The chiefe Heads of Mr. John Sares Speech, and other passages at the time of his Execution at West-Chester; he being the portliest man the three Kingdomes afforded, whose Coffin was two yards and a halfe in length, yet too short to containe his Corps; he suffered the 20th. day of October, 1651.

GEntlemen and Friends, I am here come, and now ready to pay and suffer that Death which my good God hath appointed for me, to his glory, and my owne good, humbly confessing the same due to me for my sins; I looke upon it as from him, though instrumentally by man.

I here heartily acknowledge, that I have spent the prime of my age too much in vain Company-keeping, and more then convenient drinking, which is incident to too many men, and the Mother and Nurse of all mischief.

And likewise have broken, and, which troubleth me most, despised that loyall knot of Matrimony; but I bless my God, I have after very much griefe of heart, remorse, and true sorrow for the same, and wrestling with my gracious and good God, through the merits of Christ and his intercession, obtained pardon, and re­ceived comfort.

But beloved friends, I am not sentenced by man, nor yet his power hath adjudged me to this Death, but God designed me to it; for this, nay this use I rather make of it, that the onely motives and chief cause of senten­cing me to this end, is not the least grief or trouble to me, but rather occasions Alacrity, cheerefulness & comfort, that I am accompted worthy, although by the basest of deathes, to suffer for my King; notwithstanding others of honor, have received noble deaths which could not be denyed them; yet it matters not the manner of the end, whilest I have an assurance, that I, and all that have preceded me by what death soever, or shall hereafter suffer for the same cause, shall arive at the Haven of Celestial joy, and ever sing Haleluiaes to him that sitteth upon the Throne for evermore.

The word of God requireth, Feare God, and honour the King; in the former I have been too remiss and neglected too too often, the Lord forgive me; nay he will, he hath forgiven me: And for the latter, my obeysance to my Liege Lord, and Soveraigne King Charles the first, and after him, Charles the second; I was never censured, or in the least tainted; but you see sentenced by the contrary Party for the same: I was al­waies for them in life, and am so still, I dye for them; Nay I here professe, that if I had a head of Haire as big as Absolons, and every haire as strong as Sampson; And if I were to live as many Methusalaes lives as I have haires on my head, I would spend them all for the good and honor of my King.

Then he desired Mr. Packe to sing a Psalme, and after to pray with him, which done, he turned towards the Ladder, and seeing it some­what too short; he said Jacob dreamed of a Ladder that reach't up to Heaven; what this Ladder wants in length, I hope by the support of Gods Spirit, and his holy Angels, I shall be convayed and carryed to Heaven, and be brought to my happy journeyes end. Then he gave a Gratuity to the Executioner: and as he went up the Ladder, he intreated his Friends not to weepe for him, saying he was full of inward com­fort. But he desired all to pray for him, saying he forgave all the world, and those that had a hand in bringing him thither; declaring him­selfe in these expressions, they intended evill to me, but they have done me much good in taking me out of a sinfull World, and out of a distressed Kingdome, and from a distracted people, and sending me sooner to the Haven of happinesse, the haven of eternall and ever­lasting rest.

Now some may imagine, that death doth worke a terror and feare within me, and that I am affraid to dye; I must confesse the last night, the feare of death, and the amazement it brought unto me, and loathness to leave this World, troubled me very much; But I blesse my God, I was comforted, incouraged, and well resolved before the day appeared, that I durst looke Death undauntedy in the face; and as I trust God with my Soule, so I leave and commit my Children to his Gracious and Fatherly protection: All that is mine I leave unto them, hoping of Gods goodnesse and blessing upon them, desiring the same with my soule.

I ever have lived, and dye a Protestant, and so farre as I ever conceived and verily believe, the late King, as also this, were ever Protestants, and stood for the Protestant Religion: and therefore I was for him who is not; and for him, for whose cause I now dye, praying to God to blesse him wheresoever he is or goeth.

And now good Souldiers I thanke you for your civilities towards me, and I intreat you to see that my poore Son, and the rest of my Chil­dren may not suffer after me, or on this manner, but let them have what is mine.

And looking towards his acquaintance, he said; I desire you to remember me to my deare Mother, and all my Friends, I pray God blesse and comfort her, and all them.

Then he said to the Executioner, friend, when I hold up my hands, doe thy Office; and as he put the Rope over his head, he with expres­sions of joy said; what a Gallant morning Ribbon is this which I weare for the sake of my King.

Then he made many short heavenly ejaculations, praying earnestly, and saying, Lord I beseech thee wash my soule cleane in the blood of thy deare Son my blessed Saviour from all my sins; I shall (said he) be by and by be with thee, I shall injoy the blessed presence of thee my gracious God, my deare Saviour, and all the holy Saints.

Then he intreated his Friends, not to suffer the Executioner to pull him by the Legges, when the Ladder was turned, or to use any violent meanes, as is usuall to put him sooner out of his paine; for said he, I desire to suffer the paines of this death whatsoever it be; nay if it were ten thousand times more for my sins, and to waite upon my God, till he deliver my soule out of this mortall body.

Then he prayed againe, and said, into thy hands ô Lord Jesus my blessed Saviour, I commend my Spirit; and so he held up his hands, and the Executioner did his Office accordingly.

And that which was thought very strange, and never observed in any, none of the beholders could perceive any motion, or stirring of ei­ther hand or Foot, or the least appeareance of paine in undergoing the same.


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