I PROCLAIME From the Lord of HOSTS The returne of the JEWES From their Captivity, and the Building of the TEMPLE in Glory, in their owne LAND.


HEare O ye Jew [...]s my Brethren, I am a Jew of the Tribe of Reuben: but unknowne to me till the Lord spake unto me by voice: whose Voice I heard, but saw no appearance, and He changed my Name from Thomas to Theaurau John, since the 23 of November 1649.

Now unto ye Jewes, my Brethren, am I sent to proclaime from the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel, your R [...]turne from your Captivity in what Na­tion soever ye are Scattered. From thence ye shall be Gathered into your own Land: and JERVSALEM shall be built in Glory, in her owne Land, even [...]n her own foundati­on, as the Lord hath shewn mee, though it seeme never so impossible in the Judge­ment of Men▪ Yet by him that liveth foreverm [...]re, it shall be accomplished. And ye my Brethren, who say, Our Bones are dried, and our hope is gone, and we are cleane cut off. As the Lord Liveth, who brought our Fathers out of the Land of Egypt, so SVRE shall you Returne bee. And ye my Brethren, shall be the Glory of all the Earth, and the feare of Nations, For I saw the SPIRIT of the LORD goe forth, to Effect His owne WORK, and for his owne Names sake will He bring this [...]reat Thing to passe.

Therefore my Brethren, Feare not; neither be afraid, for the Lord of Hosts is your Leador. And I Theaurau-John His Servant your Br [...]ther.

This Yeare 1650, is the Lord beginning to make away for ye my Bre­thren.

Signed and Sealed by me THEAURAVIOHN TANY Gold-Smith.

LONDON, Printed by Charles Sumpt [...]r for Giles Calvart, And are to be sold at the Black­spread-Eagle▪ at the West-end of Paules, Anno Dem, 1650.

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