By way of Question and Answer, Touching, some Passages in Religion.

By J. S.

LONDON, Aug. 20. Printed by T. FAVVCET. 1642.



WHat is your Name?




Who gave you this Name?


My Persecuters and Slanderers in my infamie, wherin J was made a won­der to Wise men, a jeering stocke to Pooles, and an inheritor of the scorne and contempt of all the rabblement of Hell.

Quest. What did your Persecuters and Slanderers then for you?

Answ. They did Promise and vow three things in my name: First, that they will make me odious to all that be of their fraternity: Secondly, that they will worke my ruine and confu­sion: And thirdly, they wish that GOD would sinke them many miles into Hell, if they doe not so doe.


Dost thou thinke that thou art bound to beleeve and be affraid of their threatnings?


I doubt not, but they shall sinke as deepe in Hell as they doe desire, nei­ther doe I question but their will shall be accepted for the deed, according to their old tenit, but I am taught not to feare any but only him that is able to cast both body and soule into Hell.

Quest. But they that are against you are many in number, and great in Power?

Ans. Well, if God be for us, its no matter who is against us, let Pharaoh come, and Nebuchadnezer, Hamon, Abso­lon, [Page 3] and Achittophell, Jezabell, Judas, and all other tray ors, the Irish Rebels, the mad­men in the North, that sight against them­selves and some at home that have a mind to be nibling, as well as the rest of the Serpent seed, but they are limitted by an over ruling power, else wee had bin de­voured long since; therefore wee need not feare them though they were more in number, and their power as great as the Seaven headed Beast can make it.

Quest. Can nothing hurt you, what strange creatures are you?

Answ. Persecution cannot, for that is our Livery or colours, which shewes un­der whom we are Soldiers, the only way to hurt us, is to let us live at ease, for we are like Camomill, if we are trod on wee shall smell the sweeter and grow better.

Quest. 'Tis well you are so confident, but ere it be long your faith is like to come to try­all, and then we shall see what mettall you are made of, what can they not cast you in Pri­son, put you in Pillories, cut off your Eares, [Page 4] burne your Face, strip you naked in frost and snow, kicke your Bibles and curse them, hang you, drowne, stab you and such like?

Answ. All this they may doe and yet not hurt us, but not without commission from GOD; now God will never hurt Round-heads if they be Sound-heads, God never intended hurt to JOB when he gave commission to Sathan to afflict his Car­kasse for the tryall of his Faith and Pati­ence, neither did he lose any thing there­by in conclusion; so we it may be must suffer for a while, but in the end we shall see who shall have the worst of it.

Quest. What have you done to these poore wretches, that they rage against you so like Mad-men, doe not you vse to Preach in a Tab as they say you doe?

Answ. What if we doe, is that such a capitall Crime that nothing but our ru­ine and confusion can make satisfaction, the old Whore begins to stinke, and shee would faine father some of her Beastli­nesse upon us; they can not say, we use [Page 5] to lay tubbes of Gunpowder under the Parliament House, but let them be doing, be that hath set them a worke will pay them their wages, all this while they are meriting, and they will shortly come to workes of Supererogation, let us not doubt but they shall have a reward answerable to their workes.

Quest. Well, looke to it Round-head, there's rods in pisse for you to be sure, what think you of it:

Answ. We doe both thinke and know, that the rod of the wicked shall nor alwayes rest upon lot of the righteous, the Lord can chastise us with rods for our profit, and afterwards burne them in Hell, as they desperately desire in their blasphe­mous and cursed execrations: The Lord preserve Hull, as for Hell it is their portion, they wil ne­ver be quiet till they have it in full possession, in­deed they have well deserved it long agoe, and without repentance they must of necessity have t.

Quest. Doe they that are at so great a distance from Round-heads, practise any thing that is amisse, far be it from them to preach in a Tub.

Answ. Indeed swearing, cursing, oaths of the new f [...]shion, lying, whoring, is nothing, murthe­ring Hereticks, Sabbath-breaking, coveting Hereticks goods, ruinating whole Kingdomes [Page 6] by treason, all this and more his Holinesse can pardon, but hath never a Bull for such as preach in a Tub, they must be curst with Bell, Booke, and Candle; see, see, their matchlesse charitie, they brag of so much surly they will shortly spoyle the fashion of their Christianity, and prove downe-right devils.

Quest. If you Round heads were once brought to ruine, they are like to prove admirable subjects.

Answ. But stay, we have a God that can pre­serve us, blessed for ever be his great and holy Name, for blessing us with such a blessed Parlia­ment, whom they call Round-heads, for dealing so roundly with them; Let us not feare but that power that hath kept them hitherto, will keep [...] them still in dispight of all the Dragons malice with all his wicked angels to help him; they that cannot willingly and freely dye with and for such a Parliament, are not worthy to live to enjoy such precious mercies, the Lord enable us to gird up the loynes of out mindes, and to bee strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might the Lord prosper our sweet Parliament, and en­able us all cheerefully to resigne up out selves to undergoe whatsoever he in wisdome knowes best for his ovvne honour and glory, for that is best for his ovvne people though vvicked men doe not so thinke.

Farewell Round head.

If I can beleeve all things are possible, for Faith will carry me where I shall farewell for ever.


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