TO New-Englands pretended Christians, WHO Contrary to CHRIST, have destroyed the Lives of Men.

Having seen something of yours, called by you an Appendix, whereby you would justify your selves in Whipping, Im­prisoning, Banishing, Killing, and making spoyle of whole Families; I being weak of body, and in bed, the strength of the Lord arose in me, from the which was given forth that which followeth:

THE Lord God will answer you with that, which you shall never be able to resist, and from the which you shall never be able to flie; neither shall your coverings defend you, but God will visit in secret, and the Almighty will rain snares upon you: and all your strong holds in one day (and that suddenly, in a moment) will the Lord God scatter, and confound, with all your strong reasons, and your weapons which you have gathered together against the invisible God and his servants, like your Fathers in the dayes of old (Isa. 41. 21.) these with all your weapons of warr against the Lamb, and the suffering seed, shall be broken in the midst of you, and death will overtake you, and Gods righteous judge­ments will enter within your dwellings, and a day of blacknesse from the throne of God will come upon you, and his anger with bitternesse will be powred forth upon you, as a mighty storme which cometh on a sudden, and as a whirlwind which none can stop, and as the mighty unmer­ciful raging waves of the Sea, which none is able to resist; even so shall the day of your calamity come, which is hastning, as the lightning, whose break­ing forth, all your fleshly wisdome shall never be able to hinder.

Behold! I have heard a voice of terror from the Lord against your unrighteous proceedings, and the day of Gods vengeance is in his heart, and who shall stand to plead with him? Behold! ye thorns, the Lord our God is a consuming fire, and before him you cannot stand, for your sins have reached up to Heaven, and your iniquities is come before the most high, and your grievous blood-thirsty actions is spread over Nations, and Gods witness in thousands (who are not of us) but rather yet against us, doth rise up in their hearts against you; and when you are awakened, you will be filled with anguish, and a cup of astonishment from the righteous God of truth, will be powred forth unto you; and as sure as you have thirsted after, and drunk deep of the blood of Gods chosen, (though despised of men) so certain shall you have blood to drink; and trembling, horror, and amazement, will most absolutely come in that day, which approacheth as a theif in the night; and then shall your bowels be ripped open, and your inside-coverings broken, and then shall your heartes be rent with perplexity, and amazement shall come over you as the cloud of the night, and the hand of the Almighty will find out your secreet lurking places, and then shall ye know that the Lord our God doth, and will plead the cause of his people, and avenge himself on his and their enemies; and then shall ye know that ye have risen up against the Lamb, who is sometimes silent from pleading his own cause, who though dumb as to answer the mighty one of the earth, yet faithful in suffering, ac­cording to the will of him who ruleth over all: and then shall ye know, that though no answer at all were written unto your dark pretended co­verings, yet shall you then feel an answer neer unto you, and the sound of Gods terrible voice shall be heard in the midst of you; and from the dreadful noise of his warr, shall you never be able to cover your selves withal your writings, printings, nor declarations, though never so strong from the prudency of the earth, for God hath cast all that behind his back; and in the day at hand shall you most absolutely come to know it so to be.

For behold, my heart is indeed rent, and God hath opened in it the secret council of his will, and his purpose concerning you, whose de­cree shall never be changed, which is sealed against the evill doer; And where is there a people or evil doer, who have done worse than you? Have you not made your selves a reproach amongst men, and as a by-word amongst the people? O horrible, and wicked cruelty, and mer­ciless tyranny which is found in the midst of you? Is this the fruit of your profession? and has the spirit of truth led you to do these things? Do not even the Nations stand and look at you? and do not the upright in heart mourn in secret because of your sins? Ah, who could have believed that you would have done such things! and do you think now to stop the mouths of people by publishing your strong reasons? Nay, this is plain in my heart, that all whatsoever you print, publish, or declare, shall never give satisfaction to the meek just principle of God, which remains in the spirits of many thousand thousands in the Nations round about you: and if your called an Appendix, with the rest of your writings, were never answered by us, and if we therein should lay our mouths in the dust for ever; yet this we know, that the holy one of Israel, the righteous God of truth will plead our cause, and execute Judgement in his fury, and avenge the blood of his Saints, and helpe the man of low degree against him who is too strong for him; and to the Lord God of righteousnesse we commit our cause, and the innocency of our dear bre­thren, and in Gods blessed will I rest, and am satisfied in respect of his love unto his Jewels, though but as fools to the world, and in respect of his answering of you according to the fruit of your own wayes.

And behold! ye children of men, I cannot but proceed to declare unto you the day which is near at hand, and warn you all to strip your selves from all your coverings, and sit down ye people in dust and ashes, and confesse your Iniquities in secret unto the Lord, before it be too late, for great is the woe which is coming upon you; and that which I have heard concerning you, is none other than a voice of terror; O the trouble, distresse and calamity, that soundeth in mine heart concerning you! and from the Lord God will it be powred forth, and exceeding deep shall you drink thereof; and this shall you know to be true, when the whirlwind cometh from far, and the shadows of the night draw near, when no hiding place will be found for the hypocrite, neither a refuge for the evill doer.

And then, as ye have not spared the despised of the world; so will the Lord cast upon you and not spare. O the bitterness, and unutterable tor­ments which will then come! but who amongst you will believe these things, and who can entertain the Council of the Lord? and are not your hearts yet hardned against reproof? and are you not to be reproved for your envy against Gods people? nay moreover, are you not sometimes already reproved by him, who seeth in secret, and who searcheth the intents of the heart, and maketh manifest unto man the wicked enter­prises thereof, and overturneth the councils of the wicked, but remembreth the cause of the needy, and pleadeth the Innocency of the upright, in whose sight the death of the Saints is pretious, and who pleadeth their cause in the day of trouble, and will most certainly confound his ad­versaries, and scatter his enemies as smoak is scattered with a mighty whirlwind, and in that day where then will your place be found?

And a seed there is which God will deliver from your hands, and preserve from the blood-thirsty men, which shall grow up in the midst of you as a Lilly among thorns, and Gods blessing shall be upon them, with whom my life is: and as the latter gleaning in the time of harvest, so shall the gathering of Gods heritage be. And what you have done, will be for the advantage of the suffering seed, and for the Glory of God, and much for your disadvantage and eternal shame, and endless misery, if you repent not. And this you men of sin should know, that in as much as you have taken away the life of Gods creatures; and moreover, unjustly, by an unrighteous law destroyed the life of his servants; therein may all men see that you are contrary to Christ, and led by a spirit opposite to him, who came not to destroy mens lives, but to save them.

And what is here written, need not hinder the movings of God in any of my Brethren his servants, in giving forth a more large Answer, according to the particulars written in your called Appendix, or to any other of your writings, the which you may also expect; only this was in my heart, in which I have discharged my Conscience; and so herein give forth my mite amongst the rest of my Brethren, by way of declaration, and that from God.

And by this it is my souls desire your hearts may be humbled, and truly rent, and broken for your own iniquities, and that with speed, or otherwise Gods dreadful hand you cannot escape.

And this is in faithfulnesse to God, and love to your souls, from a Friend thereof, called HUMPHRY SMITH.
Written from the movings of Gods Spirit, the 14th of the first month, so called, near the beginning of the Year 1660.

LONDON, Printed for Robert Wilson, at the Signe of the Black-spread-Eagle in Martins Le grand, 1660.

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