The PATH-Way To [...]ERFECTION: Shewing the Duty of Children to their Parents; [...] the promised Blessings, which attend [...]ose that truly perform it.

The Variety of Worldly Pleasures, in respect of [...]ptations, with proper Methods to refrain their [...]ements, and suitable Remedies against them.

The great necesity of Repentance, with awake­ [...] Motives and Exhortations thereunto: As also the [...]nal Danger, and miserable Consequences which [...]ds the delay and neglect thereof; the comforta­ [...] Enjoyments which accompanies that great and [...]essary work, with directions and Encouragements, [...]reunto.

By J. S. D. D.

[...] not thy self of to morrow, for thou knowest not what [...] Day may bring forth,

Prov. 27.1.

London Printed, 1698.

[depiction of a man kneeling in prayer]
Courteous Reader,

If these Christian Arguments should not be reckoned worth laying out one Penny, be pleased to read it Gratis, keep it clean, and return it in an hour.

I Shall first begin with the Duties of Children to Paren [...] considering the many inconveniencies which generally [...] tend the neglect thereof, for 'tis in vain to undertake [...] work of repentance without the performance of this Dut [...] ▪ it being Expresly Comanded by God himself.



Honour thy Father and thy Mother, that thy Days may [...] long in the Land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

BUT how little this Duty is regarded is too manife [...] ly known in all parts of this Nation, for Pare [...] have for the most part, their Children no longer un [...] their Obedience, than they are under the Rod, for be [...] grown up they think themselves free from all manne [...] [...] Command, and tho' (perhaps) some do observe it, y [...] the case be throughly Examin'd 'tis for their own Int [...] sake, by gaping for what they have, but very few o [...] [...] purely upon the Duty of Conscience. This unnat [...] Sin of Disobedience to Parents, was by the Law of M [...] Punishable with Death, Deut. 21.19. but if Fathers [...] Mothers now a days should be so severe with their Chil­dren; Oh what great numbers would make themselves Childless thereby. Hear what the wise Man adv [...] Prov. the 23.22. Hearken to thy Father that bega [...] [...] and despise not thy Mother when she is old. But the Y [...] of our Age are so far from hearkening to their Pa [...] Councel, that they esteem it as Wisdom to despise it and proceed so far as to mock and deride their Person [Page 4] [...]eir Extream Age, when Infirmities has both rendred [...]em useless and helpless, but let such vile wretches read [...]rov. 30.17. The Eye that mocketh his Father and despi­ [...]sh to Obey his Mother, the Ravens of the Valley shall pick [...]ut, and the Young Eagles shall eat it; There is ordinari­ [...] such a Pride and headiness in Youth, that they cannot [...]ide to submit to the Councels and wholsome Instructions [...] their Parents; many times accounting them the Effect [...] Dotage when indeed they are the fruits of Sobriety and [...] experience, design'd for the good and welfare of their Souls and Bodies.

The Debt that a Child owes to his Parents is so great [...] can never hope to discharge, unless he calls God to his [...]l, in begging of him that be would be pleased to reward [...]n for the many troubles and sorrows that they have [...]dergon for him, by multiplying his blessings upon them; [...]t instead of this some are so unnaturally Wicked, as to [...]sack (as I may say) Hell it self for Curses by pouring [...] black and dismal Expressions against them? which is [...]ing so horrid, odious and abominable that one would [...]k there needed no perswasion against it. But we see [...]nly, God himself, (who best knows Men's hearts) [...] it possible: otherwise he had not pronounced such [...]eavy Sentence upon it, Exod. 21.17. He that Curseth Father or Mother let him Die the Death. And our own experience tells us that many Children there are, who [...]ugh greediness of the Possessions of their Parents have [...]hed their Deaths, but let such know that how sliely [...] fairly soever they carry it before Men, there is one [...] sees and knows the secret wishes and desires of their [...]ts. And further take Notice that they who watch [...] Long for the Death of their Parents, may be the [...]ice of God, (before they are aware) untimely meet [...] their own, for as the Fifth Commandment pro­ [...]h Long Life as the reward of honouring the Pa­ [...]; so by Consequence short life is threatned, upon [Page 5]breach of that Duty, to prove which I could repeat sev [...] remarkable Instances in order thereunto.

