A TENDER INVITATION Unto all those that want Peace with GOD, by reason of the burden of Sin that keeps them from acceptance with the LORD JESUS, and from an Assurance of SALVATION, though it be very desirable to them.

OH its the weary and heavy laden that he tenders rest unto, and they that take heed to his good Spirit which is Light, and leaves off that which it condemns, and follows its in­structions, they obtain the way of Life, and he becomes their Shepherd, and they hear his voice, and a Stranger they will not hear, but they follow him, and he feeds them with that which the Strangers to his voice and Hireling Shepherds cannot attain unto by all their Arts or Parts external, but it comes to be enjoyed by Faith in Christ Jesus that gives Victory over Sin, and therefore its time for all People to con­sider; and as the Apostle said, To try and examin their selves, whether they be in the true Faith or no, for there is no true Faith but that which stands in the Almighty Power, and that gives Victory over the Power of Darkness; and without this Faith it is impossible to please God, as it is left upon Record in the Scriptures of Truth: So All is to believe in the Son of God, who is the Light of the World, and hath enlightened eve­ry One that comes into the World, as saith the Scripture; and in the universal love of God, He gave his Son for a Light to enlighten the Gentiles, and to be Salvation unto the ends of the Earth, and he Died for all; and his love so far extended unto all both Male and Female, that he would have None to Perish, but that all by turning to his good Spirit, may be saved from all that the evil Spirit leads into, for whosoever, follows the leadings of the Spirit of Jesus, who is given for a Leader of his People, he leads them in the Path of Righteousness, and as they come to be Servants of Righteousness, they come to be free from Sin; but John said in his Epistle, That the servants of sin are free from Righteousness, and they that commit sin are of the Devil, for he is the original of Sin, but Christ Jesus is the original of the pure and holy undefiled Religion that keeps from the evil of the World, which is Pride, Adultery, Lying, Cheating, and Idolatry, and Superstition, and other spots that those are stained with who are not acquainted wi [...]h him, that said, Wisdom leads in the midst of the Paths of Judgment, [...]o teach them that love me to inhe­rit substance; there is much talking of loving him, but few inclined to keep his Commands, and much talking of his fear, but little standing in aw, so as not to offend him; but so far are many from taking heed unto the measure of his Spirit of Light, as he hath placed in their hearts, that they do not know it leading them to the heart cleansing fear; for if they did, how could they plead for Sin, so long as they remain in these Bodies; whereas it hath been said by the Spirit of the Lord, and left upon Scripture Record, That the fear of the Lord, is as a Fountain of Life to depart from the snares of Death: and the beginning of the true Wisdom, and a good Ʋnderstanding, have all they that follow after it, for they depart from Iniquity, and it cleanses the heart and keeps it clean, according to the Testimonies as the Scripture bares Record of; and therefore unto it I recommend all People, that all may have the priviledg of it, that their hearts may be cleansed, for it is well known there is no Repentance in the Grave, but as Death leaves, Righteous Judg­ment will find; and therefore let the Long Suffering and Patience of the Lord lead to Repentance, Such a Repentance that needs no repenting of, a changing of the Heart, abstaining and refraining from every appear­ance of Evil: This is that which the Lord hath long waited for, and doth yet wait to be good and gracious unto all those that confess and forsake their evil Thoughts, Words and Works, and they shall surely find Mercy with him, and be acquainted with him, and feel acceptance with him, and know the work of his Sanctifying Power to Sanctifie through­out in Body, Soul and Spirit, that the Work of Sanctification may not be to do when the Messenger of Death will not be denied, for then it will be too late to work out Salvation with fear and trembling: And therefore it would be good for all to consider how good the Lord is, in that he hath considered the Frailty of all Flesh, and hath given unto every one a measure of his good Spirit, to help our Infirmities, and to teach us: But if we neglect the gift of God, we shall be unexcusable in the day of account, and he will be clear of us all; and therefore let all be diligent to here the Word of Reconciliation; that the Work thereof may be experienced, for it begets again unto God, those that were afar off, and when the Work of Regeneration is witnessed, and the birth of the Wa­ter of Life, and Spirit of Jesus; then the new Creature that avails with God, comes to be in unity and peace with him, and then the Spirit of Jesus bears Witness to the Spirits of such, that they are the Children of the Lord, but except a being born again, there can be no entering into the Kingdom; for the first birth cannot enter: in the first Adam's na­ture, all are dead but they that are begotten again by the Word of Gods Power, as the Scripture testifies, if they come to be changed into the nature of the Second Adam, the Lord from Heaven, the Quickening Spi­rit, in him all such are made alive, and as they live in his Fear, and do not grieve his Spirit, their sufficiency is in the Ingrafted Word of his Grace that is able to save, and in the same do witness preservation, as in the days of old; it is the same that David hid in his Heart, that he might not sin against the Lord, and it was as a Lanthorn unto his Feet, and a Light unto his paths: And so it is now, blessed be the Name of the Lord, unto them that are truly watchful in it; but those that are obey­ing the Power of Darkness, breaks the command of Christ Jesus, and its left upon Scripture Reord, that he did not say only unto one, but unto all, Watch; and surely it is as much need as ever, for us to keep a narrow Watch, and that in the Light; for our Souls Enemy works al­ways in the dark, and except we keep a continual Watch over our Hearts; in that which doth discover his Snares we cannot escape; and so let all that have any sense, that it is their Duty to wait upon the Lord, be careful to keep the command of Watchfulness, that the Enemy nor any of his Instruments do not prevent from waiting in stilness upon the Lord, for he doth renew the strength of them that do truly wait upon him and have said, That they shall run and not be weary, and walk and not faint; and now he is fulfilling the Scripture, wherein it was said, The Children of the Lord, shall be taught of the Lord, and they shall be esta­blished in Righteousness, and great shall be their Peace. Oh! let all that want it, hearken unto the true Shepheard of the little Flock, for whom the Kingdom is prepared, who incourages them, and bids them fear not though the Woolfish Destroyer is nigh unto them; yet he is the Over-seer, and in all trials and exercises he is their Preservation; and them that have been exercised deeply, and tried throughly, they can tell of his Wonderful Works, and have cause to speak well of his most worthy name, and to invite others to come and taste and see for themselves how good the Lord is, in that he gives all a time of tender Visitation. Oh! that People would but consider it before it be too late, that while the good Spirit of Light is striving, their hearts may be affected with it, and joyned to it, for it will not always strive; and therefore let such as could not come into Obedience because of Sufferings; now consider how good the Lord is in that he hath calmed the storms of Persecution, and opened a door for such as are convinced to come into Obedience; let them now perform what they promised to the Lord, when they were looking to see what the Lord would do with his poor despised People (called Quakers) for said they, Its the Truth that they suffer for, but we can­not suffer for it; their Sufferings is too hard for us to bear, else we should own it. Oh! let all such truly consider the wonderful Love of God, that his tender Mercy may not be disregarded, nor his great Love under­valued, but let every such a one double their diligence, and make no delaies, for delaies in this weighty concern, are very dangerous; for who knows how little time they have to come, or what it may bring forth; therefore that the present time be not ill spent, But while it is to day, if any will hear his Voice, let them not harden their Hearts, as it was in the Day of Provocation. For many are the invitations of the great Love of God, and if it be slighted, he will certainly with-hold his Mer­cies; and therefore we have great need to imbrace his Love, that we may not provoke him to Wrath; for he is just, and will render unto all People according to their doings.

Joan Vokins.

LONDON, Printed in the Year MDCLXXXVII.

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