To the Supreme Authority, THE COMMONS of ENGLAND Assembled in PARLIAMENT: The humble Petition of divers well-affected of the County of Leicester, in behalf of themselves and the Nation,


THat with much thankfulness we acknowledge your continued faithful pains and endeavors for the Nations Peace and Freedom, espe­cially in your late Votes and Acts so much conducing to a good Settlement and Reformation (the end and price of all our blood and treasure) To the forwarding and promoting whereof, that so great a work may still prosper in your hands, We humbly take leave to offer these following particulars to your serious consideration.

First, That we may not again be surprized by any sudden Invasion; and to prevent the breaking forth of new flames amongst our selves, We humbly beg, That the Militia of the Nation may speedily be setled and put into good hands, that a sufficient strength may be in readiness in eve­ry County to preserve it self, and how to be in conjunction with others to defend the whole.

2. That during the necessity of continuing the Army on foot, they may be so provided for, for future, that they may be least burthensome to the Common-wealth; and that present and speedy care may be taken to ease the people of that intollerable burthen of Free-Quarter, especially from those that pay all due taxes; to which purpose we earnestly entreat, That all Lands and publique advantages now in your hands, may be improved and employed towards the pay of the Army, and what they may fall short, that they may be supplyed by an equal tax, each County knowing their Soldiers they are to pay (which will save the trouble and charge of many Collectors, Treasurers, and Receivers, and that then they only may be lyable to Free Quarter, who resist or delay payment thereof.

3. And further, to this purpose we humbly offer, That whereas there are many publique offices of advantage worth to divers particular men thousands by the year, that till the debts of the Nation be duly satisfied, and during this great necessity of the Commonwealth, there may be competent salleries appointed for the discharge of each of them, and that the residue of the Revenue belonging to the said great Offices, may come into the publique Treasury.

4. That this Honorable House would please to ratifie and establish such good and wholsome Laws, as may best preserve our just Liberties and Interests (and that according to those Laws God gave his people) they may be short, plain and positive, and as well themselves, as all their practice and proceeds, may be in our known English Tongue and Hand, and the dispensation thereof may be with the most ease to the people; that our Law may become by its Reformation, an advantage and remedy, which for so long time by corruption hath been so heavy a burthen and op­pression to this Nation.

5. That that unequal, burthensom, and contentious way of Tythes may be taken away, and a more equal course provided for the maintenance of the Ministery.

6. That all that have had to do with publique Treasuries, may speedily, by Commissioners to that purpose, give up their Accompts in Print, and for the future, that every Twelve moneths Accompts may be publiquely extant for the due satisfaction of the Commonwealth.

7. That every one may injoy the just Freedoms to worship God according to his Word, without any Coersive or Restrictive courses to the contrary.

8. That (before it be too late) there may be some speedy supply and relief sent to our Brethren of Ireland, wherein we are so nearly concerned.

9. That there may be some effectual provision made for the poor, by the improvement of our In-Land Trades, and setting up Manufactures and Work-Houses in every County, according to that excellent custom of our Neighbors of Holland, and that Fen and Forrest-Lands may be improved to the same purpose.

These being (as we humbly conceive) so essential to our just Rights and effectual settlement, will, we hope, admit of your most serious Consideration and Redress.

THe House being informed, That there were some Gentlemen at the Door, they were called in, and presented a Petition, which after the Petitioners were withdrawn, was read; and was intituled, The humble Petition of many of the well-affected in the County of Leicester, in the behalf of themselves and the Nation: And thereupon the Petitioners were again called in, and Mr. Speaker returned them this Answer.

Gentlemen, You of the County of Leicester, the House hath read your Petition, and I shall as near as I can declare their sence; The House doth take notice of the modesty and discretion of the Petition and Petitioners in the way of delivering of it, and the expressions in it; The House doth likewise take notice of something out of the Petition that is concerning your County, whose readiness to the Service of the Publique the last Summer, wherein you did real and acceptable Service to the Commonwealth, and for these, and your good affections always to the Publique, The House hath commanded me to return you hearty thanks, and I do in their name return you hearty thanks for the particulars in the Petition, some of them are of great weight and consequence, fit for you to present, and for them to take consideration of; some of which as taking off Free-Quarter, and others are already in a way of settlement; And the whole House is Zealous to give you and the Kingdom satisfaction therein: For the rest of the particulars, they doubt not but you will leave it to them, as the urgent and important Af­fairs of the Kingdom will admit to take the same into consideration, and doubt not but to do it so, as the Kingdom may receive satisfaction and safety.

Hen: Scobell, Cleric' Parliament'.

London, Printed for GILES CALVERT, at the Black-Spread Eagle at the West-end of PAULS, 1648.

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