Die Lunae, 3o April. 1643.

A Letter from Sir John Hotham from Hull, of the first of this April instant, expressing Sir Hugh Cholmley's deserting the Parliament; and the re-gaining of Scarborough by his dire­rections, by the courage and industry of Captain Bushell; and his desires that Captain Bushell might have the Command of that place, by his nomination, and receive his Commands and Orders from him, was this day read.

Resolved upon the Question, That Sir Hugh Cholmley be forthwith disabled for continuing any longer a Member of this House.

Resolved upon the Question, That Sir Hugh Cholmley shall be for ever disabled for sitting as a Mem­ber of Parliament in this House, for falsly and perfidiously betraying the Trust reposed in him by the Parliament, falsifying his Protestation, and revolting to the Popish Army raised against the Parliament.

Resolved upon the Question, That Sir Hugh Cholmley shall be impeached of High Treason;

  • Master Marten,
  • Sir Peter Wentworth,
  • Sir Henry Hayman,
  • Master Samuel Browne,
  • Master Sergeant Wilde,
  • Master Solicitor,
  • Master Rous, and
  • Master Strode,

Are appointed to prepare an Impeachment of High Treason against Sir Hugh Cholmley.

Hen. Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.

April 5. London, Printed for Edward Husbands. 1643.

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