TO HIS Most Sacred Maiestie, CHARLES THE SECOND, By the Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, KING, Defender of the Faith, &c. The Humble Congratulation of the Nobility and Gentry of the County of Rutland.

IT having pleased GOD so miraculously to preserve your Person from such imminent danger, and at length to restore your Majestie to your just Domini­on over us, after so long a detention of your Rights, We (who have never made a publique Application to any pretended power) cannot but ex­presse our thankfull acknowledgement of his good­nesse in so great a Blessing accomplished without effusion of Blood; And assure your Majesty, that we shall according to our duty beare true Allegiance to your Majestie, your Heirs and Succes­sors, and shall upon all occcasions evidence our selves to be

Your Majesties most Loyal Subjects
  • Duke of Buckingham.
  • Earl of Exeter.
  • Lord Campden.
  • Lord Roos.
  • Lord Sherard.
  • Philip Sherard Esquire.
  • Sir Tho. Mackworth.
  • Sir Francis Mackworth.
  • Sir Tho. Hartopp.
  • Sir Rich. Wingfield.
  • Sir Euseb. Pelston.
  • Sir Wingfield Bodenham.
  • George Sherrard Esquire.
  • Francis Sherard Esquire.
  • Hen. Sherard Esquire.
  • Edward Heath Esquire.
  • Samuel Brown Esquire.
  • Abel Barker Esquire.
  • William Palmes Esquire.
  • Henry Mackworth.
  • Robert Mackworth.
  • Neall Mackworth.
  • James Digby Esquire.
  • Peregrine Mackworth.
  • Alexander Noell.
  • Andrew Noell.
  • Edward Faulkner.
  • Rich. Fancoute.
  • Charles Wing.
  • Francis Wingfield.
  • John Wing.
  • Jervice Day.
  • Henry Foster.
  • William Hartopp.
  • George Sheffield.
  • Willam Hide.
  • Benjamine Bodenham.
  • Haslewood Palkington.
  • William Cheseldine.
  • William Iepson.
  • Charles Dale.
  • Thomas Trollop.
  • George Heath.
  • John Heath.
  • Robert Heath.
  • Francis Heath.
  • Ezekiel Iohnson.
  • Daniel Iohnson.
  • Rich. Hallford.
  • Charles Hallford.
This Congratulation was presented by the hand of the Honourable Philip Sherard, Esquire; to whom his Majesty in a very gracious manner was pleased to expresse his acceptance of this their hum­ble and loyall congratulation.

Printed by S. Griffin for Robert Pawley and are to be sold at the Rainbow in Fleetstreet, 1660.

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