TO THE LORD MAYOR AND Court of Aldermen of the CITY of LONDON.

IT having been ever since the Reign of King John the undoubted Right of the Citizens of London to Chuse out of themselves two Sheriffs for the City of London and County of Middlesex, which Right hath been Con­firmed to them by several Acts of Parliament; and whereas the Citizens of London Assembled in a Common-Hall on the 24th day of June last past, did according to Ancient Custom, by Majority of Votes, then Elect Thomas Pa­pillon and John Dubois Merchants, to be Sheriffs of the said City of London and County of Middlesex for the Year ensuing; We Inhabitants and Freeholders of the County of Middlesex, in behalf of our selves and others Freeholders and Inhabitants of the said County, have thought it our Duty to desire your Lordship and this Court to Summon the said Thomas Papillon and John Dubois to appear before you, and then according to Ancient Usage require them to enter into Bonds for holding the Office of Sheriffs of London and Middlesex for the ensuing Year; and in case they shall be contented to give Bond for fo doing, that then they the said Thomas Papillon and John Dubois, who have been according to the City Charter duely Elected Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, may have the usual Oaths Administred to them which they ought to take for the due Execution of their Office; and that no other Persons up­on any pretence whatsoever, who have not been duely Elected by Majori­ty of Votes, may be Admitted or Sworn by your Lordship or this Court to Execute the Office of Sheriffs of London or Middlesex, it being absolutely con­trary to your Oaths and the Charter of the City; and seeing our Lives and Fortunes are so highly concerned in the due Execution of the Laws, of which none but duely Elected Sheriffs can be Legal Executors; We think it ne­cessary to represent to your Lordship and this Court, that many and great Disorders and Dangers are like to fall not only upon the City of London and County of Middlesex, but likewise on the whole Kingdom, if any Per­sons who have not been rightfully Chosen by the Major part of the Ci­tizens of London qualified to Elect, should be admitted or Sworn Sheriffs, because the Law accounts such Persons Capital Offenders, who shall un­der Pretence of being Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, (but indeed are not Legally so) Presume to Dispose of our Lives and Estates.

We therefore desire your Lordship and this Court to take into your serious Consideration our Just and necessary desires in this par­ticular, which is of so great Importance to the whole King­dom; and make bold to tell your Lordship and this Court, that all the fatal Consequences which shall happen by your not doing what Justice in this Case requires of you, will be laid at your Doors.

London, Printed for E. Smith at the Elephant and Castle in Cornhil. 1682.

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