A PROCLAMATION Anent the Murtherers of the late Archbishop of St. Andrews, and appointing Magistrates and Councils of Burghs Royal to Sign the Declaration at Michaelmas next.

CHARLES, by the Grace of GOD King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith; To Our Lovits Heraulds, Macers, Pursevants, or Messengers at Arms, Our Sheriffs in that part, conjunctly and severally, specially constitute, Greeting: We taking to Our Consideration how much the Protestant Religion, and the Honour of this Our Ancient Kingdom are stained by that Barbarous and Horrid Assassination and Mur­ther of the late Archbishop of St. Andrews; whereof We have by several Proclamations expressed Our Abhorrency, and prohibited the reset of these Murtherers whom We have excepted from Our late Gracious Pardon and Indemnity: And albeit it was the Duty (not only of those in Authority under Ʋs) but of all Our Subjects, to use their endeavours for discover­ing and bringing to Justice these execrable Persons, Enemies to all Humane Society; yet We understand, that these Murtherers, and likewise divers Heritors and Ministers who were engaged in the late Rebellion, and are excepted from Our Indemnity, have been harboured and reset in some places of this Kingdom, to the great Reproach of the Nation, and Contempt of Our Authority and Laws: Therefore, We with advice of Our Privy-Council, do Command and Charge all Sheriffs, Stewarts, Bayliffs of Re­galities, and Baylieries, and their Deputes, Magistrates of Burghs, and others in Authority under Ʋs, to Search for, Seek, Take, and Apprehend the Persons afternamed, viz. John Balfour of Kinlock, David Haxstoun of Rathillet, George Balfour in Gilstoun, James Russel in Kettle, Robert Dingwal, a Tenents Son in Caddam, Andrew Guillan Webster in Balme­rinoch, Alexander and Andrew Hendersons, Sons to John Henderson in Kilbrachmont, and George Fleming Son to George Fleming in Balbuthy, who did perpetrate and commit the said horrid Murther; and also, any Heritors and Ministers who were in the late Rebellion, and any Persons who have Reset and Harboured these Murtherers and Rebells, wherever they can be found within the Bounds of their respective Jurisdictions, and put them in sure Ward and Firmance, until they be brought to Justice: And in case these Persons flee out of the Shire, That they give notice thereof to the Sheriff, or other Magistrate of the next Shire or Jurisdiction, that they may in like manner Search for, Apprehend and Secure them until they be brought to Justice; With Power to the Sheriffs, and other Ma­gistrates aforesaid, if they shall find cause, to call to their Assistance Our Subjects within their Jurisdiction, or such a number of them as they shall think fit, who are hereby Required to Concur with, and Assist them, un­der all highest Pain and Charge. And We expect, That the Sheriffs and other Magistrates aforesaid, will use exact diligence in the Premises, as they will be answerable on their highest Peril. And seeing by the Fifth Act of the second Session, and the second Act of the third Session of Our first Parliament. The Magistrates and Councils of Burghs are Ordained at and before their Admissions to the exercise of their Offices, to Sign the Declaration appointed to be Signed by all Persons in Publick Trust, under the Certifications therein exprest. Therefore, We with Advice aforesaid, do Command and Require the Magistrates and Councils of the respective Burghs of this Kingdom, who shall be chosen at the next ensuing Elections, to Sign the foresaid Declaration, as is prescribed in the said Acts, and to return the Declarations so Signed by them to the Clerks of Our Privy-Council, betwixt and the third Thursday of November next; certifying such as shall not give Obedience, that they shall be proceeded against, and censured conform to the said Acts of Parliament. Our Will is Herefore, and We Charge you strictly, and Command, that incontinent, these Our Letters seen, ye pass to the Market-Cross of Edinburgh, and remanent Market-Crosses of the Head Burghs of the several Shires of this Kingdom, and other places needful, and there by open Proclamation, make publication of the Premises, that none may pretend ignorance of the same. And We Ordain these presents to be Printed.

Will. Paterson, Cl. Sti. Concilii.
GOD save the K1NG.

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