And again we are to render them all due obedie [...] Ephes. 6.1. Children obey your Parents in the Lord for [...] is right; again Colos. 3.20. Children Obey your Par [...] in all things for this is well pleasing to the Lord.

You see here St. Paul asures us 'tis not only righ [...] obey our Parents in point of natural subjection to th [...] but there is a higher degree of perfection enexed t [...] (viz.) it is well pleasing to the Lord, so that you see [...] is so necessary a Duty that Consequently without it cannot please God.

And Lastly we cannot Honour our Parents as we ou [...] unless we assist them in their wants, of what kind soe [...] whither in weakness of Body, Poverty, or whatsoe [...] earthly unhappiness befals them, for Christ himself te [...] ­eth us, that this is Contain'd within the Precept of [...] nouring our Parents, as you may read Mark. 7.10, 11, 13. How then shall those answer it who deny relief their poor Parents, and cannot find in their hearts to p [...] with with that which they vainly throw away (upon th [...] Pride and Excess,) to satisfie the pressing necessities [...] those to whom they owe their very being. Nay some [...] yet worse, who out of great Pride scorn to own their [...] ­rents in their Poverty, when themselves are advanced Wealth, they hold it a disparagment to look on their po [...] Parents: so that the Childs prosperity (many times) pro [...] the Father and Mothers unhappiness; but this is so unna­tural and inhuman ingratitude, as will surely find a shall Vengeance from God, unless timely repented of; there­fore for the Lord sake, and as you tender the welfare [...] your Precious Souls, not only read, but put in practise this great and necessary (tho much decayed and neglect­ed) Duty, in performing which you will, not only me [...] the Gracious promised reward of Long life and prospe [...] ­ty in this world, but 'twill be a means to obtain (through [Page 6] [...] [...]merits of Christ our redeemer,) a happy Crown of [...]ory in the Kingdom of bliss Eternally which God of [...] infinite Mercy grant to us all. Amen.

And so I descend to speak something relating to the uncer­ [...]ty, vanity and deceit, as well as mutability of Earthly [...]ceited Pleasures, which are the only Obstructions of Re­ [...]tance.

II. [...]he Vanity and Uncertainty of Earthly Pleasures.

[...]le. I.VIII.

The Eye is not satisfied with Seeing, nor [...]he Ear fill'd with Hearing.

[...] this latter Age, the Pleasures of this World are the [...] Idols of Mankind, for 'tis impossible to Love our selves [...] not to Love our Pleasures, the World has truly no­ [...]ng in it which may be accounted great, or at least satis­ [...]tory, for it's entertainments are strangely Empty and [...]ting.

For how taking soever a Pleasure may appear or seem in [...]ncy, yet 'tis Evidently known that Men soon disrellish [...]at they most Covet to Injoy, nay sometimes they [...]dain what they Possess.

What is Greatness? 'tis but a slippery height, it is a [...]orious Slavery, and a fantastick formality. What is [...]ealth? 'tis not to be reckoned an Enjoyment, but the way [...]one. What is Lust? but a suddain violent and unruly [...]tiny of Spirits, a suddain Blaze, that flashes and then [...]es. What is Gaity of Attire? but an Imaginary Pret [...]ess to please Children and Fools.

Besides 'tis the Silliness of the Fancy only, which creates [...] supposed Pleasure, Coveting that most which we ne­ [...]r tryed, like a Man who comes into a new World the [...]angeness of it only begets the wonder, success many [Page 7]times makes a man loath what before he vehemen [...] Loved, for when he hath try'd all objects he will [...] the Vanity, for as soon as Experience has Defeare [...] Person of Imagination, it robbs him of the Pleasure [...] For a sinner derives his temptation from Custom, and [...] not so much because 'tis pleasent, but because he is use [...] do so. This is the case of those who pretend to [...] greatest Gallentry, and Wit in the choice and contriva [...] of their Sins. Therefore what shall we think of th [...] who basely stoop to the mean and sensual Conceited p [...] ­sures of Love, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Covetousness, [...] For though great Fortunes are necessary to support g [...] Sins, yet our Sins ruin our Fortunes. Our health is [...] ­cessary to our Sensual Pleasure, but yet our Pleasures dermine our health: And thus the change of th [...] and humours, makes a Sinners life a strange mixture desire and disapointment.

