ACT For raising four Months Supply.

FOrasmuch as the Estates of this Kingdom finding it necessary, as well for the security of the Protestant Religion, as for the common Safety and Defence of the Kingdom, against Forraign Invasions, and Intestine Insur­ [...]tions, that a competent number of Forces be raised and kept up within the same; They have Ordained certain Troops of Horse to be Levied from the se­veral Shires, and upon the voluntary offers of sundry Noblemen and Gentle­men, Have given Warrand for Levying some Regiments of Foot, and Troops of Horse and Dragoons; and seing these Forces cannot be kept up and main­tained, without a considerable Charge and Expence; And the Cess Imposed by all former Acts, being now extinct, and not due in time coming; Therefore the saids Estates in this Juncture, Do Ordain the sum of Two hundreth and eighty eight Thousand Pounds Scots, to be Raised and Uplifted from the Shires and Burghs of this Kingdom, at the Term of Whitsunday next, according to the proportions Imposed upon each Shire and Burgh, by the Act of Convention o [...] Estates in the Year 1667. And for the effectual and speedy In-bringing of the said [...]mposition, The Estates Do Nominat and Appoint, the Persons af­ter-named, to be Commissioners within the respective Shires, for Ordering and Uplifting of the same, viz.

For the Shire of Edinburgh.

The Earl of Lauderdail, the Earl of Lothian, the Viscount of Tarbet, the Lord Ross, the Lord Torphichen, the Master of Balmerino, Sir John Baird of Newbyth, John Wauchop of Edmistoun, Sir John Maitland of Ravelrig, Sir George Mcken­zie of Shank, Sir John Foulis of Ravelstoun, Robert Dundass of Arnistoun, Sir Alexander Gibson of Pentland, Sir John Clark of Pennycook, Sir William Drummond of Halthrondain, Sir Patrick Nisbet of Dean, Sir John Young of Leny, Sir William Murray of Newtown, Hugh Wallace of Inglistoun, Sir John Ramsay of Whitehill, Sir Robert Baird of Sauchton-hall, Sir William Binning of Wallie-foord, Sir James Dick of Priestfield, Thomas Craig of Ric­cartoun, Alexander Nisbet of Craigentinny, Sir Robert Miln of Barntoun, Patrick Hamilton of Falla, John Cunninghame of Woodhall, Mr. Roderick Mckenzie of Prestounhall, John Foulis of Ratho, James Baird younger of Sauchtounhall, James Murray of Dewchar, Charles Murray of Hadden, Mr. James Hunter of Murrays, John Scot of Malleny, Andrew Brown of Braid, [...] Burnet of Carlops, the eldest Baillie of Mussel Burgh for the time, and the eldest Baillie of Dalkeith for the time.

For the Shire of Haddingtoun.

The Earl of Wintoun, The Earl of Tweddale, the Lord Belhaven, Sir John Hall of Dunglass, Sir Patrick Hepburn of Black-castle, Sir John Sinclar of Loch­end, Archibald Murray of Spot, Robert Hamilton of Pressmenan, Mr. Ro­bert Lauder of Beilmouth, James Hamilton of Heatherwick, William Hep­burn of Beanstoun, Patrick Hepburn of Smeatoun, Sir William Baird of New­byth, Sir George Suittie of Balgone, William Nisbet of Dirletoun, George [Page] [...] Hay of Lin­ [...] [...], Sir John Law­ [...] [...]ountain [...], [...], Sir Robert Sinclar of Ste­vinson, the Laird of [...], the Land of Lamingtoun, James Oswald of Fingletoun, James Durhame of Luffness.

For the Shire of Berwick.

The Marquess of Douglass, the Lord Ross, the Lord Harcarss, the Lord Mersing­toun, Sir John Sinclar of Longformacus, Sir John Hume of Blackader, Sir James Don of N [...]wtoun, Sir James Cockburn of that ilk, Sir Robert Stuart of Al­lanbank, Sir John Hall of Dunglass, Sir William Scot of Harden, Sir James Rocheid of Innerleith, Sir Patrick Hume of Lumsdean, George Hume of Wed­derburn, John Swinton of that Ilk. John Rentoun of Lambertoun, John Ker of Moristoun, John Ker of [...]avers, George Ramsay of Edingtoun, [...] Edgar of Wedderlie, Mr. Alex [...] Brown of Thornidykes, John Hume of Ninewals, George Hume of Kimmerghame, Mr. John Belshes of Tofts, Robert Brown of Black­burn, [...] Hume of Hundwood, Patrick Wardlaw of Berrie-haugh, Wal­ter Pringle of Greenknow, George Hume of Bassindain, William Cockburn of Caldrie, George Hume of St. Leonards, Master James Daes of Colding knows, Master David Hume of Crosstig, Master James Dowglas of Earnslaw, Alex­ander Hume of Abbay, John Watson of Jardenfield, Alexander Trotter of Kettlesheil, Thomas Rocheid of Whitsomhill, Sir Archibald Cockburn of Langtoun, and Sir Patrick Hume of Polwort.

For the Shire of Roxburgh.

