To the Supreame Authoritie the Parliament of the COMMON-VVEALTH of ENGLAND. The humble Petition of the Officers of the Army.


THat wee having had divers meetings to seeke the Lord, and to speake of the great things God hath done for this Common-wealth, it hath been set upon our hearts as our duty to offer such things, on the behalf of this Nation, as in our judgements and Consciences might tend to the peace and well-being thereof, And therefore in pursuance of the same, have with one consent thought fit humbly to present to you the particulars following, which wee desire may be taken into serious Consideration.

I. THat such speedy and effectuall meanes may be used for the propagation of the Gospel, as shall be found agree­able to the word of God; prophane scandalous and ignorant Ministers may be outed, men approved for godli­nesse and gifts may be incouraged in preaching the Gospel, and such convenient maintenance provided for them as the Parliament shall thinke fit, and that the unequall troublesome and contentious way of maintaining Ministers by Tythes, may with all convenient speed be taken away, respect being therein had to other mens rights.

II. That speedy and effectuall course may be taken for the regulation of the Law, both in the matter, forme, and administration of it, in all particulars wherein it is unjust, unreasonable needlesly vexatious, grievous or burthensome to the people. To which purpose, that the severall Results agreed on by the Committee appointed thereunto, may be speedily, taken into debate and con­sideration in Parliament; and what shall be found to make for such regulation may be speedily enacted; And that the said Com­mittee may be encouraged to proceed in the said worke untill the same be perf [...]cted.

III. That speedy and effectuall course may be taken by Act of Parliament or otherwise, that such as are prophane scandalous and disaffected persons in all places of Authoritie and publique Trust, may from time to time be removed; And the best provision made by like Act of Parliament for the putting in of such as are well affected, and not guilty as aforesaid, It being the desire of all good men that the Magistracy and such as have publique Trust, should be men of truth, fearing God, and hating covetousnesse.

IV. That forasmuch as there are divers oppression and abuses in the mannaging and collecting the Excize, you will authorize and impower a Committee in each County to heare and redresse the same, or to take such other effectuall course therein, as to you shall seeme fit.

V. That such as have freely lent upon the publique faith, or deeply suffered for their constant good affections to the publique, may be considered, and a way found out to give them just and competent satisfaction, and first the poorer sort, who cannot subsist without it; And this to be chiefly regarded before any more of the publique revenue be given to particular persons.

VI. That some effectuall Provision may be made for stating the Accompts of the Arrears of such Officers and Souldiers, as have faith­fully served the Parliament, who were not comprised within the security of the late Kings Lands, and have not by any Action of theirs justly forfeited the same. And that they or their Assigns may be satisfied out of the Lands that are or may be confiscated either in England, Ireland, or Scotland, except such of them as are maimed, and the Widdowes and Orphans of such of them as have been slain in the Service, or are dead, whose Arrears we desire may be satisfied in England, except they shall desire it in Ireland, or Scotland. And further, That consideration may be had of making effectuall (to the competent and comfortable reliefe of Maimed Souldiers, and the Widdowes and Children of such who have been slain or dyed in the Service) all such Acts of Parliament as have been made to that purpose, by a further Act and Acts, as the Parliament shall think fit; through the want whereof, many have been, and are ready to perish, especially in the Countreyes.

VII. That all Articles of War given to the Enemy, may be made good, according to the intent of them.

VIII. That the whole Revenue and Treasure of the Common-wealth may with all convenient speed be brought into one Publick Treasury, and be received, issued, and mannaged (for the Publique Service) by a competent number of honest and able persons, to be appointed and Authorized thereunto (such as may attend the same) together with such Clerks as the Parliament shall think fit; and that these may have also power to call to Account all that are Accountable for any Publick moneyes received by them. And that for the future all Receipts and Disbursments out of the Publick Revennue or Treasury, may be Published year­ly, or halfe yearly, for the satisfaction of the Nation.

IX. That in regard of the present great Affairs of Parliament, a Committee of honest and well-affected persons without the House, may be appointed and Authorized to consider of the charge and inconveniences to the Common-wealth, by Monopolies, Plurali­ties of places of profit, unnecessary places, and large Sallaries, and to offer the same to the Parliament for redresse to be made therein.

X. That consideration may be had of a through and effectuall suppressing of all Vagabonds and common Beggers, by setting on work the Poor of the Nation, that are able to work, and providing for such as through age and decripitnesse, are not able to relieve them­selves.

XI. That some effectuall Provision may be made for Liberty for such poor men as have served the Parliament in the late Wars, since the 12. of July, 1642. Who desiring to Exercise mannuall Occupations, and other means to get themselves a Livelihood, are denyed the same within severall Corporations.

XII. That for Publique satisfaction of the good People of this Nation, speedy consideration may be had of such Quallifications for future and successive Parliaments, as tend to the Election only of such as are pious and faithfull to the interest of the Common-wealth, to sit and serve as Members in the said Parliament.

At the COUNCELL OF VVARRE at White-Hall, the 12. of August. 1652. Ordered, THat Commis: Gen: VVhalley, Col: Hacker, Col: Barkstead, Col: Okey, Col: Goffe, and Lievt. Col. Worsley doe present this Petition to the Parliament to morrow, on the behalfe of themselves, and the rest of the Officers of the Army.

RICH: HATTER, Secretary.

The Petitioners being called in, the Parliament read their Petition; and ordered the Speaker to returne their hearty thanks to the Officers of the Army, for their great care and love to the Publique.

LONDON: Printed by M. Simmons for L. Chapman in Popes-head-Alley. 1652.

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