The Humble PETITION of divers well affected CITIZENS and Free-men of LONDON, under the Jurisdiction of the Lord Mayor.


THat the great care and uncessant pains of this Honourable Court, for promoting the Cause of God is so eminently known, that your Petitioner [...] conceive they shall be too much wanting to their own duty, and safety, if they should be backward in the thankfull acknowledgement thereo [...] Wherefore, as they give You many humble and heartie thanks for what You have already done in reference to the Publick Good, so being desi­rous, what in them lies, yet farther to strengthen your hands to so glorious a work, they cannot but let You know their Resolutions to adhere un­to you in all your just and legall proceedings: Not doubting [...] the same good hand of God that hath hitherto been with You, will still be upo [...] You for good, while you endeavour in [...]our places the establishment of Truth and Peace, and the removall of those pressing Grievances that lie upon us, as you have lately done in that free and necess [...]rie, yet Humble and Dutifull Remonstrance and Petition to the Honourable Houses of Parliament. And however there want not those for the present, who out of self-respects calumniate your good intentions therein, yet being perswaded that in very faithfulnesse to the Publick You have done it; Your Petitioners not onely approve of it, but rejoyce in it, the rather, since they know no other orderly way for obtaining remedy for their common Grievances, then by your addresses to the Parliament in their behalf.

Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray, That this Honourable Court would be pleased still to persevere, and couragiously to go on in and by all pious and prudent means, endeavouring the speed [...]e settlement of Religion, the Peace of the Kingdom, the Union of both Nations, the safety and welfare of this City, and in a word, the performance of that Covenant wherein we are solem [...]ly ingaged to God the Righteous Iudge of all the world. In reference to all which go [...]d e [...]ds, Your Petitioners further pray, Tha [...] you would still continue your Humble addresses to the Parliament, not onely [...]or a gracious Answer to your said late Remonstrance, b [...]t for all such other things as shall necessarily conduce to putting an happy period to our present miserable [...]; And that in the m [...]a [...] tim [...] you would put in execution, among your selves, so many branches thereof as the Power wherewith (by the Laws of this Kingdom, you are already invested, will extend unto.

And your Petitioners shall ever pray, &c.

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