TO THE RIGHT HONOURABLE Our Worthy and Grave SENATORS The LORD MAYOR, and ALDERMEN, To be suddenly communicated and consulted with the COMMONALTY of the City of LONDON, in Common-Councell Assembled.
The further humble Petition and Remonstrance of the Free-men and Prentices of the City of LONDON.

Humbly acknowledging

THe favour and justice you did us in your so fatherly Reception of Us and our humble Petition, which is with our hearty acknowledgement redoubled in us, by Your late Votes of the 9th December present, wherein (among other things) You were pleased (though We Attended not this Court for Answer to Our Petition, it being so suddenly called, that We knew not of it) to order Thanks to us for it, (and that the Particulars in our Petition were under Consideration) and that upon the Report of the Committee appointed by this Court to Consider of the Peace and Safety of this City, that the Militia of the same, hath time out of mind been in the Lo. Maior, Aldermen and Commons of London, to Raise, Array, and Exercise a Militia for their own Defence: Upon which Report, this Honourable Court Voted the Asserting that Power, and gave Directions to a Committee to Confer with the Lord Fleetwood about Setling the said MILITIA; as also concerning a FREE PARLIAMENT, as being the only Expedient for the Peace and Safety of this Nation

Now so it is, May it please You our Honourable Senators, to give Us leave, out of the sadness of our spirits, to breath forth to You our Fears and Dangers upon the Experience We had of the 5. of this Month, how the Mercenary Souldiers did Murder, Slay, and Wound many of Us, only to prevent our peaceable Way of Petitioning You for such things as concern'd the Safety of this City, and well-being of this Nation; that we cannot but be jealous by reason of their then barbarous Usage of Us, their main DESIGN is to gain Time till a great Body of Horse of Two thousand or more be Drawn from other Parts into this City, (which We are not sensible of without good Grounds) will be Here in a very Few days; when they will be Able not only to plant Guns at all our Gates, but make Use of those Granadoes and other prepared Instruments of Violence to the Ruine and Destruction of the Rights and Liberties of this Famous City: Which done, they will Command Your Persons and Purses to Satisfie their Lusts and Avarice, and Charge their Cruelties and Murders upon You and Us, though innocent and passive.

Out of our great sense and apprehension thereof, and as the only means to prevent the evil Consequences that may follow, We hold it our Duties for the good and safety of this City, and to prevent the michiefs that threaten us, that You will be pleased seriously and suddenly to consider, that nothing can make this City safe, nor us under You, but a sufficient strength within us, by which you may defend Your selves and us from all such attempts as may be made upon You, and obtain that universally desired Free Parliament.

It is therefore our humble and most earnest Prayer, as You have Voted the Arraying of a Militia for the defence of the City is in the Lord Maior, Aldermen and Commons of London, That You will be pleased not to be deluded and delay­ed by those who work wholy by their Plots and Policies to keep all power in their own hands, to Subjugate and Enslave the Nation to their own Ambition and Covetousness instantly without losse of one hours time Night or day, (the Lords day also in this Exigency not exempted, being confident it is his own work,) until You have made Choise of the most Valuable and Considerable Persons in this City for Field Officers and Commanders for a Considerable Body to be presently arrayed within this City for the defence thereof, which if You shall delay you may unhappily be accessary to your and our Ruines. And that you may with the more Courage and Confidence proceed therein, we hereby ob­lige our Selves, our Lives, and all that's dear to us, if there shall be any interruption in this our proceeding, We, with Sea-men, Water-men, and all other Artizens and Tradsmen of this City (who are in their Lively-hoods and Inte­rests engag'd with us herein,) will rise as one Man in your Defence: which Safe and Honourable way if upon any Di­latory pretence whatsoever (rais'd by Subtile Designers to Entrap you,) You shall not instantly pursue to Action, We have done our parts, and doubt not but GOD will out of his great Mercy and Wisdome find out a way (though by weaker means to Accomplish this great Work, to which Gratious Providence we Commit both You and Our Selves.

And will Constantly Pray, &c.

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