The Marquess of Dowglass, the Earl of Lothian, the Lord Newbottle, the Lord Jedburgh, the Lord Rutherfoord, Sir William Ker of Greenhead, Sir Willi­am Scot of Harden, Sir William Elliot of Stobs, Sir Francis Scot, Sir John Scot of Ancrum, Sir Robert Pringle of Stitchel, the Lairds of Cliftoun, Chatto, and Frogden, Sir William Bennet of Grubit, Sir Patrick Scot, Sir John Rid­del of that Ilk, Sir James Don of Newtoun, [...] Pringle younger of St [...]tchel, James Don of Smelholm, the Laird of Rutherfoord, Patrick Don of Ottenburn, Sir William Dowglass of Cavers, Robert Scot of Horsliehill, the Dutches of Buccleucghs Chamberlain for the time, the Earl of Roxburghs Chamberlain for the time, [...] Ker of Littledean, William Ainslie of Black­hill, William Scot of Rae-burn, [...] Rutherford of Tev [...]otvail, Robert Elliot of Middlemmiln, the Provost of Jedbu [...]gh for the time, Robert Faa Baillie of Melross, [...] Hallyburton of Muirhouslaw younger, [...] Rutherford younger of Faringtoun, the Laird of Edgarstoun, and the Baillie of the Regality of Jedburgh Forrest.

For the Shire of Selkirk.

The Earl of Tarras, the Laird of Drummelzier, Sir Francis Scot, George Pringle elder of Torwoodlie, the Laird of Torwoodlie younger, Hugh Scot of Gallow­sheils, the Laird of Muslie younger, the Lairds of Gilme [...]cleugh and Middlestead elder and younger, Sir William Scot elder and younger, the Laird of Sintoun, the Laird of Breadmeadows elder, the Laird of Sundhope, the Laird of Phi­liphaugh, Baillie Mitchelhil, the Laird of Wall Baillie or Chamberlain to the Dutches of Buccleugh.

For the Shire of Peebles.

The Duke of Queensberry, the Earl of Mortoun, Lord William Dowglass, Lieu­tennant-General Dowglass, the Laird of Drummelzier, the Laird of Blackbarrony elder, the Lairds of Stenhops elder and younger, the Laird of Dawick, the Laird of Posso, the Laird of Haystoun, the Laird of Hartrie, the Laird of Whitslead, the [Page 3]Laird of Polmood, the Laird of Hackshay yo [...] [...] the Laird of Kirkoord, the Laird of Scotstoun [...] [...] of Spittlehaugh, the Laird of Cringlty▪ the La [...] [...] of Slipperfield, Doctor Penniecook of Roman [...] [...] of Manerhall, John Balfour of Kailzea, the Laird of Ho [...]seburgh younger, the Laird of Little-Ormistoun, the Laird of Blyth, the Laird of Cardronna, the Provost of Peebles for the time.

For the Shire of Lanerk.

The Duke of Hamilton, the Marquess of Dowglass, John Lord Carmichael, Alexander Lord Blantire, Archibalo Earl of Forfar, Sir Daniel Carm [...]chael of Mauldslie, John Weir of Newtoun, William Baillie of Hardingtoun, Alexander Menzies elder and younger of Culteraws, Alexander Bertoun of Nisbet, James Lockhart of Annistoun, James Somervel of Gladstains, John Baillie younger of Walstoun, William Denholm of Westsheil, Sir William Lockhart of Carstairs, Mr Andrew Kennedy of Clowburn, Sir John Carmichael of Bonyntoun, William Baillie of Littlegil, James Lockhart of Cleghorn, George Baillie of Jer [...]iswood, the Laird of Lie, John Hamilton younger of Halcraig, Walter Lockhart of Kirk­toun, Samuel Doug [...]ass of Hassilside▪ Robert Kenne [...]y of Au [...]htefardel, [...] Ballandine of Craigmuir, William Lawrie of Blackwood, Andrew Hay of Craig­nethen, William Hamilton of Raploch, James Young of Netherfield, Master Hugh Dalrymple of [...] John Hamilton of Barnclu [...]th, the Bail­lies of Hamiltoun for the time, Master John Kincaid of Corsbasket, Sir William Maxwel of Calderwood, The Laird of Torrence, Sir William Fle­ming of Ferme, James Hamilton of Aikenhead, Gabriel Hamilton of West­burn, [...] Corbet of Towcorse, [...] Robertoun of Bedlay, John Wal­kinshaw of Borrowfield, Mr. Henry Baillie of Carderoch, the Baillie of the Regality of Glasgow for the time, the Laird of Braidisholm, the Laird of Au­chinvoul, and [...] Hamilton of Airdrie, [...] Mui [...]head of Stevin­son, Mr. Archibald Nisbit of Carsin, the Laird of Cle [...]lingtoun, the Laird of Dalzell, Sir John Harper of Cambusnethem William Hamilton of Wishaw, Thomas Stuart of Cul [...]ness, William Stuart of Allantoun, James Stuart of Hart­wood, and the Laird of Lamingtoun.

For the Sheriffdom of Nithisdail and Dumfries.

The Duke of Queensberry, the Earl of Annandail, the Lord Drumlanrig, Sir James Dowglass of Kelhead, Sir Thomas Kilpatrick of [...]lossburn, Sir Robert Lawrie of Maxweltoun, Sir Patrick Maxwel of Sprinkel, the Laird of Hol­mains, the Laird of Craigdarroch, the Laird of Dornick, the Laird of Capi­noch, the Laird of Gernsalloch elder, Sir James Johnstoun of [...]esteraw, the Laird of Lamerscails, James Johnston of Corhead, John Johnston younger of Westeraw, the Laird of Craigs, the Laird of Stu [...]toun, Andrew Johnston younger of Lockerbie, the Laird of Brekinside, Archibald Murray younger of Dumcrief, the Laird of Dormonth, the Laird of Brydkirk, the Laird of [...]raw­fordtoun, the Laird of Enoch, the Laird of Eccles, William Johnstoun of Grantoun, and Mr. Hugh Maxwel of Dalswintoun.

