strong to oppose such an enemy, had nothing to resist them, thus did our home-bred enemies assist forreign enemies to cut us off, then did the Lord appear for us wonderfully, and provided a neighbour Nation to sinke the Spaniards in the Sea, yet was it an impossible worke for Van Trump to have done, had not the Lord appear'd for us, for Fennington with his ships fired at the Dutch-men, and did them much hurt, for which they did ac­cuse him when he went with the Queen into Holland to the Hague: how did the Lord work wonderfully in casting our enemies into the Sea? who should have cut our throats, and many of them that escaped with life came to the City to beg their bread, who saw the glory of the City, but could not share of the wealth of it: now judge you whether the Lord appeared for his people or no; but see farther, how the King of Spain was served after, he lost his great Navy at Sea, next year after, he lost the Kingdom of Portingale, so let all the wicked be served, that joyne hand in hand to destroy the inheri­tance of the Lord.

Now when the King with his wicked Counsell, could no way prosper, but his designes still crost, and befooled with going to Scotland, where he lost his labour, and all the money that he had got in unjust wayes, spent in that designe for Scotland, then were the wicked crue enraged, but the more they stirred the more they ensnared: then began their woe: then marke how Strafford was served for his wickednesse, then was the Bishop taken by the Hornes like the Ram in the Bush, and sacrificed like as he would have sacrifi­ced the people of the Lord. Thus hath the Lord appeared for his peoole, yet for all this the enemies of the Lord will not see what the Lord is doing, but they will goe on, and though they see plainly that the Lord is destroying his enemies, yet will they be more vile, raising up War, but it proves their own destruction, as consider the evill that our King hath brought on him and his posterity, and all because he could not set up Papistry, and bring the Na­tion into a slavish condition, ô that wicked will that is in man by nature, though to the destruction of himselfe and his posterity, which though he had wealth enough by the revenues of three Kingdoms, yet would not all this serve him, but a tyrannicall government over the Nations, surely they that have hearts to consider and well understand this, may very well know that he had no great love to the Nation, but to rule like a Tyrant, or a cursed step­father, that loves the wealth the children are heirs unto, but strives to make the children away: who would have gone from his people as he did, when he was so royally and lovingly entertained by them, a great gift given him, another to his Queen, and another to the Prince, by the Citizens of London, [Page 5]which was not the gift of one man but the gift of many: yea, how did the Citizens entertain the Queens Mother? thus did the people rejoyce to doe them good, and for all this kindnesse, they sought to spill our bloud: and who must he choose but Papists for his trusty friends, as Arundel, Luns­ford an arch Papist, to be Lieutenant of the Tower, to beat the City about our ears, this love and kindnesse have we found at his hands for the great love we shewed him when he tooke up a War against the Scots, he spared their bloud, and granted their desires, but when he came to reason with us, nothing but fire and sword served his turn, to destroy us a poore and blinde people, that should so much desire the life of him that was not only a destroy­er of the body but likewise of the soul, by seeking to put out the light of the Gospel, and to have set up papistry, as you may see by his actions, under a colour, desiring to have Religion as it was in Queen Elizabeths dayes, and so to have set up Papistry, but with his Lordly Bishops, but all would not serve his turn, for when he had run his course, in the place where he had sin­ned, in the same place he must end his dayes, a sad condition, for in the time of his prosperity he built a Masking-house for the Devils worship, or sporting, upon the same place where the Lords name was call'd on, the Masking-house being built up to over-top Gods place of worship, yet doe I not say that is the true place of Gods Worship, for the place that God chooseth for his wor­ship is in the heart, yet that place was chosen by man to call on the name of the Lord; therefore did the Lord, as for his wicked designe, and so brought bloud upon his head, as he hath done on his Nobles, and the rest of his friends that were the enemies of Jesus Christ.

But, me thinks, I heare him be wailing Straffords bloud, truly he needeth not, for never was man more sorry for his friends death then he was for his, had he pittied this Nations bloud as he pittied his, there had been no War raised by him to cut off English men as he hath done.

Some say that Duke Hambleton clears the King of Irelands bloud, as con­cerning the Protestants there, how many times hath he been moved in every Treaty by the Parliament to cause War to cease there? but would not yield to it, then judge you whether he be guilty of that bloud or no. Again, some say it was not lawfull for the Parliament assisted by the Army to put him to death, will ye say so? are they not they whom the Lord hath put the Sword into their hands to execute vengeance on his Enemies? is his bloud dearer to him then the bloud of his Saints? though he was an utter enemy, so far as his power did reach, to cut off the people of the Lord.

