REASONS Most Humbly Offer'd To this Honourable House, for Passing the Bill for the Parish of Christ-Church.

John Marshall by his Will gave 40 l. per Annum to the Minister of the said Parish, until Moneys should be raised out of his Estate, sufficient to Purchase 60 l. per Annum (free of all Reprizes) And then the Pro­fits of his Estate (not otherwise disposed of) should for Two Years be employed to Redeem Poor Prisoners, and after that to buy Rectories Im­propriate.

Sixty Pounds per Annum (free of all Reprizes) will cost 1700 l. at Note, This Bill Excuses the Poor from paying any thing to the Minister. least, which must be raised before the said Charities can be put in Execu­tion. Which 1700 l. if never raised (as in all probability it cannot) the said Charities will be lost, (viz.)

For the Profits of the Donor's Estate hath amounted but to 400 l. in Eighteen Years; And proportionable (as the Estate now stands) 1700 l. will be Forty Years a Raising. But considering the said Estate consists of small and old Tenements, they will Thirty or Forty Years hence be worth little or nothing: So that neither the Purchase, nor the Charities in Re­deeming Prisoners, &c. will ever be executed.

Whereas if this Act pass, by which the 400 l. is to erect a Steeple, &c. the Church will be compleated, a better Provision made for the Mi­nister, and the Redeeming poor Prisoners, &c. be immediately put in execution.

And why the Two Trustees, who oppose the Steeple and Bells, (and do not live in the said Parish) should oppose the Inhabitants being rated Three-pence in the Pound, when they themselves are willing thereto, seems very unreasonable.

For, it appears the Inhabitants in general are willing, by their peti­tioning for it, and even several of those who Signed the Petition against it, declar'd before the Honourable Committee appointed to inspect this Matter, They were induced to Sign the same by the Misinformation of the said two Trustees, but since they understood the Reasonableness of the Intended Rate of Three-pence in the Pound, they were very well satisfied therewith.

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