A PROCLAMATION For Restoring the CHURCH of SCOTLAND to Its ANCIENT Government By BISHOPS: At Edinburgh the sixth day of September, One thousand six hundred and sixty one years.


THe Lords of His Majesties Privy Council, having considered His Majesties Letter of the date at Whitehall the fourteen [...]h day of August last, bearing, that whereas His Majesty, by His Letter to the Presb [...]tery of Edinbu [...]gh, in the moneth of August, One thousand six hundred and sixty years, Declared His Ro [...]al purpose, to mainta [...]n the Government of the Church of Scotland setled by Law: And the Estates of Parliam [...]nt of this Kingdom, having since that time, not onely rescinded all the Acts since the Troubles began, rela [...]ing to that Government, bu [...] also Declared all those Parliaments null and voyd, leaving to His Majesty, the Setling of Church Government: Therefore, in compliance with that Act Rescissory, and in pu [...]suance of His Majesties Proclamation of the tenth of June last, and in contemplation of the Inconveniencies that accompanyed and issued from the Church Government, as it hath been exercised these twenty three years past, and of the unsute­ableness thereof to His Majesties Monarchical Estate, and of the sadly experienced con­fusions, which during these late Troubles have been caused by the violences done to His Majesties Royal Prerogative, and to the Government Civil and Ecclesiastical, established by unquestionable Authority: His Majesty having respect to the Glory of GOD, and the good and interest of the Protestant Religion; and being zealous of the Order, Vnity, Peace and Stability of the Church within this Kingdom, and of its better harmony with the Government of the Churches of England and Ireland; hath been pleased, after mature deliberation, to Declare unto His Council, His firm resolution to interpose His Royal Authority, for restoring of this Church to its right Government by Bishops, as it was by Law before the late Troubles, during the Reigns of His Majesties Royal Father and Grand-father of blessed memory, and as it now stands setled by Law; and that the Rents belonging to the several Bishopricks and Deanries, be restored and made useful to the Church, according to Iustice and the standing Law; Have therefore in obedience of, and conform to, His Majesties Royal pleasure aforesaid, Ordained, and by these presents Ordains the Lyon King at Arms, and his brethren Heraulds, Pursevants and Messengers of Arms, to pass to the Mercat Cross of Edinburgh and other Royal Burroughs of the Kingdom, and there by open Proclamation, to make publication of this His Majesties Royal pleasure, for restoring the Church of this Kingdom to its right Government by Bishops; and in His Majesties Name, to require all His good Subjects to compose themselves to a chearful acquiescence and obedience to the same, and to His Majesties Soveraign Authority now exercised within this Kingdom. And that none of them presume upon any pretence whatsomever, by Discoursing, Preaching, Reviling, or any irregular and unlawful way, the endevouring to alienate the affecti­ons of His Majesties good Subjects, or dispose them to an evil opinion of His Majesty or His Government, or to the disturbance of the peace of the Kingdom, and to inhibit and discharge the assembling of Ministers in their several Synodical Meetings, until His Majesties further pleasure therein be known; Commanding hereby, all Sheriffs, Baylies of Bayleries, Stewarts of Stewartries and their Deputes; all Iustices of Peace, and Magistrates and Council of Burroughs, and all other publick Ministers, to be careful within their several bounds and jurisdictions, to see this Act punctually obeyed: And if they shall find any person or persons, upon any pretexts whatsomever, by Discoursing, Preaching Reviling, or otherways as afore­said, failzying in their due obedience hereunto, or doing any thing in the contrary thereof, that they forthwith commit them to prison, till His Majesties Privy Council, after information of the offence, give further order therein. And hereof the Sheriffs, and others afore-mentioned, are to have a special care, as they will answer upon their Duty and Alleagiance to His Majesty. And further, the Lords of His Majesties Privy Council do hereby inhibit and discharge all persons lyable in payment of any of the Rents formerly belonging to the Bishopricks and Deanries, from paying of the Rents of this present year, one thousand six hundred and sixty one years, or in time coming, or any part thereof, to any person whatsomever, until they receive new order thereanent from His Majesty or His Council. And Ordains these presents to be printed and published as said is, that none may pretend ignorance of the same. Extract. per me

Pet. Wedderburne, Cl. S•. Concilii.


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