But you will say, that David would not lay his hand on his King, a great reason, for David knew that he was anointed to be King by the Prophet of [Page 6]the Lord, therefore had it been presumption against the Lord to snatch the Crown to his head, and not wait the Lords leasure, for David was told by the Spirit of the Lord that he should be King, and that Sauls dayes should be shortned: Again, Saul was a freind to the Nation, cutting off the Gibonites, thinking to doe the people, his Subjects a pleasure; but ye saw no such af­fection in our King towards the people his subjects, but take notice how the Lord dealt with Saul after he had destroyed him by his enemies, his wrath was not appeased so, but he revenged the bloud of strangers on his seed, cau­sed a dearth for foure years to come upon the Land, and would not be ap­peased till he had rooted out his posterity: If the Lord dealt so with him that was a freind to the Nation, how much more will he be angry with those that will spill the bloud of the Nation, and destroy the Lords Inheritance. Yet one great worke I doe behold, and I doubt a sad one, that our Ministers should so much bewail his death that proclaimed them Traitors, who would not have spared their lives but have put them to death, and so have put out the light of the Gospel, as you may take notice concerning his actions, and those that were in counsell with him in their wicked practises: had it not beene death for any that should have come to give him evill counsell against the Gospel, or against the Lords inheritance: Had he been a godly Prince, would he have slighted the death of his Father as he did, when he was told he was poysoned, and when a Parliament was called in the beginning of his Reign, how would he have searched out the offenders? but he caused the Parliament to be put by, and sit no more: likewise, concerning Rochel work, what treachery was there laid against the poore Protestants there, judge ye, they sent hither for help, against the Papists, for fear of being overcome by them; and he promised them help, but when their greatest need and desires came on them, he sent the ships against them, whereby they were overthrown: thus from the beginning of his Reign to his last days hath he been an enemy to the people of the Lord; and will ye cause the people to mourn after him that so much hath sought after their destruction: truely, a sad case.

Christ saith ye are my friends if ye do whatsoever I command you, I am sure he doth not command you to mourn after his enemies, when he is de­stroying them, do you not know that Christ is on his white horse riding on his journey, conquering and overcoming his enemies, Revel. 6.2. And hath not he set you as watchmen upon the wals to give the people notice what he is a doing: is he not going forth to conquer the Kingdoms of the world, that they may become the Kingdoms of the Lord and his Christ?

Then I pray consider, what ye have to do, forget this darling of the world, and set not the people a mourning after him that spared not our bloud, but [Page 7]reach the people to mourne after him whom we have pierced with out sins, even the Lord Jesus Christ. But now let us consider who are our friends concerning the great worke that is now in hand, begun in the World, are they not they whom you have stirred up in your Sermons to fight the Lords battell against the mighty? did you not take up that Text concerning Meroz? saying, Curse ye Meroz, curse ye bitterly the Inhabitants thereof, that come not out to helpe the Lord against the mighty: have ye not said, let him that hath no sword sell his cloke and buy one? how have you been the cause partly of raising this Army, and how have they prevailed against your enemies even by your prayers? I pray remember the condition we were in many times, and how the Lord preserved you and us by their hands, and how were dayes of thanksgiving stirr'd up by you to the Parliament, to cause the people to rejoyce with you? and shall all this be forgotten? I pray remem­ber Leicester worke, what a case were we in then, when the Countrey said, What will become of the Round-heads now? how did you call us toge­ther to fasting and prayers? and how were your Prayers heard by the Lord, and a gracious return from the Lord was sent you by the hands of these men from Nasby, then how did we and you blesse the Lord for this great mercie so that ever after out enemies could never prevail, such was the great mer­cie of the Lord to you and us. I pray remember what you said, some of you, when you saw these men give large and mercifull Propositions, when they had conquered your enemies at Oxford, did you not say, that they would prove pricks and thorns in their sides and ours, and did it not so come to passe, as we have seen, and now they have overcome them again by the migh­ty power of the Lord Christ, dashing Babylons brats in pieces, ye goe about to hinder them, giving their enemies occasion even to curse them, as I have heard: sure this is a sad case, when ye shall seeke to weaken their hands, thus strive not against them, for had not this been of the Lord, they had never done so much as they have: therefore count not them your enemies, for ye shall have cause to say once more, to call them your friends, when ye shall see plainly what the Lord is a doing.

