A SCHEME OF POPISH CRVELTIES or A Prospect of what wee must Expect vnder a Popish Successor.

Once more wee'l Act ore Sixty Sixe
But then wth Blood ye Flames wee'l mixe.
Rvffians & Fryars in barbarous Lust agree
No Matron nor no Virgin in shall scape free.
Thus bravely wee Two Lusts at once fulfill
Wee Ravish first, & ye next Moment, Kill.
Such Bluddy Massacres & Cutting throats
Our Church for marks of true Religion Notes.
Thus may ye Town be shatter'd by ye Towr
If ear it come under a Papist's powr.
Thus our feirce zeal ye Hereticks does [...]
No Sights more pleasing to a Roman [...].
When French & bloddy Tories shall invade
These Argumts these Trophies must ꝑswad [...].
Both Non & Con under our fury Bleeds
each Drawn [...] th Wild Steed
whilst joyfull Monks in Triumph shake their Beads.
Our work is done & now in Pomp wee goe
To finish Englands Bliss with Popish show.

The Explanation.

FI [...]st of all is represented that [...]atel; Pillar or [...] [...] London Br [...]d [...], erected by Act of Parl [...], to perpe­ [...]ate the Memory of the City's [...] Burnt by Popish Trea­chery, in the ye [...]r Sixty Six. Now as the Prophets of old frequently express the Fore­ [...]t of impending Judgments [...] a Watchm [...]n placed on a Watch-Tower: So let the Reader fancy himself on the Top of that lo [...]y Column, and that thence he beholds the Mi­series and Calamities represen­ted in the Nine Figures follow­ing: All which will certainly be England's Portion, if ever she come (which God forbid) to truckle under a professed Bigotted Papist.

1. The first figure gives you the dismal View of a City wilfully and trea­ [...]ly set on fire in divers parts; Houses, Streets, Pallaces, Churches, all surrounded with devouring Flames, just as in Sixty Six: Onely the next Bout [...] the same time a Massacre, or sudden cutting of the Throats of all True [...] and such as have opposed the Devillish Designs of [...]'d Party. Which Slaughter was designed to have [...] Sixty Six, and to have begun with the Murder of the KING; (whom God preserve, both from Popish Assassinates and Traiterous Councils) but onely they sound Affairs abroad not then ripe enough for their purpose.

2. Here you behold Ruffians and Hectors, Popish Priests, Jesuites, Monks, and the rest of the Black Guard to the Prince of Darkness, endeavouring to Ravish [...]our Wives, your Daughters, your Sisters, and your Mothers: For 'tis well known to all that have travell'd, that there is not such another Crew of brutish Goats and savage Satyrs in the World, as the Romish Priests and Friars; no Woman, old or young, beautiful or homely, can escape their lust.

3. Their lust being satiated, their bloody Cruelties next begin. Here you see they are beating out the Brains of Infants, and snatching them out of their tender Mothers Arms; which being done, they likewise put the Mothers al­so to the Sword; thereby with ingenious Cruelty murdering them twice, first by the sight of their Childrens Tragedy, and next by their own Wounds.

4. The fourth Figure represents the Papists at work on their long-intended Massacre; some cutting of Throats, others Robbing and Plundering. And amongst the rest, an Irish Jesuite with his bloody S [...]n, as busie as any. What is here but in Picture, was real Fact within these forty years in Ireland, where above two hundred thousand Protestants were destroyed in this manner by Popish Cannibals.

5. This shews the danger the City of London would be in, in case a Papist should ever obtain the Crown; their Habitations laid desolate, their Houses batter'd about their Ears till they become their Graves, Churches shatter'd, and the Tops of Steeples falling, &c. by the fury of the Great Guns that might be mounted for that purpose on the Tower.

6. Here you have the old Popish Sport of Burning Holy Martyrs at a Stake for holding the Truths of Gods Word and pure Religion, and opposing Po­pish Idolatry and Superstitions. In this manner there were in the short Reign of Queen Mary put to death no fewer then 277 persons. And yet she promi­sed as fair to the Protestants before she came to the Crown, as any Body can do. Just such perfidious Bloody Doings you must again expect, if ever you admit a Queen Mary in Breeches.

7. The [...] Figure represents an [...]; for Popery can never be establish'd [...]and without the Assistance of Troops of French and Irish Papists: [...]hat Slaughters and dreadful Desolation they will make where-ev [...]ome, is here in part displaid to your consideration.

8. Her [...] the barbarous Executions and Tortures of Protestant Mi­nisters, ag [...]om the Popish Locusts have a particular spite; and there­fore here y [...] several Jesuits and Friars rejoycing at this Cruelty, which was actuall [...] [...] late in Piedmont, and in Forty One in Ireland. And this Martyr [...]t of a Church-of-England-Minister, to shew that Popish Rage will m [...] [...]ion between them and others, but all must come over absolutely t [...], or else be destroyed.

9. The la [...] that which we trust God will never suffer, viz. That the Papists have [...]mit; and now they are marching in Procession, and going to defile our [...]ir ridiculous Abominatious: And then adieu to all Tr [...] Religion in En [...] [...]e ever afterwards hear the sweet sounds of Liberty or Pro­perty; But Sl [...] [...] as Spiritual, shall remain on you and your Posterity; and your Chil [...] [...] Children shall live and die Vassals and Idolaters, and curse your Me [...]ray'd them into such a dolesome and more then Egyptian-Bo [...]dage, bot [...]ul.

To prevent [...]ul Mischiefs, let every man that has any sense of Religion, any regard to [...]d, the Welfare of his Countrey, or the Just Liberties of himself and hi [...]ndeavour in his Station, by all Lawful Ways and Means he can, to oppos [...]ent of Popery amongst us.

LONDON, Printed for N. Thomlinson in Thames Street, and are to be sold by all the Protestant Booksellers in London and Westminster.

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