To all ingenuous People: A second Intimation from the New Ʋndertakers for conveyance of Letters at half the rates to severall parts of England and Scotland.

WHereas severall printed Papers have been scattered up and down the Cities of London, and Westminster, and in many considerable Townes and places in England and Scotland, intimating, that if any persons send their Letters by the Old Post, they will have a free and safe going and coming, but if they send by the New Undertakers, their passage will be interrupted, which we cannot but look upon as a Design on purpose to deter all persons from bringing their Letters to us, which Design we per­ceive is still carried on, as appears by a busie Pamphleteer in his last weekly book of severall Proceedings, in which the said Paper is recited, as if the State had allowed thereof. And though divers persons imployed by us in the carriage of our Mayle, have of late under false colours and pretences been much affronted and interrupted by some malitious Post-Masters and o­thers, acting only upon the account of Self-interest, yet against them we are (upon good advice) proceeding by severall Actions and Indictments, and doubt not of Justice and reparation, according to due course of Law, all such interruption being contrary to the Law of the Land.

And whereas we have hitherto gone on, and resolve still to proceed in the management of our honest and just undertaking (which hath already been so serviceable to this Nation) in a legall and warrantable way: Now for the future prevention of abuses and affronts to those persons that shall be im­ployed by us, and to the end the people of this Nation may not be deceived by those false suggestions and pretences, which hitherto have been publish­ed only to delude them and abuse us; We whose names are hereunto sub­scribed, being the first Undertakers for the speedy conveyance of Letters at half the Rates to severall parts of England and Scotland, do hereby declare to all Gentlemen, Merchants, and other persons whatsoever, that we do in­tend resolvedly (by the help of God) to continue the management of this our undertaking, and for the further accommodation of all men of businesse, and for improvement of Trade, to carry to places not formerly supplied, with the like conveyance; as also to add one day more weekly for the send­ing out of Letters, (that is to say) Thursdaies as well as Tuesdaies and Satur­daies, and to have returns answerably, the first Thursday to begin the 28. of this present April, and the same places of receipt to continue as formerly, we having received much incouragement by ingenuous and publike minded peo­ple, and no discouragement at all from Supreme Authority, nor can it rati­onally be imagined, that ever they will countenance the Disturbers of so pub­like and beneficiall an undertaking.

  • Clement Oxenbridge.
  • Francis Thomson.
  • Richard Blackwall.
  • William Malyne.

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