For the Shetiffdom of Wigtoun.

The Lord Gairlies, Robert Mcdowgal younger of Logan, James Dalrym­ple of Dunragit, Patrick Herron of Little-park, James Val [...]ange of Pos­sils, John Mcculloch of Grainge, Sir Andrew Agnew Sheriff of Wigtoun, Pa­trick Agnew of Sheuchan, John Stuart of Fisgil, Sir John Dalrymple of Stair, the Laird of Logan elder, the Laird of Donskey, the Laird of Ca [...]lesteuart, the Laird of Craichlaw younger, the Laird of Mochrum, the Laird of Garthland, sir William Maxwel of Monreith, sir Charles Hay of Park, James Agnew of Lochnaw, John Vans of Barnbarroch.

[...] the Sheriffdom of Air. [...] [...]ames Montgomry of Skelmorly, William Blair of [...] thereof, David Cunninghame younger of Robert­ [...]and the Laird of [...] [...]lder and younger, the Laird of Pearstoun younger, the Laird of Rowallan, the Laird of Crawfordland, Mr. Alexander Crawford of Fergushill, the Laird of Kilbirnie, the Laird of Corshil, the Laird of Kel­burn, the Laird of Grainge; Captain VVilliam Hamilton of Ladyland; Hugh Stevinson of Mountgreenand; Allan Lord Cathcart; Allan Mr. of Cathcart; Major Hugh Buntine; Hugh Montgomrie of Colts-field; the Magistrats of Air and Irving for the time being; the Earl of Eglintoun; the Earl of Dundon­nald; sir William Cunninghame of Capringtoun; sir VVilliam Cunninghame of Cunninghame-head; Mr. Francis Montgomry of Giftan; Mr. Thomas Coch­ran of Polkellie; [...] Crawford of Carse; Mr. David Cunninghame of Mil­craig; Ronald Chalmers of Polwharne; Richard Cunninghame of Bedlane; the Laird of Dreghorn elder; Charles Lord Creightoun; David Blair of Adamtoun; John Blair younger of Adamtoun; David Boswell of Auchinleck; Mr. VVil­liam Fullertoun of that Ilk; the Laird of Logan of that Ilk; Robert Dickson of Sornbeg; Mungo Campbel younger of Nether-place; sir George Campbel of Cesnock, sir John Dalrymple younger of Stair; Mr. James Dalrymple of Kil­loch; VVilliam Cochran younger of Ochiltrie; John Chalmers of Gathgirth; George Ross of Galstoun, Hugh Archibald of D [...]nkeith; John Alexander of Boghall, the Earl of Cassils, the Lord Bargany, the Master of Bargany, the Laird of Cairltoun, Quintin Mcilvain of Grimat, James Whiteford of Dunduff, John Muir of Auchindrain, Hugh Blair of Blairstoun, Allan Chalmer of San­chrie, Mr. John Ferguson of Barclonachan, James Cunninghame of A [...]cket, [...] Eccles of Kildonan, and [...] Boyd of Trochrig, Fergus Mccubin of Knockdollian, and Mr. Rory Mckenzie of Dalvennan.

For the Sheriff [...]om of Dumbartoun.

The Earl of Argile, the Earl of Dundonnald, the Lord Boyd, sir Umphray Colquhoun of Luss, Mr. William Cochran of Kilmaronock, John Houstoun younger of that Ilk, Archibald Mccaulay of Ardincaple, John Napier of Kilmahew, John Hadden of Glenegies, John Dowglass of Mayns, Claud Hamilton of Barns, Alexander Gartshore of that Ilk, VVilliam Stirling of Law, Nicol Buntine of Airdoch, VVilliam Colquhoun of Craigtoun, James Hamilton of Hutcheson, John Campbel Captain of Carrick, Andrew Colquhoun of Garscadden, Hugh Crawford of Cloberhil, John Campbel of Ardintinie, Mr. James Smallet of Pillenflet; Wil. Noble of Fairnie; Wil. Semple of Dulmoock; John Graham of Galingade, John Whitehill of Keppoch, John Spreul of Milntoune.

FOR The Sherifdom of Bute.

The Duke of Hamiltoun His Grace, The Baillie of Arran for the time, The Earle of Argyl, The Earl of Eglingtoun, Ninian Banantyn of Kayms, and Ban­natyne Younger of Kaymes, Charles Stewart, of Killcatton, David Boyl of Kelburn Mr. John Stuart of Escog, Archbald Steuart, of Kinwhinlick, Ninian Stuart of La [...]giezian Robert Stuart of Mcknack, John Stuart of Linhael, Culbert Stuart, of Ardinho, Archi­bald Glass, Sherif-depute of Bute, Robert Ballinden of Lewbass, Sir James Montgomery, of Skelmorlie, The Magistrats of Rothsey for the time, and Sir James Stuart Sherif of Bute.

For the Sherifdom of Ranfrew.

