A true Relation of the Surrendring of COLCHESTER to his Excellency the Lord Generall FAIRFAX.
As it was sent in a Letter to the Honourable William Lenthal, Esquire, Speaker of the Honourable House of Commons.


THE last night about ten of the Clock the Ar­ticles were Signed by the Commissioners on both sides, which were to this purpose, That all Horses, with furniture, should be delivered this day by ten of the Clock, That all private Souldiers, and Officers under Captains shall have fair quarter, and render themselves prisoners. That the Lords, and all Captains, and superiour Officers, and Gentle­men be drawn together to the Kings-head Inne, with their Clothes and Baggage, by eleven of the Clock, and there to render themselves to the Mercy of the Lord Generall.

That the Enemies Guards be drawn off, and Guards of this Army appointed in their stead: That all Ordnance, Ammu­nition, Waggons, &c. be delivered to the Comptroller. That the sick and wounded be provided for, with Accom­modation, untill recovered. And accordingly this forenoon Col. Rainsboroughs Regiment, and another Regiment entred the Town, and the Articles in all things else performed: You will very suddenly receive an Account from his Excellency, of the particulars, of this businesse, as also a List of what per­sons of quality, Officers, and Commanders are at Mercy, and the number of Ordnance, Arms, and quantity of Ammu­nition. This morning we rode round about the Wall of the Town, and finde it to be a very strong place in all parts of it; Where it was weakest, there they made strong Works, or strengthened it with Earth. It was a sad spectacle to see so many fair Houses burnt to Ashes, and so many Inhabitants made so sickly and weak with living upon Horses and Dogs. Many glad to eat the very Draught and Graines for preser­vation of life. I remain,

Your humble Servant, Iohn Rushworth.

London Printed by R. W. for Iohn Partridge. 1648.

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