Good God? that ever rational Men should for [...] Heaven for such a mixt uncertain State of Empty p [...] ­sures as this? Oh that we could but open our Eyes [...] see through all that Paint and Varnish that mocks and [...] ludes the fancy, we need but be wise and we shall be [...] ­ly too; for if we once truely understand the world, cannot but dispise it.

Vain Pleasures are Conceited Sun shines in the pur [...] but black and dismal cloudes in the Enjoyment, and [...] ­ther Pleasure as is a Beautiful Harlot, sitting in a Cha [...] whose four wheles are Pride, Gluttony, Lust and Idle [...] the two Horses are Prosperity and Plenty, the two [...] ­vers are Covetousness and Ambition, her attendants [...] followers are horrour Guilt and late repentance (if a [...] Death and ruin; therefore for the Lords sake avoid [...] Strumpit, and come not near the Door of her House. E [...] 2.2: I said of Laughter it is Mad and of Mirth, [...] dost thou?

And as for Lawful pleasures (as you call them) 'tis [...]r best wisdom only to touch them, and if you will [...] them, let it be as Poyson in an Antidote, to fortify [...]r selves against Casual Extremities.

St. Augustine before his Conversion, could not Live [...]hout the Carnal pleasures of this World, but when [...] Nature was chang'd, and his heart fix't upon God, [...] how sweet (quoth he) is it to be without that which [...] [...]fore Idolized and admired.

What a silly thing therefore is Impiety, and how wise [...] well contrived a thing is Religion, for what can we [...]re more of God; if he gives us a pleasant Fortune, he [...]scribes us rules how to Enjoy it prudently; if he [...]olves us in a cross one, he supplies us with Comforts to [...]eten and support it.

Therefore assure your selves that no pleasure on this [...] the Grave, is so truly delighting, so satisfying [...]engaging and so lasting as those which spring [...] [...]m Union and Communion, from God and Christ, ha­ [...]g a Conscience void of offence towards God and to­ [...]rds Man.

And further take notice, that no Man yet, (tho' never [...] Notorious) ever sinn'd with a design or perswasion to [...] Eternally Damn'd for it. No, no, but thought they [...] provided a reserve safe enough for after Repentance, [...]' god knows, most have miserably miscarryed therein, [...] God's cutting them off suddainly, or Sin at last grew [...]rong, and they too weak to withstand it. Jonah. 2. [...] They that waite upon Vanities forsake their own mercy.

For it is much easier to Conquer a Lust than to satisfie [...] the Ambitious may grow Content sooner than great; [...] Covetous may sooner moderate their desires than sa­ [...]ie them; the Adulterer may sooner gain a chaste Spirit, [...]n satisfy the ravings of a beastly and wandring Lust. [...] a Man's Frame grows more tractable and goverriable, [...] wholsome Reasonings, and sound advice; and Heaven­ly [Page 9]by Prayers and Meditations. But if you once give way [...] nay but so much as listen to a wanton Suggestion, it wi [...] immediately kindle into Lust and that Lust if Encouraged [...] will flame into inordinate Passion; and Consequently Passion will grow savage and unruly; And they if fe [...] and pamper'd very rarely (if ever) ceases till it centure [...] in the ruin of thy Body and Estate; and without Extr [...] ordinary Mercies, thy precious and Immortal Soul also.


Luke XIII.V.

I tell you nay, but except ye repent ye sh [...] all likewise perish.

