To the Kings most Excellent Majestie.
The humble Petition of your Maiesties most loyall and obedient Subiects of the Countie of BVCKINGHAM, Presented at OXFORD the 15. day of December, 1642.

Most Gracious Soveraigne:

THe sence of that Duty and Service which wee owe unto your Sacred Majesty, and our earnest affection to the good and welfare of this your Realme of England, have moved Us in all humility to beseech Your Royall Majesty, to give us leave to offer unto your Princely wisdome the apprehension which wee and other Your faithfull Subjects have conceived of the great distempers now threatning the Church, State, and your Royall Person, and of the fittest meanes by which they may be removed and prevented.

The evils and Dangers whereof your Majesty may be pleased to take notice are these, viz.
  • FIrst, That your Sacred Person is exposed to hazard and danger in the present expedition, and by the occasion of the present Warre, your Revenue is much wasted, your Subjects burthened with Coate and Conduct money, billetting of Souldiers and other Military charges, and divers Rapines and Disorders committed in severall parts of this your Realme, and your whole Kingdome become full of feare and discontent.
  • Secondly, the sundry Innovations in matters of Religion.
  • Thirdly, the great increase of Popery and imploying of Popish Recusants, and others ill-affected to the Religion by Law established, in places of Power and trust, especially commanding of Men and Armes both in the Field and in severall Counties of this your Realme, whereas by the Lawes they are not per­mitted to have Armes in their owne houses.
  • Fourthly, the great mischiefes which may fall upon this Kingdome, if the Jntentions, which have bin credibly reported of bringing in forraigne and Irish forces shall take effect.
  • Fiftly, the heavie Charges of Marchandize, to the discouragement of Trade.
  • Sixtly, the great griefe of your Subjects, by the death of their neerest and dearest Friends.

For Remedy whereof, and prevention of the Dangers that may ensue to your Royall Person, and to the whole State, Wee doe in all Humility and faithfulnesse, beseech your most Excellent Majesty, that You will be pleased to Countenance your PARLIAMENT herein, That thereby the Causers of these and other great Grievances which your poore people lye under, may be taken away, and the Authors and Counsellors of them may be brought to such Legall tryall and condigne Punishment, as the nature of their offences shall require, and that the present Warre may be composed by your Majesties wisdome, without any more Blood, in such manner as may conduce to the Honour and safety of your Majesties per­son, the Comfort of Your people, and the Continuance of the Unity of all your Kingdomes against the Common Enemy of the reformed Religion.

And your P [...]titioners shall daily pray for Your long and happie Raigne, &c.

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