❧ To the Honourable the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses, in this present Parliament assembled. The humble Petition of the High-Sheriff, Knights, Esquires, Gentlemen, Ministers, Freeholders, and Inhabitants of the County of Sussex.

Humbly Sheweth,

THat your Petitioners having suffered in as deep a nature, both in our Religion, Laws, Estates, and Liberties, as the many thousands of our Brethren, who have already made known their condition to this honourable Assembly: Notwithstanding we cannot but thankfully acknowledge the bene­fits which we have received already by your unwearied labours, faithfull endeavours, and undaun­ted resolutions against all delayes, desperate plots upon your Persons, Estates, and Liberties; many heavy takes we are eased of; much freedome we enjoy in our consciences and livelyhood; defending us from the violent cruel [...]ies, and sormidable power of the Prelates and their Courts, making good our Lawes against Treasons and evill Councells, maintaining the true Religion and the glory of it, maugre the endeavours of Arminians, Bishops, ill affected Clergy and others, and the distructive plots of Papists, and the power of Popish Lords; opening the mouthes of faithfull Ministers long since silenced, enlarging those who were in prison and exile; appointing Lievtenants of trust; providing relief for distressed Ireland, the crying object of Pitty, and subject of our enemies cruelty, our humble desires are above all,

That the Laws of God be truely maintained; Government and Discipline so setled, that we may conforme therein, to the perfect rule of Gods Word; able, learned, and painfull Ministers may be encouraged, scandalous speedily displaced; Pluralities and unwarranted orders and dignities of the Clergy taken away; that the probates of Wills and Testaments, may be reserved to the cognizance of the Temporall Courts; that places of concern­ment in the Kingdom, may be in the hands of Persons of integrity and good conversation; Papists may be totally disarmed, the Persons confined, the subtile conveyances of their estates discovered, and prevented; secret evill Councells and Councellors taken away from His Majesty; Delinquents punished; sail of Honour, and Offices restrained: That our County more then seventy miles, naked to the Sea, may speedily be put into a posture of warlike defence by Sea and Land; Sea-men encouraged; fishing maintained; Ireland farther relieved; the Clergy, and others disobeying your late Orders in our Cathedrall, and other Churches questioned; the U­niversities throughly purged; the Masse utterly abolished.

For the perfecting of which, and all other your Honourable endeavours, that the glory of God may be by your zealous and loyall intentions propogated, The honour and safety of His Majestie and His Kingdomes advanced, the Priviledges of Parliament, and every Member thereof maintained, we shall never be wanting with our prayers, lives, and Estates, according to our Protestation to give you our uttermost assistance.

London, Printed for J. Franke, and J. Burroughes. 1641.

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