Thomas Taylor's Solemn Declaration To Clear himself from that Wicked Aspersion of be­ing a Jesuit, and from Popery, &c.

‘I Thomas Taylor do in the Presence of Almighty God, Solemnly Profess, and in good Conscience Declare, It is my Real Judgment, That the Church of Rome is not the Church of Christ, nor the Pope or Bishop of Rome Christ's Vicar, and that his or her Doctrines of deposing Heretical Princes, and absol­ving their Subjects of their Obedience, of Purgatory and Prayers for the Dead, of Indulgencies and Worshipping of Images, of Adoring and Praying to the Virgin Mary, and other Saints De­ceased; and of Transubstantiation or Changing the Elements of Bread and Wine into the Body and Blood of Christ, at or after the Consecration thereof by any Person whatsoever: Are False, Erroneous, and Contrary to the Truth of God declared in the Holy Scriptures. And therefore the Communion of the said Church is Superstitious and Idolatrous.’

‘And I do likewise Sincerely Testifie and Declare, That I do, from the bottom of my Heart, Detest and Abhor all Plots and Conspiracies, that are or may be Contrived against the King, Parliament, or People of this Realm. And I do hereby Faith­fully Promise, with God's help, to Live a Sober and Peaceable Life, as becometh a good Christian and Protestant to do. And all this I do Acknowledge, Intend, Declare and Subscribe, with­out any Equivocation, or Mental Reservation, according to the True Plainness,’ Simplicity, and usual Signification of the words.

Witness my Hand
Thomas Taylor.
Dear George Whitehead,

THY Labour of Love in this present Business of mine, and the Truths, is kindly Received, and the Reward rests with thee in thy own Bosom, where our Heavenly Father abundantly Answers and Satisfies his Children in and for all their Services for his Names sake; So be it.

I have here enclosed, sent, subscribed my Testimony (as Friends have given) against Popery, to shew as need is, in the Lord's Power and Patience I shall overcome all; for so from the begin­ning has been our Victory; having done what, in the Light, the Lord hath given us to see to be our Duty; to leave all to him whom both the Winds and Seas Obey. In whose Dear Peace, with Tender Love to thee, thy Wife and all Friends, with Prayers to the Lord for his Presence and Assistance with you in all your Holy Affairs at this and all times, with his Protection over you, Rests

Thine Dearly in Christ Jesus Thomas Taylor.

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