THE occasion of these Words was because [...] Jews seem'd so rashly and uncharitably to [...] ­sure upon the Galileans, whose hard fate was such, a [...] be Murtherd by Pilate's Cruelty, and at the very time t [...] when they were offering Sacrifices, thereby Conclud [...] because their Sufferings Exceeded others, their Sins m [...] Consequently be proportionable thereunto. And th [...] 18 also upon whom the Tower of Siloam fell, were Ju [...] ­ed by those Carnal Jews to be greater, most notori [...] and Capital Sinners, than all others that dwelt at Jer [...] ­lem; and from hence vainly flattered themselves, beca [...] the like Judgments did not fall upon them they fanc [...] that they were not only safe, but very firm and sure [...] the favour of God [...] Therefore our Saviour in order [...] Correct and Convince them of this their false, rash [...] hasty Censure, Answers them thus, Nay but Except [...] repent you shall all likewise perish. As if he should h [...] said, do you think because you have hitherto Escaped [...] Judgments, that you shall steal away in the Dark, [...] flee from God's just displeasure. No, no you are [...] much mistaken, for I say unto you, even you, who a [...] ready to Condemn others and Justifie your Selves, [...] [Page 10]except you very speedily fall to an earnest agreement [...]d reconciliation with God, by leaving of your Sins, you [...]all not only be subject to the like disasters in this life, [...]t shall also perish Eternally, in the world to [...]me, so that our blessed Saviour in this very answer, [...]oth (as it were) thunder down a most dreadful Sen­ [...]nce, upon the heads of those vain and high Conceited [...]hristians, who set such a great value upon their [...]n Merits, and such Contemptable and undervaluing [...]oughts of their poor suffering Brethren; when at [...]e same time (perhaps) they are guilty of as great, if [...]t far greater Sins, than those whom God is pleased to [...]ake Examples of his Divine Judgments, and so conse­ [...]ently unless they repent must likewise miserably perish, [...]erefore oh Christians! let us strive to atain to this one [...]ng needful, for it necessary follows, that repentance [...] go before forgiveness, for unless it leads the way, the [...]tes of God's Mercies will be shut against us. And by [...] way take notice that repentance is not a careless, but [...]areful thing, therefore let none that that a few Sighs [...] saying Lord have mercy upon them now and then, [...] from time to time make fresh Engagements with their [...]ul and odious Impieties, I say let none think this to be [...]entance. No, no these are direct and downright Con­ [...]ies and cannot stand together, to repent for Sin, and to [...]ight in Sin; to hate Sin, and at the same time to Love [...] entertain it; to fly from Sin, and to follow Sin; is [...]way to agravate and Encrease it. For some Men make [...]igion, only a Sundays Religion, puting it on and off [...] their Sundays cloaths, and then conclude God is [...]ly served for all the week, vainly supposing that if [...] keep up Religious duties on Sundays, they may do [...]t they please at other times, and think that on the [...]th they can make even with God again. Like the [...]ore in the Proverbs, that having made her Offerings, [...] presently ready to Commit fresh Wickedness. Prov. [...]4. as if she had paid off the old score and might now [Page 11]boldly run on again upon a new. But oh my Brethre [...] God will not Look Mercifully upon any that loo [...] pleasantly upon his Sins, the Jealous God wll n [...] indure to see thee bankering and longing after [...] Harlots lips, that is by Embracing any Sin with [...] light. Oh! Therefore look into thine hands, look [...] thine heart, look into thy house, look into thy shop, [...] Trade, thy calling, see that thy heart and mind be [...] Corrupted, by being fix't too nigh to something the [...] For true peace with God, cannot be made till those [...] are removed; therefore be not almost but altogeth [...] Christians, perhaps, some of you have been half of [...] mind to repent throughly of your great hainous and [...] ­cret Crimes and have wis [...] many times, that necess [...] word had been perform'd. But how long will you [...] barely in these fruitless purposes? When will you [...] to a full fix'd and firm resolve, don't you plainly see [...] Satan gulls you by tempting you to delays, what if [...] should cut you off before you come to a happy resolu [...] Oh how terrible would it be to look back upon the [...] gracious opportunities of mercies, which you have [...] fully and presumptiously neglected; therefore O [...] ­stians I beseech you all in general, Consider [...] great and weighty necessity there is of Repentance [...]

It was a notable passage of a Noble Roman, [...] was Loading, a Vessel with Corn, to carry to a [...] time of Famine, the Marriners being unwilling [...] Sail in a Storm, (says he) Our Voyage is of more [...] than our Lives. Therefore as food is Necessary [...] port natural strength, so is repentance only [...] to secure the Soul, and preserve it in safty, for [...] the Disease thereof breeding distempers, as well as [...] bances therein. For what a Continual tempest and [...] motion is there in a discontented mind? What [...] evil is inordinate care? What is Passion but [...] feavour in the mind? What is Lust but a fire in the [...] What is Pride but a deadly Tinpany? or Cove [...] [Page 12] [...] an unsatiable desire? or Malice and Envy, but ve­ [...]n in the very heart? Spiritual Sloath is but a Scurvy [...] [...]he mind, and Carnal security a mortal Lethergy; and [...] can that Soul, have any true Comfort, that Labours [...]er so many distempers? Therefore the Conscience [...]not be truly pacified, till soundly cleansed and purified. [...] Peace with sin, and Peace in sin, is more to be [...]aded, then all the troubles in the World.

