TO THE HONORABLE THE KNIGHTS, CITIZENS AND Burgesses of the Commons House in PARLIAMENT Assembled.
The humble Petition of the Lord Major, Aldermen, and Commons of the Citie of LONDON in Common Councell Assembled.


THat your Petitioners having heard that such Propositions and offers have been lately sent from the House of Peeres to this Honorable House, which (as wee greatly feare) if yeelded unto, would be destructive to our Religion, Lawes, and Liberties: And finding already by experience, that the spirits of all the well-affected party in the Citie & Counties adjacent, that are willing to assist the Parliament, both in person and purse, are much dejected thereat, and the Brotherly assistance from Scotland as well as the raising and maintaining of Forces our selves, thereby likely to be retarded (All which the Petitioners referre to your seri­ous Consideration) And considering our present sad condition lies upon us in a speciall manner, through the incensed patience of the Al­mighty, by delay and want of execution of Iustice upon Traitors and Delinquents. And having an opportunitie yet afforded us to speake, our humble desires are:

That you would be pleased so to persist in your former resolutions, whereupon the people have so much depended, and wherein you have so deeply ingaged your selves (though you should perish in the worke) that sustice may be done upon offenders and Delinquents. And that since we are as willing as ever to ex­pose what we are and have for the crowning of so good a cause, you would be pleased by speedy passing the Ordinance here­unto annext, or one to this effect, to put us into a probable way for our and your defence, wherein your Petitioners will by the blessing of God be never wanting; But will ever pray, &c.

THis Petition being presented the 7. day ofAugust 1643. by the Pe­titioners abovesaid, to the House of Commons, was well accepted, and thanks returned byMr. Speaker for their care of the Kingdomes well­fare, with promise that the particulars desired should be speedily taken into consideration: and to consider of an Ordinance to the purpose in the Petiti­on mentioned, which was referr'd to a Committee.

London printed for Thomas Ʋnder [...] 1643.

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