To the Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of London in Common-councell assembled.
The humble Petition of divers Citizens of London, who earnestly desire the peace and happinesse of the Parliament, City and Kingdome.


THAT your Petitioners being deepely sensible of the misery brought by the late unnaturall VVar, and of the generall distractions, feares, and iealosies of the City and Kingdome at present; do with all thankefullnesse accknow­ledge the great care, wisdome, and fidelity of this honourable Court, in your late transactions between the City and the Army, your indeavours to prevent all face of Hostility, and surmises of opposition against them; your prudent choise and season­able sending so worthy a Committee to preserve Peace, and beget a right understan­ding, between the Parliament, City, and Army.

Your Petitioners doe most humbly pray, that this honourable Court will still ef­fectually proceed in so good & necessary a work, and for the preventing of the scar­city of provisions, with many other inconveniencies by so neare approach of the Army, you would be pleased to redouble your indeavours with the high Court of Parliament; for the granting of the Armys just, and lawfull defiers, so far as they may stand with the honour and safety of the Parliament and Kingdome; and to use all possible meanes, to hinder any further differences which may arise, that we be not destroyed by the clashings of them by whom we hope to be delivered.

And your Petitioners doe further most humble pray, that as your wisdomes haue thought fit that this City be put into a posture of defence, for the preven­tion of unlawfull vilolence and intestine tumults; so care may (according to your owne resolutions) be taken, that no extraordinary forces be listed or imployed, whereby any appearance, much lesse reallity of opposition may be against the Army, whereby this City and Kingdome should become ingaged in a se­cond and more bloody VVar, which we pray God in mercy to divert, all which your Petitioners leave to the wise consideration of this honorable Court.

And shall ever pray, &c.

This Petition was delivered the 17 day of Iune, 1647. and the Petitioners had extraordinary thanks for the same, by the honourable Court.

London Printed for George Whittington, at the Blew Anchor in Cornhill, neer the Royall Exchange.

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