Arise then, O Sluggard and shake off thine Excuses, [...] long wilt thou slumber, and fold thy hands to sleep? [...] [...]ou be human Creatures, and not sensless Stocks, stand [...] and consider where you are going, and do not fall [...] Hell with your Eyes open, but bethink your selves, [...] set to this Necessary work of repentance, what, [...], and run into the Pit when the very Beasts will not [...] [...]orced in? What endowed with Reason, and yet dally [...] Death and Hell, and the Vengeance of the Almigh­ [...] ▪ Oh! shew your selves like Men and let reason pre­ [...] with you, Esay. 1.2. Hear O Heavens, and give Ear [...], for the Lord hath spoken, I have nourished and [...] up Children and they have Rebelled against me.

[...]ere is never a Creature but if it had reason to know [...] 'tis abused, it would groan against sinful mankind. [...] Land would groan to bear them, the Air would [...] to give them breath, their Houses to lodge them, [...] their Beds would refuse to ease them, as would their [...] to nourish them, and their Cloaths to cover them. And [...] could but speak, their Food would say Lord, must [...] such a wretch as this, as yield forth my strength [...]urish him to dishonour thee withal? No, I will choak [...] [...]ather, if thou wilt but give me Commission. The [...] Air would say Lord must I give this man breath, to [...] Tongue against Heaven; scorn thy People, and vent [...]ride, Wrath and filthy Communication, and belch [...] Oaths and Blasphemy against thee, No, if thou [...] [...]ut say the word he shall be breathless for me. His [...] would say Lord must I carry this sinful wretch, upon [Page 13]his wicked and Odious designs, No, I will break his bone [...] I will end his Days, if I may have but leave from thee, a [...] creatures being (as it were) up in arms against thee t [...] thy peace is made with God, Job. 22, 23, 24.

At distruction and famine thou shalt Laugh, neither sha [...] thou be afraid of the Beasts of the Earth, for thou shalt be [...] League with the stones of the field, and the Beasts of t [...] field shall be at peace with thee, And thou shalt know that [...] tabernacle shall be in Peace; and thou shalt visit thy hab [...] ­tation and shalt not Sin.

Oh Sinners make your peace therefore, with the Go [...] of peace, and give up your Souls and Lives, to be ruled b [...] him? But that this Exhortation may take the better E [...] ­fect I will back it with some pressing Considerations.

First either, you must taste of Gods's goodness or h [...] fury; for there is not a Man nor Woman in the World but must pertake of the one or the other, your portion will be either joy or sorrow, either disolation or conso­lation, if you be not Trees for bearing, you must [...] Trees for burning, if you are not for fruit, you must b [...] for flames, if you do not swim in the water-works o [...] repentance, you must and shall burn in the fire works o [...] vengeance, if you will not make your peace with God to obtain Heaven, you must go to Hell for not making you [...] peace; for one of them you must do; for as our Saviour saith Mark. 16.16. He that believes and is Baptiz'd shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be Damn'd.

Oh Christians if godliness be evil why do you so much profess it? If it be good why do you so little practise it either take Christ into your Lives, or cast him out of your Lips, either get oyl into your Lamps or cast them away.

It would be Just with God to fall out with a carna [...] Man in the Course of his providence, who falls off from him in the Course of his obedience, for wicked Men mak [...] the World their treasure, and God makes the World their torment; when they want Estates they are trouble [...] [Page 14]for them, and when they have Estates they are troubled [...]ith them. Murmuring Persons, think every thing too [...]uch that is done by them, but think every thing too lit­ [...]e that is done for them; God is as far from pleasing [...]em with his Mercy, as they are from pleasing God with [...]eir Duty. 'Tis farther observable, that Carnal Men [...]ar no wrath because they feel none, Imagining, because [...]ey sin unpunished, there is no punishment for their sins. [...]d because Christ goeth on to spare them, they go on to [...]rovoke him; and as he adds to their Lives, so they add [...] their Lusts, because he is very Merciful, they will be [...]ery Sinful; because he is very good they will be very [...]ad: And lastly because Justice winks. Men think he is [...]lind: But alas! Inraged Justice will strick home at last, [...]nd aveng the quarrel of abused Mercies; for the long­ [...]r God forbears, the sharper is the stroke when he comes [...]o Judgment. And the longer God is lifting up his hand, [...]he heavier will the blow be when it falls Rev. 2.21, 22. [...] gave her space to renent of her Fornication but she, repen­ [...]ed not. Behold I will cast her into a Bed, and then that Commit Adultry with her into great tribulation, except they [...]epent of their deeds.

