To Men, Fathers and Brethren;

HENRY HOLLAND (Son of the learned and laborious Scholler Dr. Philemon Hollard;) a Citizen of London: and to do the King and Common-wealth service; He hath hereto­fore been a Grand-Iury-man and a Subsidy-man, and one of the Trained Band, charged with a Corslet: And lived in good Credit and Reputation: and for a long time, hath been an housholder▪ in an eminent Parish, called Mary Le Bow; Charitable and open-handed to the reliefe of necessitated good Christians: Hee had also a gracious Wife named Susanna, (now with God) who did go beyond him in Grace and goodnesse;) and with her Husbands leave was openhanded to the reliefe of the Poore: which being taken notice of, he and she in the memorable yeare of the Mortality, of the great Plague Anno 1625. Monies were sent into their hands: some from some known friends; and othersome from unknown friends (that left London,) to contribute to necessitated and visited Christians: Whereof their witnesse is in Heaven, (and for need yet some few on earth,) that they were faithfull Stewards. Hee hath been also a Commissioner under the great Seale of England against Bankerupts in foure or five Lord Keepers times. And he was ever a zealous hater and abhorrer of all Superstition and Popery, and Prelaticall Innovations in Church Go­vernment and Discipline: for the which he hath, heretofore, by that Grand Impostor William Land Arch-Bishop of Canterbury and his Agents, suffered imprisonment, by Attachments of Pursuivants, in the High-Commission Court and the Starre-Chamber Court: and he hath been thereby put to great trouble and charges, and much impoverished. And he is averse to all late sprung up Secta­ries: when he was 60 yeeres of age, he adventured his life, and went out one, and was the eldest man of the present Basil Earle of Denbigh his Life-guard, in his expedition for the King and Parliament▪ in the yeare 1643. whereof he hath good Certificate. And now in these miserable and distracted times, he is grown aged, betwixt 60▪ and 70, he is subject to some infirmities of age, his Eye-sight and hearing much decayed, (sometimes almost starke deafe) so crazy in his Limbs, as hardly able to follow any calling: and he is not only impotent in body but indigent in estate: (the more with some unhappy averse suits in Law; wanting necessary subsistance, even now when he is by the course of Nature not farre from the period of his Pilgrimage here on earth. And so poore he is, that of late, in a just suit commenced in Chancery, he was faine to make Oath to be addmitted in Forma Pauperis. And seeing the Holy Ghost by Solomon saith, that they that give unto the poore do lend unto the Lord, &c. And, it is a more blessed thing to give than to receive; Your Charitable benevolent contribution, as God shall move your heart, towards his necessitated condition (now in his old age) is most humbly eraved, whose bowels will have cause to blesse you, by him that dayly imploreth at the Throne of Grace for Peace; such an honourable and safe one as may accord with the peace of the Gospell, or the Gospell of Peace; as also for the welfare of the high and honourable Court of Par­liament, the Reverend Assembly of Divines, and the prosperity of all the Israel of God, in England Ireland and Scotland, and all the World. Ita est Hen. Holland.

Wee having known Mr. Henry Holland a long time, do attest that we do con­ceive and believe the premises are true.

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