A PROCLAMATION, By FREDERICK Duke of SCHONBERG, General of all Their Majesties Forces in IRELAND.
For preventing Plunders and Robberies.

Licens'd October 7. 1689.

J. F.

WHereas divers Loose and Idle People, have of late committed several Robberies, and dayly continue them, under Pretence of following the Army. Wherefore we have thought fit hereby to declare, That none do presume to follow the Army, and un­der that pretence Rob and Plunder the Country through which we pass: And all such who shall, notwithstanding this our Proclamation, follow the Army (Sutlers and such as are hired excepted) shall be deemed and punished as Robbers: And We shall further order, and direct the Provost-Marshall, and his Men, to seize and Apprehend them as such, that they may be accordingly Punished.


For Protecting and Inviting all Persons to bring Provisions to the Army.

WHereas we find that several Inhabitants, and Free­holders in the Country, near and about this Place, have by groundless fears deserted their Habitations and Houses, by which great stocks of Corn is lying in the Fields, in danger of perishing for want of due care to save and gather the same into their Haggards and Barnes; and since it is not their Majesties intent to Ruine and Destroy, but to Cherish and Protect their Subjects of what Religion soever. So we Proclaim this our Protection to all those who shall peaceably and quietly retire to their several Habitations, in order that they may enjoy their Majesties Clemency, and so gather their Stocks and Corn in due order for to bring it to the Market for sale, which Free­marker, we have thought fit to appoint at Dundalk, every Thursday and Friday, where all those that shall come with Corn, and other Provisions, shall be Protected, and paid in ready Mony for what they shall sell or dis­pose of.


London, Printed for Rich. Baldwin in the Old-Bayly, 1689.

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