Again Consider o man! that so long as you let sin Con­tinue in you, it is and will be like a Serpent in the bosom that is stinging, or like a Thief in the closset that is steal­ing, or like Poyson in the Stomach that is Poysoning, or [...]ike a sharp two edged Sword in the Bowels that is killing. Therefore for the Lords sake leave off your Sins, for think of them how you will, some are in Hell already for smal­ler Sins (perhaps) than you now daily puts in practise. For is it not better her to forgo the pleasures of Sin, then hereafter to undergo the pain for Sin. You that sin now for your profit, will then find your Sins unprofitable, for he that likes the works of Sin, to do them will never like the wages of Sin, to have them.

Sin is both Shameful and Damnable, it shameth Me [...] this World and Damneth them in the World to come [...] is like Judas, it at first falutes, but at last betrays us, o [...] Dalila, smile in our faces, and at the fame time betra [...] us into our mortal Enemies hand. Oh that Men w [...] deal truly with their own Souls, for tho' many tall [...] grace yet few taste of it. Every one that talks [...] Christian does not walk like one, many wear Christ [...] very, who do the Devils Drudgery, many have [...] Therefore remember that the sheeps coat, will be [...] from off the Wolves back. If here be nothing done [...] your selves on Earth, their will be nothing done [...] your souls in Heaven.

And for a further Motive to Repentance suppose, [...] presumptous Sinner! that thou sawest a Condemn'd Per [...] hanging over a burning firy furnace, by nothing bu [...] small thred, which was ready to break every mome [...] would not thine heart and bowels tremble and yearn [...] such a one? Why (as Nathan said to David) thou art [...] Man. This is thy very Case, that readest this, if th [...] doest not speedily repent, for what if the thred of [...] life should break, (as thou knowest not but it may [...] very next moment) where wouldest thou be then? w [...] ­ther wouldest thou drop? but into the lake that burne [...] with fire and Brimstone, where thou must lie welter [...] Eternally in that firy Ocean if thou diest in an unconv [...] ­ted state. And can'st thou read this and not tremble, do [...] not thy heart throb in thy bosom, doth not thy tears I [...] ­dew the Paper, doest thou not yet smite upon thy brea [...] and bethink thy self of what need thou hast of a chang [...] O what is thy heart made of. If the dismal cries of Cor [...] Dathen and Abiram were so terrible, (when the Ear [...] opened her Mouth and swallowed them up) that all Isra [...] fled at the cry of them, Numb. 16.33.34. Oh h [...] fearful and amazing would be the Dreadful cry, if G [...] [Page 16]should take (but) off the Covering from the Mouth of [...]ll and let the cry of the Damn'd (in all it's terrors) [...]end among the Children of Men, cortainly 'twould [...] very piercing. Why as God liveth that made thy Soul, [...]nless thou repenteth and be converted) thou art but a [...] hours distance from thus. Therefore Oh my beloved [...]ristians, if you have any pity for your perishing Souls, [...]se with the present offers of mercy, and do not stick [...] the birth, if the God that made you have any Aut [...] [...] with you obey his Commands, repent, come in and [...] Converted, and let not Heaven stand open for you [...]ain, therefore look to it, for I will say with Mos [...]s, [...]ut. 30.10. That I have set before you, life and Death, [...]ssings and Curssings, therefore chuse life, that you may [...].

Therefore with good King Hezekiah let us be afraid of [...]l's threatnings, and be truly sorry for our Sins, and [...]rtily and unfeignedly repent, for the same, that when the [...]cked who have willowed in Lust and Pleasures here [...]ow, shall be condemn'd and plung'd into their ever­ [...]ing pains; we may then I say, receive Crowns of Glo­ [...], and reign with God and Christ in the fulness of all [...]e Joy and Comfort, in the highest Heavens world [...]hout end. To whom with the Father, Son and Holy [...]rit, be all honour, glory, power and dominion now and [...] evermore. Amen.

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