Here is something following of a VISION And a few words of Prophesie concerning the fall of BABILON, And destruction of her People, this signifies the time at hand, therefore I warn all in the fear of the Lord to turn from the evil of their waies.

ABout the tenth hour in the morning, as I was at my Employments, the glory of the Lord God shin'd round about me, and I was taken so with the glory of God, that I beheld no other thing, and in that I laid me down a little while flat upon the floor, and after a little time, I saw beneath this, a great Pit, out of which there arose a mighty great smoak, and all the Inhabitants of the earth was even ready to joyne hand in hand together, and out of the Pit arose a mighty great power, after which power the Inhabitants of the earth went forth, and followed it to their destruction: So this is a great day that the glory of the Lord doth so glo­riously appear, that it even covereth the whole earth, and as this day is great and the glory of it is greater, so as no mortal eyes can be­hold it, so will the daies be that is coming upon the earth, when this glory shall be hid in God from the eies of all men: then shall woe, lamentations and wailings be upon all people who refuseth to receive the Lord of glory in this his day, for this is a day that he profers him­self to dwell with the Sons and daughters of men, and this is to all you who refuse to receive the Lord of life and glory, a great day of gloominess and thick darkness is ready to come over you, then O your wailing, O your mourning, and O your lamentations, that you had made better use of the daies and time that you had upon the earth, when the Lord Christ Jesus preached himself in your streets, and in your high-waies in and through his Servants and handmaids, whom he had made choice of to preach the everlasting Gospel of glad ti­dings; but you would not beleive though the noise of wisdome was oft heard in your streets, Market places and Steeple houses, now what pitty and compassion shall I take over you O you Sons and daughters of Adam, Oh my bowels within me is filled with pitty and com­passion that you would yet return whiles there is a little space and a little time before the glory withdraw it self from you.

This I was made to do some daies after I saw this thing.
From a Lover of Truth, Lewis Rogers.

A Salutation, and Revelation of God, unto His seed, Concerning his People which he hath chosen unto himself.

THis hath often been sounded in my heart, and many deep and serious queries have there been made by the spirit of life in my heart, and now hath the Lord answered, and now with force and commission from the Lord, am I made to publish it and declare it and to sound it forth: This hath the Lord often spoken concerning his people, you are mine saith the Lord, and I will be your God for ever, and you will I keep hide and preserve in the day that is coming, I will cover you, yea I will hide you from the eies of all that rise up in op­position against you, for verily you are mine saith the Lord, and I have wooed you unto my self and I will be your God for ever therefore fear not O ye little flock, yea I say fear not, yea it is the Fathers will to suffer this day to come to pass, but he will preserve ye and safe keep ye in the day which is hasting. O dear Lambs, lift up your heads and rejoice, for the glorious day of Sions King is come, and he hath adorned himself with glory and beauty, and he is going forth to gather unto himself all that will be saved, therefore Oh rejoice and be ex­ceeding glad, for the glory of the Lord is come into Sion yea verily the glory of the Lord is appearing and is revealing and manifesting it self, therefore ye dear lambs and babes of the heavenly Father, whom God hath called, and chosen to himself, to bear his name amongst a crooked and perverse generation, in that I say rejoice and be exceeding glad, that you are found worthy to bear the name of the Lord in this his great and mighty day, for verily a great and mighty day is coming, yea verily the Lord hath spoken it in my heart, and I dare do no other then to publish it, yea a day of great joy to the righteous, but a day of fury and indignation unto the wicked, and all that dealeth treacherously with the Lord, for it is such a day that hath not been known in many ages or generations past, which now the Lord is revealing, but yet the wicked will not beleive, but unto you its given to beleive the mistery of the kingdome, you I say who are called and chosen of the Lord, and are come to beleive in the light of the Covenant of life, Christ Jesus, whom the father hath revealed and is re­vealing in this his day of great and mighty power, by which power the earth shall be shaken and the heavens shall melt, and all shall be astonished and amazed at the work which the Lord is bringing to [...]ou, yea the Heathen shall know that they are my people, and I will destroy all that rise up against them saith the Lord, yea all nations shall know that they are my people and that I will preserve them un­to my self: Therefore in vain doth the Heathen rage, and the people imagine vain things, for its I the Lord that will work a work in your daies, that you will in no wise beleive, though an Angel from heaven did bring the message unto you, but this am I doing I am destroying Babylon, and building up the Tower of Sion and it shall stand for ever, therefore in vain do you work, O ye foolish Potsheards of the earth, for it is I the Lord that is a working a great and wondrous work for the deliverance of my people Israel, and the redemption of Sion; for I will in no wise suffer you to destroy them from off the earth sor they are mine saith the Lord, who hath the zeale and testimony of Jesus in their hearts, and the word of Prophecy in their mouths, these are them which I will keep and preserve to the end, to the utter ruine and destruction of all that rise up against them: So dear friends be all bold and valiant in Gods cause, in bearing your testimony here upon earth for Jesus, whom ye have received, yea friends I say let noneneglect, for this saith the spirit, be ye all bold and valiant, yea be bold in this Gods day in fighting Gods battel on earth, yea I say not with carnal weapons, but in spirit and in truth, preaching forth the com­ing of Jesus in your lives and conversations, and the generations to come will glorifie God on your behalf; so this is my message unto you all, in the fear and dread of the everlasting God of heaven and earth dwell all in the power of the Lamb of life and dread him over all, yea dread him over all who is come and coming to reign and rule upon earth in the hearts of the children of men, him I say fear, and dread his holy name, and fear not man whose breath is in his nostrils, but fear the Lord ye dear lambs and babes of the heavenly father, This is my Salutation unto you all as being one with you in the Spirit and life which is not of this world, dwell in the spirit and power which hath begotten you, and the Lord of power will be with you and keep you and preserve you to the end. So dear and pretious Friends the peace of the Lord be with you all, continue and abide for ever, so farwel.

L. R.

Printed for M. W.

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