The Royall Virgine. OR THE DECLARATION OF SEVERAL MAYDENS In and about the once Honourable City of LONDON,

FOR AS MUCH as, (since that most horrible, unnatural, unrighteous, unjust, and most hainous mur­der, committed upon the person of Our most Renowned, Honourable, Inocent, Harmless, Good dispo­sitioned KING CHARLES [...]e first; And since the banishing, disowning, disinheriting and dispossessing of Our three most Illustrious, Virtuous, and inefable Princes) We say, for as much as (since these abominable, unsufferable Acts) ENGLAND, SCOTLAND and IRELAND, have had Experience of several Subtle, Covetious, Ambitious, self-seeking Guardians, and Governours [...]ver Them. Who (instead of saving their LIBERTIES, preserving their TRADE, and upholding the [...]ood of these NATIONS) have cheated the People, stinted their Ttade, spilt mnch Inocent Blood, and have done notbing viewable, but evil in these Nations.) We do Declare,

That it is infinitely below Us, To cover or glosse over Our Intentions, with specious pretences; And therefore, We do manifest to the whole World, That this Our Declaration is, neither for a Free PARLIAMENT, a full PARLIAMENT, or a Piece of a PARLIAMENT, (We leave that to the discretion of him) who onely has Power to Call a PARLIAMENT) We do therefore Declare, That the onely meanes, (in Our Judgments) to bring these NATIONS to out of Bondage; For the preserving of Peace, and the upholding of every good thing, will be, the speedy Restauration of the Banished, We mean, that the Government be of these Nations be cast upon the Shoulders of him that ought to bear it; that the People of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND and IRELAND, may be obedient to Him, to whom Obedience is due, and that the Crown may be set upon His head whose Right it is. C. R.

We do Declare, That as for this present Power (which men call the Rump) We do utterly disown it, accounting it aboundantly below our Sphere, to stoop to that Tail, whence the Head is forced to absent it Self.

We do Declare, That if this Our Declaration be granted, We will undertake to procure an Act of Indempnity, for all such persons as have transgressed in these latter dayes, (save five); but if it be not granted, by fair means, Take what follows. And if you reject the Virgins Counsel, as thk late Lord Lambert did hss Wives, you may repent at your lea­sure as he dos and after all, do as Alderman Hoyle did, Hang your selves for madness.

Behold O Men, we aime at Preservation,
Unlesse you stand unto Our Declaration
Your Aonour is condemn'd, and you Behold
Are quite undone, Your Fortunes are foretold.
Signed by many thousands of Maidens in the Cities of London and Westminster, and the Borough of Southwark, and other adjacent parts: which to nominate here, would be to tedious.

Printed for Virgin Hope-well, and are to be sold at the Maiden-Starre. 1660.

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