A Spirituall Song of a Mayds Name called Mabell Anna Tatton, Made by a Tenant of the Lord of Canterburies, in the Counter in Wood-Streete, very usefull and comfortable both for a Believer in particular, and the Church of Christ in generall, James 5. 13. Colos. 3. 16.

MArried thou art to Jesus Christ,
2 Gor. 11. 2. Rev. 14. 2. Colos. 2. 3. John 14. 2.
Marked thou art to be his own,
Much treasure i [...] laid up for thee,
Mantions for thee and such alone.
Abba thou maist thy Father call,
Mark. 13. 36 John 14. 16. John 10. 28, 29. John. 17. 12.
Abide he ever will in thee,
Able there is none that can pluck,
A member from his Magistie.
Beautifull art thou in his eyes,
Cant. 4. 1. Eph. 5. 27. Ezek, 16. 11. Ezek. 16. 14.
Behold he will no spot in thee,
Brastlets are hung about thy neck,
Bedecked with his own beautie.
Earnest he hath given to thee,
Eph. 1. 14. 2 Cor. 4. 14. 1 Thess. 4. 15 1 Cor. 13. 13
Eternall joyes for to posses,
Ever thou shalt be with thy Lord,
Emanuels love it will not cease.
Loden tho thou be with thy sin [...]es,
Mat. 11. 18. Esay 45. 22. 2 Tim. 4. 8. John 14. 1.
Looke up, live, he hath set thee free,
Laid up there is for thee a Crown,
Let not thy heart troubled be.
Angels about thee do incampe,
Psal. 91. 11. Luk. 4. 10. 11 Heb, 1. 14. Luk. 18. 7.
Assisting thee in all thy waies,
Administring good to thee,
And the elect at all assayes.
Nothing there is can separate,
Rom. 8. 35. John 13. 1. Rom. 8. 38. Rom. 8. 39.
Nor allinate thee from Christs love,
Neither the depths that are below,
Nor yet the hights which are above.
None can lay sinne unto thy charge,
Rom. 8. 33. Isa. 53. 11. Mat. 7. 14. Revel. 2. 10.
No, Christ he hath thee justified,
Neglect not thou the narrow way,
Now thou art in the Furnest tride.
A name thou hast in a white stone,
Reve. 2. 17. 1 Cor. 2. 11. Rev. 1. 5. 1 John 2. 27
Alone none but thy selfe doth know,
All thy sinnes they are washt away,
Anointing it doth tell thee so.
Troubled though thou be here a while,
John 16. 33 Psal. 91. 13. 1 John 5. 4. 1 Cor. 15. 57
Tread down thy foes thou shalt at last,
Thy faith hath got the victory,
Thy Christ hath all thy foes downe cast.
Allthough the world doe the annoy,
John 6. 33. 1 Pet. 5. 8. Rom. 7. 24. Rom 6. 14.
And Satan he would thee devoure,
Although the flesh would thee destroy,
All these on thee shall have no power.
Trusse thou thy loynes with verity,
Ephes. 6. 14. Jer. 23. 6. Ephes. 6. 17. Ephes. 6. 15.
Take the breast-plate of righteousnesse,
The Helmet of salvation,
Thy shooes shod with the Gospels peace.
The Sheild of faith be sure to take,
Gen. 15. 1. Ephes. 6. 17. Ephes. 6. 18. Heb. 2. 10.
The sword which is the Spirits word,
Then watch and pray be sure the day,
Thy Captaine he will thee afford,
O happy time that thou wert chose,
Psal. 144. 14 Jude 3. Rev. 3. 20. Psal. 35. 6.
One for the faith here to contend,
Obtain'd there is for thee a Throne,
One which shall never have an end.
Now thou art in the battle stand,
Ephes. 6. 11. Philip. 1▪ 28. Isa. 54. 17. 1 Cor. 15. 57
Nothing let thee now terrifie,
No weapon shall gainst thee prevaile,
No, thou hast got the victory.
William Starbuck these verses made,
When in the Counter he did lie,
Exofficio. Zech. 8. 17.
Of Wood-street in the Prison house,
Because that Oath he did deny.
W. S.

⟨Feb: 24.⟩ LONDON, Printed by E. G. 1647.

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