Who knoweth whether the Lord be going to make a new heaven and a new carth, or now as is promised, in Revel. 21.1. Know ye not that when a Noble man goeth to take possession of a great place or house full of lumber that he will cause his servants to cast out all the lumber that he may place his royall furniture in the roome, and will not a great Landlord throw out such tenants out of his inheritance that will pay no rent, but abuse such tenants, that will pay honestly to their power: then I pray consider what the Lord Christ is a doing, is he not coming to take possession of his in heritance that he [Page 8]bought so dearly of his Father, and is not all the world his to do with all his pleasure, wil he be tide to the spirits of men to do what they please, surely no; I pray remember how long the Church hath been in the Wildernesse of the world, and how the red Dragon hath cast out flouds time after time to de­voure her, and how he hath sate like the great Prince of the World upon thrones usurping authority over the Nations, and playing the tyrant over the Lords inheritance; and now he finds his time grow short, and his Kingdoms shall be taken from him, he grows mad, but now is the time come that he must be cast out one throne after another; that the Kingdoms of the World may become the Kingdoms of the Lord: and his Christ, Revel. 11.15.

If this be so, that the Lord is coming as chiefe Generall, with his bow in his hand, shooting at his enemies, and with his Crown on his head, con­quering the Kings of the earth, and the mighty men, trampling them and their crowns under his feet, that would not bow to his golden Scepter, Psal. 2.9. Revel. 19.17, 18. If this be so, that the Lord hath begun already to take possession as may appeare, by his doings here, as consider what he hath done ever since the persecution in Queen Maries days, how have they pro­spered that have had the mark of the beast in their forehead, or that have lent a hand against this work; that is going on in the world, how hath Spain sped, for coming here? how hath Denmark sped for sending strength hither to help the King against the Lords work; was he not almost beaten out of his Coun­trey by the Swedes? and what became of that Army that the Queen brought over hither all the Irish, French, and other Nations, came not they to their graves; and look on Spain and France they must lash on another while we were busied here, what King would not help his brother King, rather then his Commons should over come him? will be an example for other Nations to do the like, yet all this will not do: therefore, let us consider what this power is, it is not the power of man, nor the sword of Gideon; but the power and sword of the Lord: as it hath appeared plainly, by many examples in this land: now if this be the Lords doings here. What will be his doings in other lands among the great and lofty Nations where he hath to do, Isa. 27.23. Me thinks, I see them begin to shake, now is that red Dragon troubled, now are his for­ces mustering together for the defence of his Babylonians among the Nations, but all will not do: for now hath the Lord been performing that promise that is spoken of in the 63 of Esay, Now is he delivering his people, and now he hath begun, looke for no change, but to goe forward in the World, till he hath quite subdued that great enemy of the world, that hath so long tyrannized over the Lords inheritance.

If it be so, that the Lord be summoning in the Emperours and Kings, [Page 9]with their mighty men to appear before the Bar of his Justice: then is it time for us to looke about us; and be like the Virgins that have their lamps trimm'd, and their lights burning, that they may waite on their Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, Matth. 25. who saith, Watch for ye know not when the Ma­ster cometh. If the Lord be on his way, destroying his enemies in his fury, leading them into captivity, that have led into captivities, killing them with the sword, that have killed with the sword, Revel. 13.10.

Then is it time for the people of the Lord, yea, the Ministers of Jesus Christ to be united together, and seek to the Lord to have the Root of bitternesse that is among them plucked up by the roots, which hath been a great cause to Gods people to stagger and stumble in this time, when the Lord is exe­cuting his enemies: Truly, it hath been a great cause of giving advantage to the enemy to laugh us to scorne; yea, it hath given them advantage to take up the sword againe, which hath been the cause of much bloud-shed since Oxford giving up, and may be the cause of more, if not speedily prevented by an agreement among Ministers: who are divided, who knoweth whe­ther the Lord hath done with his enemies, will begin with his people, or no; and chastise them in the sight of their enemies? & will not this grieve you shall see the Lord lashing you in the sight of your enemies, for them to laugh at you? The Lord open your eyes that the errours which are between you may be plainly seen by you, so that they may be plucked up by the roots, and cast into hell, from whence they came. Now the Lord bring you together in love, that your differences may be so ended, that the Lord may smell a sweet savour in giving your selves up together in love to the Lord, so shall the people of the Lord greatly rejoyce, and your enemies be dismissed of their prey they long and look for; thus will there be a great advantage unto a happy peace in the Nation then shall the glory of the Gospell breake forth in this Land like a burning & shining light to the whole world; which will be a great means to darken errours: then shall the Ministers be seene once more like the Stars in Christs right hand, whom their enemies did once seeke to pull down by proclaiming them Traitors.

