WHereas I am informed that some evil disposed persons (upon pretence of imployment or authority from me, to hire and bring in Teams of Draught Horses and Carts, for the service of the King and Parliament) have by colour thereof (extorsively and corruptly) ta­ken and received Money from divers of His Majesties Sub­jects, to release some Teams, and protect others from doing Service; which hath tended to the great prejudice of the par­ties so extorted from, the hinderance of the publike Service, and scandall (as much as in them lay) of my Office, and the due execution thereof. I have thought fit hereby to give pub­like notice, That I shall take it for a favour of any man that will inform me of the particular name or names, and offences of any person or persons that have been, or hereafter shall be offenders in this kinde; And I will readily contribute my best and utmost endeavours, not onely to bring them to condigne punishment, but also to procure the parties wronged restitu­tion of their Moneys; with such other reparation, as to the wisdom of the Committee of the Honorable House of Com­mons for Examinations shall be thought meet.

Thomas Richardson Wagon-Master Generall.

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