The Earl of Glencarne, The Earl of Dundonnald, The Lord Montgomerie, The Lord Ross, The Lord Blantyre, The Lairds of Houstoun Elder and Younger, Sir John Maxwell of Pollock, Sir Archibald Stuart of Blackhall, The Lairds of Grinock Elder and Younger, The Lairds of Craigens Elder and Younger, John Porterfield of Duchill, Patrick Fleyming of Barochan, Alexander Porterfeild of Fullwood, Thomas Crawford of Crafordsburn Elder and Younger, Patrick Maxwell of New-wark, John Cald­well of that ilk, James Hamilton of Aikenhead, George Houstoun of Johnstoun, Robert Pollock of that ilk, [...] Bannantyne of Kellie, George Hutcheson of Scotstoun, [Page 5]William Muir of Glanderstoun, Lawrence [...] Bl [...]thswood, G [...]vin Cochran of Craigmuir, Ja [...] [...] of Fingletoun, John Shaw of Bargarren Young [...] Cochran of Fergusly John M [...]xwell Younger [...] [...] Pollo [...]k of Falside, the P [...]ovost and [...] the Baillies of Paisl [...]

For the Sheriffdom of Stirling.

The Earl of Mar, the Earl of Callender, The Lord Elphinstoun, The Lord Cardross, The Lord Forre [...]er, the Laird of Houstoun, The Laird of Wood-head, the Laird of Bardo [...]ie, the Laird of Kilcroych, the Laird of Ballendalloch, The Laird of Bearcrofts, The Laird of Powes, The Laird of Gargonnock, The Laird of Goger, [...] Cunningham of Boquhan, Sir Hugh Paterson of Binnockburn, The Laird of Polmais, The Laird of Herbertshire, Sir Alexander Hope of Kerss, [...] Livingstoun of Glentirren, and [...] Erskine of Balgowne, Mr. William Livingstoun of Kilsyth, The Laird of West-quarter, [...] Glass of Sauchie, [...] Hadden of Myrtoun.

For the Sheriffdom of Linlithgow.

The Duke of Hamilton, The Earl of Linlithgow, The Lord Livingstoun, The Lord Torphi­chen, The Lord Cardross, The Laird of Dundas, The Laird of Riccartoun, The Laird of Bon­hard, The Laird of Livingstoun, The Laird of Barbachlay, Thomas Sharp of Houstoun, John Dundas of Dudingstoun, Mr. William Dundas of Kincavil, Iohn Dundas of Mane [...], James Monteith of Auldca [...]hie, Thomas Hamil [...]oun of Boighead, John Hamilton of Dechmount, S [...]r John Dalrymple, Mr. William Hamiltoun, Sir William Hope, John Fairholm of Cra [...]gie­hall, George Hamiltoun of Binning, Robert Anstruther of Wrae, [...] Marjoribanks of Balbardie, Thomas Baillie of Pollkennet.

FOR the Sheriffdom of Perth.

John Marquess of Athol, David Viscount of Stormont, Andrew Lord Rollo, David Lord Ruth­ven, Sir Col [...]n Campbel of Aberurchel, James Graham of Orch [...]ll, John Hadden of Gle­nagies, Sir Robert Murray of Abercairnie, Sir Patrick Murray of Auchtertyre, Adam Drum­mond of Meginch, Alexander Spittel of L [...]uchat, Thomas Hay of Ba [...]l-housie, Sir John Ste­wart of G [...]ntullie, [...]u [...]go Campbel of Burn-bank, Sir Thomas Moncrief of that Ilk, The Laird of Weem Y [...]unger, M [...]. Patrick Ker of Kilmount, Colin Campbel of Mo [...]zie, James Pearson of Kippenross, Patrick Hay of K [...]kland, [...] Moncreif of Tippermal­loch, Mr. John Blair of Bal [...]yll, Archibaid Napper of Boquhaple, Mr. Francis Mountgom­rie of Inchlesslie, David Drummond of Cultmalundie, James Stuart Younger of Ardvor­lick, John Campbel of Clachick, John Drummond of Blair, Alexander Duncan of Lundie, [...] Campbel of Bagersho, Mr. Robert Anderson of Coless, [...] Oliphant of Clashbeny [...] Hay of Leyes E [...]er, James Ogilvie of Cluny, William Stuart of Ballide, Thomas Stuart of Ste [...]toun, Patrick Stuart of Ballechan, Sir James Campbell of Lawers, Sir [...]ohn Murray of Drumca [...]rn, Colin Campbell of Munzie, Thomas Stuart of Lady­wall, D [...]vid H [...]l [...]burton of Pitcu [...]r, [...]ohn Gray of Cr [...]chie, [...] Ha­lyburton of Fotherince, Iames Blair of Ardbiair, Iohn Michel of Byres, Iames Graham of G [...]rvoch, Patrick Smith of Methven, Walter Stewart of Kincarachie, Iohn Murray of Pitcullan, Mr. Iames Elphingstoun of Comrie, Iohn Buchannan of Arn­pryer, Alexander Stuart of Annat, Mr. David Graham Tutor of Gor [...]hie, Iohn Murray of Stravan William Paton of Pannholes, Iohn William [...]on of Bar [...]hill, Iohn Murray of Arthurstoun, Mr. Patrick Murray of Dollorie, Charles Stuart of Rotmel, The Laird of Strowan Robertion, Sir William Stirling of Airdoch, Iohn Stuart of Fass, [...] Kinloch of Gourdie, [...] Murray of Keilor; Do­nald Robertion of Killachangie, Iames Stuart Younger of Orart, Henry Murray of Lochlain.

For the Sheriffdom of Kincardin.

The Earl of Marishal, The Earl of Southe [...]k. The Viscount of Arbuthnet, Sir Charles Ramsay of Balmain, Sir Alexander Falconer of Glenfarquhar, Sir David Carnagie of Pit­tarro. The Laird of Lauristoun, The Laird of Leyes, The Laird of Balbigno, The Laird of Halgreen. The Laird of Elsick, The Laird of Pitgarvie, Alexander Arbuthnet of Knox, George Keith of Whiteriggs Sheriff-depute. Mr. J [...]mes Falconer of Phesdo, Iohn Dowglas of Tilli­whillie, William Barclay of Balmaqueen, William Ramsay of VVoodstoun, and Iohn Bar­clay of Iohnstoun.