Then will the Lord delight to do us good, and bring down the power of the enemie still more and more, till he have quite overthrowne Antichrist, and plucked down his throne, which shall be downe in his appointed time; which time is set, and known to the Lord, even to the very day and houre ap­pointed, which being done, Mahomet his time must suddenly follow then, then down must come all other thrones, where the red Dragon hath his power: and when all these Kingdomes of the world are subdued to the obe­dience [Page 8] [...] [Page 9] [...] [Page 10]of Christ. Then shall the Dragon be quite conquered, and chained up for a thousand years, Revel. 20.3. Then shall that Prophesie be come to passe, which was spoken by our Saviour Christ to his Disciples, in Luke 21.24. concerning the destruction of Jerusalem, where he saith, And they shall fall by the edge of the Sword, and shall be led away captive into all Nations: thus hath that appeared long ago, sixteene hundred years; the next Jerusalem must be trodden down of the Gentiles untill the time of the Gentiles shall be ful­filled. Now according to the Prophesie of our Saviour Christ, When all the Kingdomes of the world are subdued to his obedience, then shall the Jews become an United Nation again, and Jerusalem shall be builded a glorious City; the Lord Christ raigning spiritually among them.

But to consider of the great mercy of the Lord, in bringing down the pow­er of our home-bred enemies; what enemies had we in the Parliament to keep back the work, the Lord had going on for the defence of his people? how did they seeke wayes to overthrow all by treachery, by sending money, and other provisions in the time of my Lord of Essex? and so made our ene­mies proud over us; had not the Lord curbed them, and kept them under; but when they could not prevaile, then did they take my Lord of Warwicke, and placed Committees in his roome, yet that would do them no good; they were so befooled by the mercy of the Lord; then to try another project, they chose Sir Thomas, now Lord Fairfax to be Generall, and gave him a large Commission, thinking it should break his necke: now judge ye, how trea­cherous they were to the Seats they sate on, and to the City, yea, and to the destruction of the Lords Inheritance: O miserable men! how did they lift themselves up in their wicked wayes? as ye shall heare.

After my Lord Generall had received such a large Commission from them, then did they give him nothing but prest men, that swore they would run to the King and would not suffer a Drum to be beat up, to gaine souldiers in love to him, then did my Lord of Essex his men stand out by thousands, being loth to forsake their old Generall, and serve a new Generall; then see further, their ase practises: when the King was got out of Oxford to range abroad & spoil, then was the Generall to beat against dead walls at Oxford, where he lost his men, then in the mean while they caused the Leiutenant Generall and Colonell Vermuten who followed the King in the Reare to withdraw to their Quarters; so in the mean time the King fell on Leicester, where was lost much bloud on both sides, and the City taken by the enemy: thus may you see what treacherous Parliament men did hatch, for the uphol­ding their Covenant they made to the Lord, and sought to destroy all the work [Page 11]the Lord set them to do: ô wicked covetous men, what falls both to God and man seeking after nothing but covetousnesse and treachery; now are ye abhorred both of the Lord and men; a hissing to all Nations: now are your servants become your masters; yea, and without a great returne unto the Lord, and great satisfaction to the Nation whom ye have deceived; ye are but miscrable. Leicester's bloud cries out against you for revenge: the Lord lay it to your hearts that are guilty of it, that it may not be laid to your charge at the great Day, when the Lord Christ shall come to judge the World.

But to consider, the sad condition we were brought into by their evill ways, I cannot forget: how did the Royall Party cry out all was their own? and what will become of the Round-heads? now truely, that time ought not to be forgotten: then how did the people of the Lord slock together, both night and day? and how did they prevaile with the Lord, even when we were at the lowest? then was helpe and deliverance most precious then did the Lord arise like one out of a sleep, rowzed up the spirits that were halfe dead, then were out enemies smote on the hinder parts; then was there no treacherous Hotham to be found, then were out enemies utterly routed; so did the Lord graciously for us, till our enemies were vanquished: thus did the Lord crosse the designes of wicked men, and broke their bands asunder, mightily pro­spering his owne worke: yet for all they see such mighty overthrowes given to out enemies, yet would they go on plotting their evill designes; but when our parts got the better, then would they give way; patience by force: thus did they linger out the time, thinking all would turne, but the Lord laughs them to scorne, making them the out-cast of men.

