To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty.
The Most humble Addresse of the Ministers of the word of God in the County of LINCOLN, whose Names, &c.

Most Dread Soveraign,

AMong all the great Calamities which God most justly for our Sins hath brought upon us since the first commencing of our National Distractions; none have made so deep impression of real sorrow upon our hearts as the barbarous in­humanity acted upon your Royal Father of happy memory, by certain wick­ed and deceitfull men; the remembrance whereof, as it doth renew our utmost abhorrency of the Act, so of all those Jesuitical Principles which under any pretence whatsoever, have a tendency to the deposing, and much more the murder of Kings.

After the losse of the best deserving King the World could then boast of, which was attended with the voyce of Blasphemy uttered by our Enemies a­gainst the true Religion, because some who did professe it hath stayn'd her beauty with their bloody hands; Gall was added to our Wormwood by the forced exile of your Majesty; during whose absence abroad, we could hardly think our selves to be at home.

But God who comforteth those who are cast down, gave us hope in the wonderfull preservation of your Ma­jestie at Worcester, the Supplications made for you by your faithfull people, and establishment of your Royal heart, with his grace to resist and overcome a great Crowd of Temptations, both upon the right hand and on the left, by holding fast the True, Antient, Catholique and Apostolical Faith, once delivered to the Saints. These things were to us as the dawning of the day of Salvation, which God after a dark night of Confusion hath now (not by an ordinary working os Providence) caused to shine upon us: And we have cause to believe, that he who hath subdued the power of your Enemies, will also subdue their hearts; that as your Majesties return hath been accom­panied with the cordial desire and joy of the most of your Subjects; so your Reign will be with the great Love and full Satisfaction of all: of this our Confidence is the more increased by your Majesties Gracious, Charitable, and Healing Declaration of the first of May; and the early Proclamation issued out against vicious, debaucht and prophane Persons; for which, as we are alwayes bound to praise God, so we do with all humble Thankfullnesse acknowledge your Majesties Special grace and Princely favour: And whatever our earnests Prayers to God, Ex­hortations to our hearers, and dutifull subjection may possibly contribute to the happinesse of your Sacred Person and Government, we shall with all alacrity and faithfullnesse perform, beseeching him by whom Kings Reign, to encrease your graces, preserve your health, prolong your dayes, and establish the Crown upon your Head.

This Address was presented to his Majesty in the privy Chamber at Whitehall on Tuesday the 24 of July 1660. together with a short Speech made by Robert Sanderson, Doctor of Divinity, who was accompanied with the following Ministers,

  • John Naylor Vicar of Boston
  • Jeremiah Vasyn Rector of Skyrbecke
  • Edward Dix Rector of Kirkby la-Thorpe
  • William Lincolne
  • William Dales Rector of Hag-worthingham
  • George Cuthbert Rector of Willoughhy
  • Edward Ayscough Rector of North-Thoresby
  • Charles Woodward Vicar of Alford
  • Robert Alington Rector of Hougham
  • Henry Vaughan Vicar of Grantham
  • Andrew Arnold Rector of Marham
  • Edward Boteler Rector of Wintringham
  • John Merryweather Rector of West Halton
  • Thomas Trott Rector of Barkston.
May it please your most Excellent Majesty,

THe Clergy of the County of Lincoln desire by me to present to your most Excellent Majesty their most humble Address, In expression of their great joy for your Majesties happy restoring to your Crown and People, and of their loyal affection to your Majesties royal Person and Government: without offering to your Majesty any thing either of Petition or Complaint.

London Printed for Henry Seile, over against St. Dunstans Church.

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