Stephen Langthon, Arch-bishop of Canterbury, who dyed in the Reign of Henry III. Ann Dom. 1228. was the first that distinguished the Chapters of the BIBLE into that order and number as we now use them.

The Compilers of the English COMMON-PRAYERBook (as now it is) were,

  • Dr. Cranmer Arch-bishop of Canterbury, Martyr.
  • Dr.Goodrick Bishop of Ely,
  • Dr. Skip Bishop of Hereford,
  • Dr. Thirlby Bishop of Westminster,
  • Dr. Day Bishop of Chichester,
  • Dr. Holbeck Bishop of Lincoln,
  • Dr. Ridley Bishop of Rochester, and after Bishop of London, Martyr.
  • Dr. Cox King Edward's Almoner,
  • Dr. Taylor Dean of Lincoln,
  • Dr. Heynes Dean of Exceter,
  • Dr. Redman Dean of Westminster,
  • Mr. Robinson Arch-deacon of Leicester.

In May, Anno Dom. 1549▪ and the third yeer of the Reign of Edward VI.

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