A TRUE RELATION Of two great VICTORIES OBTAINED of the Enemy: The one by Sr. William Brereton in CHESHIRE, The other by Sir Iohn Meldrum in Lancashire; rela­ting the death of Col. Marrow, and the Lists of priso­ners taken in both the Fights: and of about 1800. Horse of Ruperts; As also some remarkable Proceedings of Col. Fox, and his Cubs; with the late condition of the LORD GENERALS Army in the West. All sent up from good hands to the Parliament, and to Citizens of good quallitie.

Published acccording to Order.

LONDON, Printed for Thomas Underhill at the sign of the Bible in Woodstreet, 1644.

A TRUE RELATION of two great Victories obtained of the Enemy; the one by▪ Sir William Brereton in Cheshire, the other by the LANCA-SHIRE Forces, &c.


IN my last I gave you an account of the Skirmish in Lanca-shire, where the Lord Ogleby, Collonell Myn, and divers other persons of qualitie, Scotts Commanders and Gentlemen were taken prisoners. Since which, upon Sabathday last, some of our Forces from Northwich skirmished with Collonell Marrow neare Crowton-house, wherein wee had a garri­son kept, where wee lost foureteene men, which were ta­ken prisoners. But the enemies losse was farre greater, for Collonell Marrow, a second Nymrod, received his mor­tall wound, upon which he is since dead in Chester. Both he and his Regiment of horse die at one time. And it is re­ported by some, that the bloudy Prince Rupert is going towards the King.

I shall now acquaint you with Gods continued good­nes unto us, Upon wednesday the 21. of Aug. Sir William Brereton that active, and faithful patriot of his Countrey, sent forth a partie of horse and foote from Northwych in [Page 4] Cheshire, who marched from thence to Froodsham, hoping to have found the enemie there. From thence they marched over the Forrest of Dalamore to Ashton, (where we heard they quartered) to have met with them there, but having intelligence that they were at Tarvine, within foure miles of Chester, marched towards them, and meeting some of their Scouts, pursued them into Tarvine, and there fell upon the enemie and soone routed them.

Some fled into the Church, others out of the Town to­wards Chester, but were pursued gallantly by that valiant Captain Zanchy, who commands Sir William Breretons own Troop, within pistoll shot of the walls of Chester. A Gentleman of Sir William Breretons Troop, named Mr. Dury, killed one of the enemy close at the workes of Che­ster. And that while they were in pursute of the enemie towards Chester, the rest were not idle in Tarvin: For that worthy valiant Lieutenant Colonell Jones, who commanded the Horse, behaved himselfe gallantly: and so did that valiant Major Trevas, who commanded the Foot. The enemy fiered very fast out of the Church, they tooke some horses into the Church, the service being ve­ry hot, there was one brave horse they could not get in, but one of the enemy held him in his hand under the Church-wall: A Corporall of Sir William Breretons Troop, named John Cooper, seeing the horse, ventured to fetcht him, but they fiered so fast out of the Church, that he retreated twice, but the third time ventured up, pistoled the enemy, and brought away the horse; which horse was valued worth fourscore pounds. There was taken at the same time between fourtie and fiftie priso­ners, and about three hundred horse, some very gallant ones, and when they had done, marched away with their [Page 5] prisoners and horses, and lost but two men. Had not the enemy at Chester had such an alarm, and made such haste towards us, we should have taken the Church.

Prisoners taken at Tarvin, the 21. of August, 1644. as followeth.
  • Captain Ed. Gibson.
  • Cornet Clemence. Gent.
  • Anthony Shewer.
  • Mr. Sam. Saltonstall.
  • Henry Rowbothem.
  • Edward Low.
  • John Penkit.
  • Edward Boden.
  • Godfrey Boden.
  • John Shelton.
  • Humfrey Millington.
  • George Sykes.
  • William Burdingham.
  • Edward Botham.
  • James Swinthel of Colonel Chal [...]rosse Regiment.
  • Thomas Benson.
  • William Reynolds.
  • Peter Wright.
  • William Bennit.
  • Jeremy Adderton.
  • Thomas Philips.
  • Sam: Bould, a Boy.
  • Robert Morris, of Captain Swinningtons men.
  • Rich. Shaw.
  • Tho: Roberts.
  • Edward Ogden.
  • Rich. Roberts, Lieutenant Colonel Grosvens men.
  • Micha. Parney.
  • John Wells.
  • Thomas Thornley.
  • William Barlow.
  • Ralph Bradshaw
  • William Morris.
  • Thomas Cooper, a little Boy under Lieutenant Co­lonel Leigh.
  • John Burks.
  • William Linniker.
  • Robert Davenport.
  • Thomas Walker, of Captain Philips Troop.
  • Robert Hughes of Captaine Woodhas troop.
  • John Read, under Captaine Prichard.
  • Richard Bloore, of no Com­pany.

[Page 6] And it is to be observed, that the very same day, and at the very same present time, that the Cheshire Forces were engaged at Tarvin, that the Lancashire Forces had a great Victorie over the enemie.