[...] [...]dom of Aberdeen.

[...] Marishal, William Lord Keith, Charles Earl [...] [...]muir, Iohn Earl of Kintore, William Lord In­ [...] [...] [...]he Master his son; Alexander Lord Saltoun, and [...] Master of Salt [...]n, [...] Pitsligo, and the Mr. his son, The Lord Fra­zer, Sir Alexander Seat [...] [...] [...]medden, Sir Iohn Forbes of Craigievarr, Sir Iames Baird of Auchmedden, Sir George Gordon of Edinglassie, Iohn Gordon Younger of [...]echil, Alexander Gordon Tutor of Pitlurg, Sir Iames Gordoun of Lessmore, The Laird of Udny Younger, Robert Udny of Auchterallan, Sir George Skeen of Fintry, Patrick Dun of Taartie, Mr. Alexander Forbes of Foverame, Samuel Forbes Younger of Foverame, Iohn Ross of Roschil, [...] Frazer of Strichen, Sir Henry Guthrie of King-edward, Iames Keith of Tilligonie, Sir William Keith of Ludquharne, Iohn Forbes of Leslie, Sir Iohn Forbes of Munimusk Elder, William Forbes of Munimusk Younger, [...] Leith of whyte-haugh Alexander Cumming of Culter, [...] Elphingstoun of Glaicke Younger, The Laird of Dyce Younger, Mr. Iames Gray of Balgouny, Alexander Skeen of that Ilk, Sir Tho­mas Burnet of Leyes, Robert Gordoun of Cluny, Iames Innes of Drumgask, Adam Gordon of Achinachie, Francis Ross of Achlossin; Sir Robert Innes of Kinnermonie, Iohn Gordon of Brachlie [...] Forbes Younger of Echt, Mr. Thomas Gordon of Crimonmogate, [...] Gor­don of Badinscoth, William Gray of Creichie, William Thoirs Younger of Muiresk, Iohn Gordon of Nethermuir; Thomas Forbes of VVatertoun; Charles Gordon of Bre [...]ack, Adam Gordon of Glenbucket, Iohn Gordon of Hallhead, Mr. Robert Irvine, of Cults, [...] Forbes of Tulloch, Iames Gordon of Bodome [...] Caddel of Aswanly, Sir Charles Maitland of Pitrichie, Thomas Forbes of Echt, George Morl­son of Pitfour, Arthur Forbes of Bruix, George Garrioch younger of Kinstar­ret, Iames More of Stenywood, Mr. Iames Elphingstoun of Logiedurno, Patrick Lesly of Kincraigie, Alexander Ross of Tillisnaught, William Forbes of Camphell, Mr. Iames Keith of Auquhorsk, Andrew VVatson Baillie in Peterhead, Alexander Donaldson of Litledrumwhindle, Iames Gordon of Daach, Robert Burnet of Elrick, Iames Forbes of Savack, Iohn Logie of Bodom [...] Leith of Newlands [...] Lesly of Little-wartle, The Laird of Graigievarr Younger, Robert Sympson of Thorn­stoun, The Laird of Balflig Younger, George Paton of Grandum, Thomas M [...]nzies of Kinmundie, Henry Forbes of Boyndlie, Iohn Udny of Cultercullen, Mr. Robert Innes of Blairtoun, and Sir Alexander Forbes of Tolquhon.

FOR the Shire of Innerness.

The Lord Lovat, The Laird of M [...]intosh, Sir Hugh Campbel of Calder Lodovick Grant of that Ilk, George Cuthbert of Castelhill, Duncan Forbes of Col [...]oden, William Mcintosh of Borland, Mr. William Robertson of Inshes, Donald Mcintosh of Keillochie, Thomas Chevise of Muirtoun, The Laird of Strichen, The Laird of Rillick, Mr. Hugh Fr [...]zer Laird of Escogdel, Duncan Mcpherson of Cluny, The Laird of Calder Younger, The of Mcdonald, The Laird of Mccleod, The Laird of Glengarie, William Frazer of Foyl, Hugh Frazer of Belleskin, Hugh Frazer of Ballenain.

For the Sheriffdom of Nairn,

Sir Hugh Campbel of Calder, Hugh Ross of Killrawick, Iohn Hay of Lochloy, Alexander Campbel Younger of Calder, David Broddie of Lethen, Alexander Ross of Clava, David Sutherland of Kinsterie, Archibald Campbel of Kaitcastle, Alexander Dumbar or Boath, and William Campbel of Dellnice.

FOR the Sheriffdom of Cromartie,

'George Viscount of Tarbet, Mr. Kenneth Mckenzie of Cromartie, Sir George Mckenzie of Rosehaugh, Alexander Urquhart of Newhal, and Iohn Urquhart Fiar thereof his son, George Dalias of St. Martins, and Mr. Iames Dallas Younger thereof his son, Wiilliam Urquhart of Braelangual, Alexander Clunes of Dunskeith, Andrew Frazer of Bannens, and Iames Frazer of Brae.

FOR the Shire of Argyl.