Yet one thing is to be noted, after the Armies had conquered their enemies, giving them large Propositions, that they should arise no more in opposition, they broke their Articles, and rose againe, as did appear in Kent, Wales, and Essex, and other places: then how did they brag and vapour, when the Ar­my was parted and engaged, and indeed put to such hard service, that the Heavens seemed to frowne on them; yea, and the whole World caused them to frowne, with many that before had taken their parts, which made their condition to seem very sad: then did the Lord seem once more to ap­pear for them, and gave them power over their enemies, then were they ut­terly reuted in every place where they were gathered together, then did the Scots invade the Land, thinking to overcome all, and so become masters over us; who came not to sight for the King onely, but to enslave the Nati­on as did appear: if this be so, then what mad spirits have we, that would [Page 12]rather take all, and become Slaves to another Nation, then to be crost of our foolish wills: the Lord charge our mad spirits, that we may see what is for our good, unite us together againe, and make us a happy Nation, that we may serve him; who said, First, seeke the Kingdome of Heaven, and all these things shall be added unto you.

But to looke further, how many opportunities had our enemies and lest all friends? friends in the Parliament, friends in the whole Nation, except a few, that the Lord had chosen for us friends amongst all Nations; yea even the whole World, except a few, the Lord had chosen, and the weaker sort, to which maketh me call to winde a Speech, that the Dutch Embasa­dour said, when he had seen the Kings Army at Oxford and our Army that attended their motion, said he, the King hath a gallant Army; but you have a good God to sight for you: which was as much as if he had said, If ye have not the Lord to fight for you, ye are undone: then judge ye, after all these examples, and great deliverances, whether the Lord hath fought for us, or no?

Yet one great worke I must not forget, concerning the Leiutenant Gene­rall, and his Brigade. 2 Remember when the Scots came first into England, to oppose the King about Religion, out Parliament for their assistance in that worke, sent them a great Summe of money, and so to depart the Land: which when the French heard of it, they made a play of English men, and Scotch men; the English man was stript naked from the shoulders to the Waste, and the Scotch man beating him where he pleased; this being done, Low were English men laught to scorne? as the Scotch men could laugh at tis at their pleasute: which was the greatest blot that ever English men had put on them: but take notice how this blot was wiped off: the Scots with a great Army marched into the Land, thinking to be masters of all, as did appear by their actions, but their cause being unjust, the Lord strengthe­ned the hands of our souldiers to sight against them, who very valiantly scattered them like a myst; marched into their Countrey, had their Demands, caused their enemies to be disbanded, entertained in their chiefe City with great respect: came off with honour to our Nation: and shall we be un­thankfull unto the Lord for such mercies as these be desiring to have them? shall we be ungratefull to our friends that have wiped off such a staine from the Nation, with the ventring their lives? the Lord forbid, this great evill that reignes in their spirits; that ever we should turne against our friends, that have spilt their bloud tosave us from being destroyed; the Lord hum­ble both Ministers and people, that we may see our owne misery, and amend, [Page 13]that the Lord may be pleased to unite the Nations, that we may become the Temples for the Lord Christ to dwellin: then shall holinesse be our de­light, and the Lord will delight to do us good: so shall we dwell safely, and none shall make us afraid; but for my part, that have wrote this Book, I have desired that my hand might be dried up like the hand of Jeroboam, never to pluck it in again, and my tongue cleave to the roofe of my mouth, then that I should write any thing against the Honour of Christ, I never took the like worke in hand before now, but all my prayer is, that the Na­tions may be united againe, and that the Lord Christ may reigne over us. The Lord give us such a Parliament as may hate covetousnesse, that they may doe that which is just for the poore Commonalty, that above all they may seeke unto the Lord, to know what is his will concerning a true Govern­ment, for his Worship: and this being done, surely, the Lord will delight todwell among us: which will be the happiest condition, that ever Nation lived in; which that it may be so, the Lord strengthen us with his holy Spirit to go on in a loving way, both Ministers and people: and so the Lord prosper us all, while we are so seeking, and doing his Will; to whom be ascribed all Glory and Honour, both now and evermore, Amen.

I pray marke well, and consider what Instructions we have in Psalm 146. so likewise in Isat. 58.