An extract of a Letter from Lancashire of credit.

OUr Major Generall Meldrum having notice of the ene­my marched towards Ormskirk made hast after them, overtook them on Tuesday in the evening, on a moor neer Ormskirk, where they stood in batalia, and upon the first charge of our Musket, that were under the command of Col. Booth, they fled, whereupon our Horse bravely fell upon them, and totally routed them. In the pursuit they took about eight hundred horse; some letters report a thousand, and three hundred prisoners. By reason of the night we could not improve the victory as otherwise wee might have done.

The Lord Byron, and the Lord Molleneaux were forced to leave their horses and to hide themselves in a cornfield.

Yours, &c.

A List of the names of such persons of quallity as were taken neer Ormskirk on Tuesday, Aug. 20. 1644.

  • Colonel Sr. James Prestwich,
  • Captain James Anderton,
  • Lievt. Col. Cottingham,
  • Capt. Ecceston,
  • Capt. Atherton.
  • Capt. Butler.
  • Capt. Brookes.
  • Capt. Lea.
  • Mr. Worthington, Esquire.
  • Abraham Laughton, Esquire.
  • John Sturbane, Gent. Lievt.
  • Thomas Mossoike Lievt.
  • Walter Chamberlaine, Lievt.
  • John De Hurst, Lievt.
  • John Morgrow, Lievt.
  • Nathan Jones, Liev.
  • [Page 7] William Johnson, Coronet.
  • Edward Stauley, Coronet.
  • Rich. Wright, Gent. Coronet.
  • Henry Gilibrand, Coronet.
  • Peter Bland, Gent.
  • William Scot, Gent.
  • Th [...]mas Sherburn, Gent.
  • [...] Marshall, Gent.
  • Arthur Butler, Gent.
  • James No [...]icon, Gent.
  • Thomas Wotton, Gent.
  • John Fox, Gent.
  • John Fulme, Clerk.
  • James Bould, Clerk.
  • John Brown Quartermaster.
  • Abraham Jones, servant to Mr. Blunt.
  • Will. Noricon, Quartermaster.

and about two hundred and fifty common souldiers.

Out of a Letter from Cheshire.

THe strength of this bloody Prince in his Horse, is much abated: For at Welshpoole there was taken by Sir Thomas Middleton, Colonell Mitton, with the assi­stance of Cheshire Forces, three hundred fourty six hor­ses of Ruperts own Regiment. And the same week was taken by Colonell Ashton, at Holland in Lancashire, two hundred Horse; and at Preston in Lancashire about three­score horse: And at the last skirmish by the Lancashire Forces at Ormskirk in Lancashire, abovt nine hundred horse, and by Sir William Brereton at Tarvin, three hun­dred horse, which in all make up neere upon a thousand eight hundred horse, besides prisoners.

THough some time be over-past, yet I cannot altoge­ther let sleep in oblivion those many noble actions of Colonell Fox, not yet in publick view: A little while since upon the discovery of the quartering of Worcester Forces in Upton Warren, some twelve miles from his Garrison, he went forth with a partie of horse, and tooke in their quarters Captain Milward; one Lieutenant Co­lonell Dudley, as appeared by a commission found in his pocket, Lieutenant Newbery, quartermaster Dod, two Cor­porals, ten other Souldiers, and twenty horse; with these he also brought a drove of beasts from the Earl of Shrews­bury. [Page 8] A little after he took Captain Knight in his quar­ters at Stoak, neer Bromsgrove.

The 16. of this August, upon intelligence that the Commission of Array sate in execution therof at Om­bersley four miles from Worcester, and 17. from Egber­son garrison, desired my Lord of Denbies forces to joyn with him for their apprehension, which was accordingly attempted, where they took 40. prisoners, divers being men of note, 130 brave hors, 150 beasts, most of the Com­missioners very hardly escaped, which they had not done, but by reason of some delayes of those that commanded the Earls forces, being busied with some other designes neerer Worcester, contrary to the Colonels direction and desire, yet notwithstanding by reason of the Colonel and his cubs pursuit after them over the river Severne, where they were inforced to swim, hee recovered divers excellent horse and Armes, and returned with this prize in safety. In this expedition young Capt. Cotton behaved himself very valiantly. Upon the 20. of this moneth the Colonell having intelligence of some Cavaliers to lie in Bromsgrove, sent forth a party of horse under the com­mand of Capt. Tadman, and Capt. Johnson, who surprized in that place, Capt. Barnsley and his souldiers, he being a Gentleman of quality, and a Worcester Captain: This noble Colonels practice is such, that no Cavalier is heard of in the countrey, but he brings him to his den: neither dare any enemy come out of Worcester to oppose his proceedings, insomuch that the greatest malignants, and Papists seeek to make their peace with us, confessing their errors.

N. N.

From the west severall letters expresse that the King with his whole Army, being farr greater then the Lord Generals, set upon the Lord Generals Armie on thursday last Aug. 22. and were gallantly beaten backe with great losse, and that both Armies continued fighting by parties for severall dayes, and that they so continued on Sabath­day last when the messenger came away.


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