The Earl of Argyl, Sir Colin Campbel of Ardkinlass, Archibald Lamont of that Ilk, Archibald Campbel of Strathure, Iohn Campbel Captain of Carrick, Iohn Campbel Captain of Duncon, Colin Campbel of Ellengreg, Archibald Lamont of Silvercraigs, Sir Duncan Campbel of Auchin­breck, The Laird of Barbreck, The Captain of Craigneish, Alexander Campbel of Kilmartine, Archibald Mcclachlan of Craignitarriff, Colin Campbel of Testennen [...] Campbel of Melfort, Iohn Campbel Tutor of Innerliver, Angus Campbel of Kiberry, Archibald [Page 7]Campbel of Dounay, Lord Neil Campbel, Sir Hugh Ca [...] [...] Baillie of Muckarn, or the Baillie thereof for the tim [...] [...] Campbel of Inverraw, The Tutor of Dunstaffnish, [...] Campbel of Barcalten, Dowgal Campbel of Clanmackri [...] [...] Alexander Campbel Younger of Caddel, Dowgal Camp [...] [...] the Baillie of Kintyre for the time, Walter Campbel of Skipinich; [...] Campbel of Glencar­radel; Duncan Campbel of Blarntibert, Iohn Campbel of Killadallage; The Laird of Lergie; The Laird of Loup; Archibald Campbel of Ouchtomor; and the Baillie of Ilay for the time; Donald Campbel of Ballinaly; Lauchlan Campbel of Dail; The Baillie of Jura, the Baillie of Collensy; and the Magistrats of Innerary.

FOR the Shirreffdom of Fyfe.

The Earl of Mortoun; The Earl of Levin; The Lord Melvil; The Lord Colvil; The Master of Burghlie; Sir Alexander Bruce of Broom-hal; Sir Charles Hacket of Pitfirren; Sir Henry Wardlaw of Pittrevie; [...] Monteith of Randefoord; [...] Henderson of Fordel, Mr. Alexander Spittel of Lew­chet; Iames Robertson of Newbigging; Mr. Iohn Dempster of Pitliver, [...] of Spencerfield; Sir Philip Aust [...]uther of that Ilk, Iames watson of Athernie [...] Durhame of Largo, Sir Alexander Erskine of Cambo, [...] Lindsay of Wormistoun, Mr. Iames Lumsdain of Sravithie, [...] Dudingstoun of Sam [...]foord, [...] Fotheringham of Lawhill, David Scot of Scotsta [...]bit, Mr. Robert Smith of Giblistoun, VVilliam A [...]struther of that Ilk, Robert Hamilton of Kilbrankmont, Iohn Skeen of Halyeards Elder, [...] of Bogie, [...] Weyms of Kuttelhill, Dowglass of Strendry, VVhite of Bannochie, Robert Dowglass of Kirknes, David Beaton of Balfour, Sir David A [...]not of that Ilk, [...] Moncrief of Reddie, Mr. Archibald Hope of Rankeilo [...], Sir Iohn Ayton of that Ilk, [...] Hay of Naughtoun, Nai [...]n of Samefoord, George Moncrieff of Sachope, Mr. Robert Lermonth of Balcomie, Iohn Aiton of Kinnaldy, [...] Melvil of Cassingray, James Carmichael of Balinblea, Robert Gedd of Balridge, and James Lindsay of Caevle.

For the Shire of Kinross.

John Lord Burghlie, The Lord Colvil, the Master of Burghlie, Sir David Arnot of that Ilk, Robert Dowglass of Kirkness, Sir John Malcolm of Innerteil, John Hallyday of Tilley­bole, [...] Lindsay of Dowhill, James Rankine of Colden, George Berril Portioner of K [...]neswood, Patrick Robertson of Smiddihill, the Baillie of Kinross for the time, and Sir William Bruce of Kinress.

For the Shire of Forfar.

The Earl of Southesk, the Earl of Airlie, the Earl of Panmure, the Viscount of Arbuth­net, the Lord Glames, the Lord Ogilvie, Sir George Mckenzie of Rosehaugh, Sir Patrick Lyon of Carss, Mr. Henry Mauld of Kellie, Mr. James Carnegie of Phinheaven, David Lindsay of Edziel, James Carnegie of B [...]lnamoon, David Halyburton of Pitcur, James Scot of Logie, David Fotheringhame of Pourie, Sir John Wood of Boningtoun, [...] Duncan of Lundy, William Durhame sometime of Ardoun, now of Grange, James Crichton of Ruthven, Gilbert Auchinleck of that Ilk, John Guthry of that Ilk, Alex­ander Carnegie Shirreff-deput of Forfar. John Ouchterlony of Guynd, Mr. John Wishart of Logie, Robert Young of Auldbar, John Ogilvy of Pitmeves, David Grahame of Fintray, [...] Gray of Crichy, and David Erskine of Dun.

For the Sheriffdom of Bamff.

The Earl of Airly, the Earl of Finlator, Sir. Patrick Ogilvy of Boyn, Sir James Baird of Auchmedden, Sir George Gordon of Edinglassie, the Laird of Troop, George Keith of Northfield, [...] Grant of Denluguss, Walter Stuart of Boig, James Ogilvy of Puldavie, Thomas Ogilvy in Boigtoun, Alexander Hay of Arnbath, Mr. Iohn and Alexander Abercombies, elder and younger of Glassach; Iohn Ogilvie of Kempcairn, Ogilvie younger of Kempcairn, Thomas Gordon of Cranach [...] Innes of Edingeith; [...] Stuart of Kilmach, [...] Anderson younger of Westertoun, the Laird of Park Gordon, Provost Stuart, Baillie Iohn Gordon, the Laird of Grant, Patrick Grant of Elchies, Alexander Duff of Bracco, Alexan­der Duff of Kethmore, Patrick Stuart of Tanachy, [...] Hay of Raneis [...] Ogil­vie of Cantly, Alexander Gordon of Auchynachie, and John Gordon of Dallowchy.

