[woodcut of an agricultural cycle. At the top is a cross-section of crops growing in the ground. Below are 8 numbered panels: 1. a man scattering seeds over a ploughed field; 2. a man cutting crops with a scythe; 3. a man flailing crops in two tied bushels; 4. a woman sifting or separating grain from sacks through a sieve; 5. a woman tending a fire over which sits a large pot; 6. a man seated, drinking from a mug, with a jug and several barrels nearby; 7. a man vomiting; 8. a woman sweeping with a broom]

THE REBELS TVRKISH TYRANNY, in their march Decem. 24. 1641.

As it was taken out of a Letter sent from Mr. Witcome a Merchant in Kingsale to a Brother of his here. Shewing how cruelly they put them to the Sword, ravished religious women, and put their Children up­on red hot Spits before their parents eyes; throw them in the fire, and burn them to ashes; cut off their eares, and nose, put out their eyes; cut off their armes, and legges, broyle them at the fire, cut out their tongues, and thrust hot Irons down their throats, drown them; dash out their brains, and such like other cruelty not heard of amongst Christians. With a great and bloody skirmish fought between Captain Hull, and the Rebels: and the names of the chief Rebels of that Regiment. And the firing of a Town within a mile of Dublin.

LONDON: Printed for W. R. 1641.

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