TO THE RIGHT HONOVRABLE Both Houses of the PARLIAMENT of ENGLAND ASSEMBLED AT WESTMINSTER: The humble PETITION of divers thousands, Knights, Gentlemen, and Free-holders of the County of Surrey, together with the Burrough of Southwark.

YOur Petitioners having earnestly besought of God, and expected many years from your wisdoms and Councels a full and comfortable redresse of the grievous miseries of this Kingdome; which blessing having hi­therto failed us through the manifold sins of us all, and divers miscar­riages: VVe, among others the Free-born Subjects of this Realme, crave humble leave to expresse our pious affections to the publicke good, and our earnest desires for the preventing of the continuance and increase of fur­ther evills, as followeth:

That the KINGS MAJESTY, our only lawfull Soveraign, may be restored to His due Honour, and just Rights, according to our Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance, which have been Taken by us, in the sight of God, and from which no power on earth can absolve us; And therefore our Souls do yerne, and our Consciences do grieve for it.

That HIS MAJESTY may forthwith be Established in His Throne, according to the Splendor of His Ancestors; and that HIS MAJESTY, may for the present, come up to this Parliament at VVestminster with Honour and Safety to enter with you into a Personall Treaty, for the composing of all former Differences, and the granting of all lawfull Desires.

That we, with all the Free-born Subjects of this Realme may be governed no otherwise then by the known Laws and Statutes now in force in this Kingdome.

That your speedy and grave wisdoms may prevent the miserable and unnaturall War beginning againe in this distracted and exhausted Kingdome, and to prevent by fair Treaty the Forces ready to be brought in from the Neighbour Kingdome, and from other Nations not unlike to invade us: which we conceive (through the mercy of God) may be soon Effected, by timely providing for the premises.

That not only the Ordinances made of late by the goodnesse and wisdome of the two Houses of Parliament against the unsupportable and most wastfull burthen of Free-quartering of Soul­diers may be duly executed, but forthwith order and care may be taken as becommeth Patriots that love their Country, for the Disbanding of all Armies, (having their due Arreares payed) that we may enjoy (without terrours and jealousies) a blessed and long-lookt-for Peace.


Printed at LONDON, in the Yeare, 1648.

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