HAving of late, with great satisfaction, taken notice of your frequent and earnest Addresses to our merciful God (by your publick and private Fasts) for the Settlement of these poor distracted Nations: And knowing; when we sup­plicate for the Effusion of any Mercy; we are obliged to endeavour all lawful and rational means that may conduce to its attainment, but most especially in what concerns our Religion, Lawes▪ and our three Nations greatest good: (Right Reverend Fathers) with all due submission to your Grave Wisdomes) we offer this our request unto your several Considerations; and according as it shall please him who rules the hearts of all men, to direct you in this, which we conceive may so much conduce to the publick good, to appoint an Assembly of your selves, and upon your most serious Consultation of what may most speedily redress the Breaches of our ruined Nations▪ and establish our Religion, to draw up the Heads of your Desires (which we know will be the freest from the prejudice of selfinterest) with a subscription of all your names, and appoint their delivery by some of your own Hands, to his Excellency the Lord General Monk, (to whom God hath now given an opportunity to make these three Nations happy; And herein we are fully perswaded, that his Piety and Consci­ence will neither pass by, nor reject, and much less act contrary to what by your Assembly shall be, by right Reason, Judgment and Equity, manifested to be the only means of our Settlement:

And if it shall please God in his infinite mercy, to make your Advice a furtherance and perswasive to his resolutions, to use that power God hath put his hands in asserting the apparent good of the Na­tions, it would evidence the acceptance of your Prayers to God, and endear you to the affections of all good men.

And we do assure you, there is none whom (under God) we would so gladly acknowledg the Authors of our happiness, as your selves. We suppose we need not use any Arguments to perswade you herein; It being manifested by the like Addresses from all the Counties through which his Excellency hath yet passed, to be a most probable way, by the expressed unity of the several desires of the whole Nation to promote the Settlement and security of the true Protestant Religion, of our known Fundamental Laws and Liberties, and to prevent the Effusion of Christian Blood.

If you shall please to make use of this our humble Advice; we doubt not but all good men will joyn with us in our Prayers to God, to bless and prosper your Indeavours:

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