For the Stewartry of Kircudbright.

The Viscount of Kenmure, Richard Murray of Burghtoun, Heugh Mcguffock of Rus­co, Alexander Gordon of Earlstoun, William Gordon of Shiremure, Adam Newal of Bars­keoch [Page 8] [...], Pa [...]k Murdoch of Cumlodan, Robert Brown of [...] [...]vell, Edward Maxwel of Hills, Robert Greirson of D [...]ls­ [...] [...] William M [...]gie of Balmagie, Thomas Greirson of Bar­ [...] [...] John Ewart of Mulloch, John Carson of Balmangan, [...] The Magistrats of Kircudbright, and Rodger Gordon of [...]

For the Shireffdom of Sutherland.

The Earl of Suther [...]a [...] the Lord Strathnaver, the Lord Duffus, William Sutherland of Invercaslie, Sir Rober [...] Gordon of Embo, Adam Gordon of Dolfolly, Mr. John Gordon of Carrel, Alexander Sucherland of Prousie, Robert Gray of Subo, Patrick Dumbar of Si­dere, Robert Murray of Pulrossie, Angus Mckay of Melnes, William M [...]kay of Bo [...]ley, An­gus Mckay of Bighouse, Heugh Monro of Eribol, John Monro of Inverran.

For the Shireffdom of Caithness,

Sir James Sinclar of May, Sir George Sinclar of Clyth, John Sinclar of Murtle, Wli­am Sinclar of Dunbeath, [...] Sinclar of Brimes, David Murray of Clerden, Mr. James Innes of Sand-side, Mr. Alexander Calder of Augingail, Robert Campbel of Brenegleis, John Sinclar of Fr [...]shwick, Laurence Caddel of Lyneger, George Sutherland of Forse, John Sinclar of Ulbster, Robert Sinclar of Duren, Robert Campbel of Dalgavoch, the Sheriff-Deput of Caithness for the time, Alexander Smart of Wester, the Baillies of Thurso for the time, William Dumbar of Hemprigs, John Sinclar of Stirkcog, James Sutherland of Ausedale, Mr Robert Dumbar of O [...]kinga [...], John Sinclar younger of Dumbeath, Patrick Sinclar of Southdun, [...] Sinclar of Brabster, [...] Sinclar of Hempster, James Sinclar of Lybster, and James Sinclar of Hoy.

For the Sheriffdom of Elgi [...].

The Lord Duffus, the Laird of Grant, the Sheriff of Murray, The Laird of Innes, Sir Robert Gordon, the Laird of Brody, the Laird of Grange, the Laird of Gramshill younger, the Laird of Altar, the Laird of Dumphail elder or younger, Sir James Calder of Muirtoun, Charles Mckenzie of Ironside, the Laird of Cubine, Thomas Urquhart of Bunjardge, William Duff of Diple, William Broddie of Cantfield, John Dumbar of Bogs, and Thomas Tulloch of Taunachie.

For the Sheriffdom of Orkney and Zetland.

Sir Archibald Stua [...]t of Borrow, Robert Stuart of New-work, William Bel­lenden of Sten-house, John Stuart of Burgh, William Douglass of Egil­shaw, Iames Baickie of Tankerness, James Grahame of Grahames-hall, Henry Grahame of Brackness, David Craig of Over-sandy, William Craigie of Gairsie, Laurence Sinclar of Quendal, Laurence Stuart of Bigtoun, Robert Bruce of Sounburgh, Andrew Bruce Tutor of Muness, Thomas Lesly of Vstenes, Iohn G [...]ffart of Busta, and Iames Oliphant of Ure.

For the Sheriffdom of Clackmannan.

The Earl of Mar, George Viscount of Tarbet, the Laird of Alva, Iohn Keirie of Gogar, Robert Myln of Tilliallan, George Abercrombie of [...] Bruce of Kennet, the Laird of Tillicoutrie, the Laird of Tilliebody, Mr. Francis Mastertown of Pa [...]k­miln, George Stirling, the Baillie of Alloway for the time.

For the Sheriffdom of Ross.

The Viscount of Tarbet, The Laird of Balnagown, The Laird of Fowlis younger, the Laird of Mcintosh, Sir George Monro of Culrain, Sir Alexander M [...]kenzie of Coul, Sir Rory M [...]ke [...]zie of Findon Sheriff Deput, Sir Donald Baine of Tulloch, Alexander Mckenzie of Balnaduthie, Alexander M [...]kenzie of Gareloch, Alexander M [...]kenzie of Apel­cross, Ro [...]y M [...]kenzie of Reidcastle; [...] Monro of Newmore, David Fearn of Tar­liggie, Mr. John Bayne of Delnice, Hector Monro of Drummond, John Monro of Fy­ers, George Ross of Morinchie, Kenneth Mckenzie of Scatwel, Iohn Forrester of Culnauld, Walter Ross of Cowillich, Malcolm Ross of Kindice, Mr. David Fearn of Pitcalzeon, Do­nald Ross of Knockgar [...]ie, William Ross of Aldie, Alexander Ross younge [...] of Pitkenie; Mr. Iames M [...]culloh of Piltoun, Alexander Ross of Little-tarrel, Colin Robertson of Kindice, Alexander Ross of Easterfearn, Rory Dingwal of Cambuscurry upper, Rory Mcle­od of Cambuscurry nether the Provost or eldest Baillie of Tain being for the time, Alexan­der [Page 9]Monro of Ardullie, Sir George Mckenzie of Rosehaugh, [...] whiladrum Kenneth M [...]kenzie of Dagmaleuke, Murdoch [...] Mckenzie of Terrardan, Murdo Mckenzie of Ardross; and [...]

