To the Supreme Authority of the Common-wealth of ENGLAND Assembled in Parliament;
The Case of Lievt. Coll. Rosworme.

1. IN the infancy of the late Troubles he approved himself cordiall and faithful to the Parliament, and did them eminent service in defending the Town of Manchester against the Earl of Darby, and the Kings Forces, which he successfully performed to the wonder both of friends and foes.

2. He prosecuted that success to the utter subduing of the Enemy in all that County.

3. In all the passages of his Service he cannot be touched in the least de­gree with Free-quarter, plunder, or any one act of unfaithfulness and in­justice.

4. He hath refused great Offers of Money and Preferments from the Enemy, and resolutely opposed all wayes used to corrupt his fide­lity.

5. He hath upon all occasions readily performed all Requests and Commands, tending to the advancement of the Publique Service and Safety.

6. The Town of Manchester, for his remarkable and faithful Service, did settle upon him an Annuity of 60 li. per annum, for his and his wives life, which was payd the two first years, but since that time they have neglected payment thereof, and now lastly for these 2 years together wherein he hath not received one penny notwithstanding the recommendation of the House in an Order Dated, Sept. 4. 1644. And the speciall request of the Councell of State, in a Letter Dat. July 7. 1649. Nor can he recover it at Law, not being a free Denizon.

This business hath been examined by a Committee of the Councell of State, and found true; and they further find, that the sum of 776 li. & 15 s. is due unto him for his Arrears, of which the Councel of State to supply his necessities have paid him 30 li.

He hath attended above two years for relief, which hath cost him above two hundred pound, which he hath taken up on Credit, and is brought to so low a condition, that he, his wife and children had perished, if they had not been relieved by strangers. Which he takes the more to heart, that he upon many grounds observeth, that his relief is retarded and obstructed, by the ma­licious underminings of some masked Enemies of the Commonwealth, whose treachery he hath most clearly manifested in a little Naration, Printed in August 1649. Whom if they dare to appear with an Accusation, he desireth to Answer.

There hath been a Report on his behalf from the Councel of State ever since 1 Decemb. 1649. for his Relief.

His humble Suit is, That you will further the speedie reporting of the business, and his Relief, as you shall find just.

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