A COPY OF A PROPHECY, Sent by the late Honourable Algernoon Sydney Esq in the Year 1666. from Montpelliers, to B. Furly of Rotterdam, and by him accidentally found among old Papers, Febr. 18/2 [...]. 1689.

THE Lilly King of France. shall remain in the best part, and enter into the Land of the Lion Hol­land. wanting all Help, because now the Beasts of his own Kingdom shall with their Teeth tear his Skin, and shall stand among the Thrones of his Kingdom.

From Above the King of Eng­land. Son of Man, shall Come with a great Army passing the waters, Carrying in his Arms Beasts, whose Kingdom is in the Land of Wooll, to be feared through the World.

The Eagle Empe­rour. shall Come from the East parts, with his Wings spread abo [...] the Sun, with a great multitude of people to help the Son of Man.

That year Castles shall be left desolate, and great Fear shall be in the World: and in Certain parts of the Lyon there shall be Warr between many Kings, and there will be a Deluge of Blood.

The Lilly shall lose his Crown, with which the Son of Man shall b [...] Crowned.

And for four Years following there will be in the World many Battail [...] amongst the Followers of Faith.

The greatest part of the World shall be destroyed: The Head of the World shall fall to the ground.

The Son of Man and the Eagle shall prevail, and then there shall be Pea [...] over all the World: and the Son of Man shall take the Wonderful Sign, an [...] pass to the Land of Promise.

To Mr. N. C.

SIR, This Prophecy I drew my self out of the Original hand of the Honourable A. Sydney, which B. Furly sound Yesterday among his Letters which he had from him: It is notable, considering the Antiquity: The Interpretation on the side were writ­ten by Coll. Sydney's own hand.

Yours, D. V.

LONDON, Printed and are to be Sold by Richard Janeway in Queens-head-Alley in Pater-noster-Row, 1689.

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