ANd Ordains the first Meeting of the saids Commissi [...] [...] be at the Head Burghs thereof, upon the fourteenth day of May next. And appoints the Major Part of the saids Commissioners named for the Respective Shires, to be a Quorum at their first Meeting: Who are hereby Impowered to name their Conveener, and to appoint the next Dyet of Meeting, and the Major Part of such as shal meet at the se­cond Dyet; or upon Advertisement from the Conveener at any other Dyet to be a Quorum, with Power to the saids Conveeners for the saids Shires respective, to call the Com­missioners foresaid, at such Dyets thereafter, as they shal think necessary, for the effectual Execution of this Act. And for the Burghs, the Estates do Nominat and Appoint the Magistrats of the same for the time being; with Power to them to choose Stent-Masters within their respective bounds: which Commissioners of Shires and Burghs are hereby or­dained to accept and discharge their Trust, as they shal be answerable: And they do here­by Impower the saids Commissioners, to prescribe and set down such Rules and Orders, within the Respective Shires and Burghs, as may be most effectual for the speedy and easy raising, levyeing and bringing in of the said Imposition, and ordaining and doing eve­ry other thing that may concern the same, and to name their own Clerks and Colle­ctors, for ingathering of the said Imposition, for whom they are to be answerable, and to allow them such Fees as they shall think fit: Which Fees are hereby declared to be over and above the foresaid Imposition, and no part thereof.

ANd the Estates do Ordain all Execution Real and Personal, to pass at the Instance of the Collector-General, and the Collectors of the Respective Shires and Burghs against all persons deficient in Payment of their Proportions, as was in use formerly against these deficient in Payment of Cess; And also impowers the Commissioners, by their Officers to Arrest Poynd and Distrenzie the Goods, and imprison the Persons of the deficients, ay and while they make Payment of their just Proportions and necessary Expences: And for the more ready and Effectual Payment, do also Impower the Commissioners and Col­lector-General; to quarter upon Deficients, with this express Proviso, that every Horse­man that shal be upon the place, shal have only free single quarter allotted to him upon the persons deficient, or by quartering in Burghs, and Villages, as the Commissioners shal Appoint to be satisfyed, and payed by the Deficients, and not by those on whom they are quartered, except where they themselves are deficient: And in that case to have fif­teen sh [...]lling scots a day from the time of presenting the Order to the Collector, upon whom they are to quarter until he give them a List of the Deficients, and the Sums wherein they are deficie [...]t, and thereafter to quarter upon the Deficients: And each Dra­gooner to have ten shilling scots a day, and each Foot-man to have four shilling scots, or his Dyet, as the Commissioners shal order, and the Commanders of the Party of Horse Dragooners or Foot, to have only double Quarters or Pay of an Horseman, Dragooner or Footman, as he serves. And Declares that in order to the Quarters and Matters Relating to the Inbringing of this Imposition, any three of the Commissioners shal be a Quorum, and who are impowered to proportion upon, and raise from the Deficients the Expense and Charge of their Deficiency, and to see payment made to these, on whom the Souldiers are quartered, who were not deficient: And further the Estates Declare that all Officers, and Souldiers, Horse Dragooners and Foot▪ shall make due and punctual payment of their Quarters, Local and Transient, as the same shall be appointed by the foresaids Commissio­ners, according to the Rates of the Countrey. And in case the Souldiers do not pay their Quarters, that the Quarters be stated betwixt the Quarter-Masters or other Officers, and any two of the Commissioners, and the Accompts being stated and fitted, that they be payed or allowed by the respective Collectors, in the first end of what is due by the Shire or Burgh, where the saids Quarters are owing, Providing the saids Quarters do not exceed two parts of their pay, and which Stated Accompts are to be allowed to the respective Collectors by the Collector General, and to be by him retained off the first end of the Troops or Companys pay: And in case the Officers remove before their Accompts can be stated, In that case the Collectors of the Shires and Burghs are to retain, what after Tryal [Page 10] [...] sha [...] find resting, till the Accompts be stated in manner fore­ [...] [...] that no persons lyable in any part of this Imposition, shal [...] charges or Receipts of the same, after five years from the date [...] [...]igence hath been done by Denunciation before elapsing of the [...] this Act to be Printed and Published at the Mercat-cross of [...] Crosses of the Head Burghs of the Several Shires. And for that Effect, appoints Printed Copies thereof to be sent to the Sheriff-Clerks of the seve­ral Shires, that they may cause Publish the same accordingly. Extracted forth of the Re­cords of the Meeting of the Estates, by me

Al. Gibson, Cls.

The Committee of Estates do Require the several Sheriff Clerks upon Receipt of the Act abovewritten, Immediatly to dispatch Intimations under their hands to the Readers, in the several Paroch Churches and Meeting-Houses in the Shire, to be read on the Lords Day, immediatly after Divine Service, giving Advertisement of the first Dyet of Meeting of the Commissioners, for ordering the said Imposition upon the fourteenth day of May in­stant at the Head Burgh of the Shire. Extracted forth of the Records of the Committee of Estates, by me

Al. Gibson, Cls.

Edinburgh, Printed in the Year, 1689.

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