To the Worthies of the ARMY.

BUt unto you the Noble Champions of England, whom the Lord hath rade Conquer ours over his enemies; conquering those that were like the mighty Anakims of the Land, whose command was obeyed through three Kingdoms, and whose name was honoured upon the great Ocean, how hath the Lord made you like Josuah, and Caleb? conquering the ene­mies of the Lord Christ? and like David cut off the head of Goliah? and shall not the Lord be honoured by you for all this? surely, that were a great dishonour to the mighty worke he hath put into your hands to do: I pray consider how the Lord hath given all the Land unto your hands to dispose of, scattering your enemies, and making them amazed: now doth all Nations stand and waite to see what will be the intent of your actions: some say, that ye are hypocrites, making a stirrup of Religion, to yet up into the saddle, and sion thence, to the Throne; some say, that now ye are become Masters of all, ye will become mighty men over your brethren; serving your own turnes, and to the poor Commons whom ye have fought for, shall be worse enslaved then ever; by having many Task-unsters reigning over us: Should it be so, your latter end would be worse then your beginning, yea, and the Lord would serve you, as he did Jehn, who though he sought the Lords Battles, and did all that was in the Lords heart for him to do, yet because he did all for his owne ends, deceitfully; the Lord the camed to bring the bloud of the Lords enemies on the head of him and his posterity: such is the wages of them that do the work of the Lord deceitfully; but ye have not shewn your [...] the Lord gives [...] all who are the chiese in the Army) hearts like John [...] who when he had done conquering the enemies of the Lord, [...] which is a great work, which [...] to be done [...] by great men, and Lawyers, for they [...] the poo [...] of their right; it can­ [...] [...] they have perverted true justice and judge­ment [...] the poore, the Lord had [...] them in the [...] their hands; and they had a [...] how miserably have they brake [Page 15]all? laying hold on covetousnesse and oppression, unjustly robbing the poore Commonalty, though they had all their owne estates in their hands; the Kings Estate, the Bishops Lands, Deliquents estates, and making Sesse­merts on all mens estates: yet all this could not pay your Army, and can we looke for redreste, justice and right, from such Covenant-breakers as these? surely, no: the Lord will turne them out of their Anthority call them to account, as he did Achan; & paid both them and their posterity their wages, except a mighty change be wrought from above: if this be so, that the Lord will turne such offenders out of his service, that sate on Thrones, as Gods, and thus choose you to do right and justice with the Sword; then the Lord give you hearts sitting for such a great worke, that the poor Com­monalty may be relieved, and have their rights againe, which they have been wronged of: and those cries that have ascended up to the Lord; and that it may be your chiefest care to countenance the Gospell, and be friends to all those that have been partly the cause of your taking up the Sword: truly, the Lord hath made them instrumentall Shepherds to drive many of his Flocks to his Fold, though the Lord had determined before whom they should be, & now hath the Lord made a separation among them, & a myst is cast be­fore them, which maketh them faile in their judgments towards you, concer­ning the worke you have in hand; but surely, the Lord will drive away that great cloud, and cleare up their judgements towards you, that there may be unity and love between them and us: and that your actions which are to ensue, may beget such love in the hearts of the people, that they may say surely, the Lord hath raised you for good to the Nation, which will be a greatmeans to draw the hearts of the Nation to joyne in the Worke of the Lord with you: and unite the hearts of the people that are divided: not onely to be in love one with another again, but likewise towards you: Now the Lord give you hearts, that ye have taken up the sword to fight for the advancing of the Worship of Jesus Christ, and the Libertie of the Subject, delivering the poor out of bondage, dealing to every man his due, and setting those that are unjustly imprisoned, at liberty; which being done, the Lord prosper your proceedings, that ye may see the fruits of your labour with joy and comfort; And so I end, desiting the Lord to direct your hearts to joyne with them that are not self-ended: which is the prayers of many godly people for you, and so, Amen.

Yours to command (whiles ye go on in godlinesse and truth) Robert Wharton.

THE sincere and genuine intent of the Author in this Treatise, being wholly to set forth Gods glory in his great Works done for this Nation, and to stir us up to be reconciled, and to live in love and peace one with another, and in righteousness in our se­verall places: shewing only the downfal of all Authorities that do oppose Christ Jesus and his Kingdome, who will prevail: therefore I say: Imprimatur,

Theodore Jennings.
April the 19th. 1649

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