[Page] A REPLY TO Mr. VVilliam Prinne, His Unsafe, Uneasie, Dangerous, &c.

Expedient, for the Concord, Unity, and Settle­ment of these Nations, by restoring the ancient Nobi­lity, part of the old decripit, decayed, and gray-headed Ty­ranny, Usurpation, and Oppression upon the Bodies, and Consciences of every poor Subject, who have been formerly as Balaams Asse, being made slaves at their lusts and plea­sures, but now have kicked their Masters off.

TOGETHER, With a few Directions to the Persons now in Authority, opening a door to Peace, Righteousness, and Prosperity, by building upon that little Stone, which hitherto hath been refused by the Builders, but is chosen of God and precious.

And Joshua adjured them at that time, saying, Cursed be the man before the Lord, that riseth up and buildeth the City Jericho, for he shall lay the foundation thereof in his First-born, and in his youngest Son shall be set up the gates of it, Josh. 6. 26.

LONDON, Printed for Francis Smith, and are to be sold at his Shop, at the Elephant and Castle near Temple-Bar, 1659.

A REPLY TO Mr. VVilliam Prinn, His Unsafe, Uneasie, Dangerous, &c. Expedient, for the Concord, Unity, and Settlement of these Nations, &c.

I Am between hope and fear, fearing to displease God, hoping to perswade and convince all impartial and un­prejudiced persons, that the proverb may be made true, sepe desperatio spei causa est, et ignaviam necessitas a­cuit. I never had yet an opportu­nity put into my hands, amongst the many unskillful and ungodly dissections of the good Old Cause, to speak one word of bringing back the King. Where­fore [Page 2] God hath been pleased to put it into my heart (though an unworthy instrument) as amicus patriae to oppose, and contradict that wicked and filthy Spirit, of making a Cap­tain to return back again unto Egypt, (because it was bet­ter with them then, than it is now) which Spirit doth ap­pear in the Priests and Lawyers of this Nation, having set awork Mr. Prin, that Engine of mischief, and confusion, who is a Spirit of a fiery exhalation, as constant in affirm­ing a bad Cause, as suffering for a good one; and likewise to tender to the persons now in Authority, some few di­rections, that may be as Land-marks, to guide them to a firm, durable and immoveable Settlement, upon a founda­tion of righteousness and truth, least they dash themselves against that little stone cut out of the little Mountain with­out hands, on which their predecessours have been broken to pieces, who to the ignorant and disobedient is a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence. I am not so sorrow­ful, but I am as much through the grace of God rejoyced, when I hehold all these symtomes, and characters of trou­ble and perplexity hanging over our heads, when I consider and meditate on the holy Scriptures, for Christ hath com­manded; Luke 24. 25, 26, 27. then when these begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption draw­eth neer. And seeing there shall be signs in the Sun, in the Moon, and in the Stars, and upon the earth distress of Nations, with perplexity, the Sea and the Waves roaring, mens hearts failng them for fear, and for looking after those things that are come nigh on them, for the powers of Heaven shall be shaken, and then shall they see the Son of man coming in a Cloude, with power and great glory. And in the mean time let all the faithful of the Lord, be travelling and groaning together with the whole Creation, Rom. 19. 21. for the manifestation of the Sons of God, because the crea­ture it selfe shall also be delivered from the bondage of cor­ruption, into the glorious liberties of the Sons of God, &c.

The generality of the poor ignorant, and deceived peo­ple, who are led by the Spirit of the Prince of the ayre [Page 3] that ruleth effectually in the Children of disobedience, (for whom I am sorry in my Soul, when I consider the Son of man will come as a Thief in the night, and as I fear will find them unprepared for receiving of the Bride­groom) that cry out (as the Children of Israel did of old) against the glorious cause and interest of King Jesus, and bring up an evil report of the good Land, saying, stone Caleb and Joshua with stones; Oh these Sectaries, these Seditious Persons; that utter threatning words a­gainst Caesar, against the Kings, and Princes of the World; That God the Father will make his Son above the Kings of the Earth. O let them be crucified! But why do I only speak of the flock? is it not so with Shepheards and Doctors of the Chair? Why do I mention the unlearned, is it not so with the Pleader, the Counsellor, and the Judge? Solo­mon saith, that at the windows of my House, I looked through my Casement, and behold among the simple ones, I discerned among the youths, a young man voyd of under­standing; But I may say, I looked among the wise men, I discerned among the old men, an old man voyd of under­standing; although it may be judged a great presumption in me, to examine Mr. Prins, safe and easie, &c. Directi­on to a Settlement, now these destractive and destructive dispensations do appear. Yet I make no question, quasi penicillo adumbrare, that every ingenuous Reader may see Mr. Prinns Reason is worse than Bedlam mad­ness.

He doth first very pathetically endeavour the restoring of the antient Nobility (that have not forfeited their lives and fortunes, by engaging against the Rights and Liberties of the People of this Nation) to their right, and inheritance lineally descended unto them from their Ance­stors for many hundred years; and though, as jus dormit nunquam moritur, and though of late it hath been dis­continued, yet there is such an inherent right in them that may work a remitter. Oh he is very desirous, that though David be annointed King, and is King, de jure, yet that [Page 4] Saul may keep the Throne; no, the House of Saul must grow weaker and weaker, and the House of David strong­er and stronger, Christ must increase, but Antichrist must decrease, and he knows no reason why Esau being the elder Brother should not have the inheritance; no, Savi­ours shall come upon Mount Sion, and judge the Mount of Esau, and the Kingdome shall be the Lords.

I answer, They have neither, Jus in re, nor Jus ad rem, Oed. the last. but as they are subordinate to the Kings, and co-ordinate with the Lords Spiritual, as doth appear by the words of the Writ.

Rex, &c. E. B. de, &c. Salutem Quia de advisa­mento, & assensu consilii nostri quibusdam arduos & urgentibus negotiis statumet desensionem Regni nostri Llb. 6. fol. 52 53. Cuntess of Rutlands cause 8. H. 6. 10 48. E. 3 30. 36. H. 6. 46. Plond. 223. Cokes. 1. 1. Inst. 16. b. angliae, &c. Concernentibus quoddam Parliamentum, apud civitatem Westminst. a 21. Oct. Prximo futuro teneri Ordinavimus, & ibidem vobiscum, & cum prae­letis, Magnetibus, & Prooceribus dicti Regni nostri; Colloquium habere & tractatum, vobis in side & le­griencie quibus nobis tenemeni injeugendo mandamus, quod considiratis dictorum negotiorum & arduitate & periculis miminentibus, cessante excusatione quacunque, dictis die & loco personaliter intersitis nobiscum, & cum Praeletis, magnetibus, & Proceribus supradictis, superdictis negotiis tractaturus, & vestrum consilium impersurus, &c.

Which first clause, Vobiscum & cum Praeletis, &c. and in the close of the Writ, Personaliter intersitis nobiscum, & cum Praeletis, &c. Which proveth they have no right thereto, but joyntly with the King and Lords Spiritual, if you (as Mr. Prinne doth so earnestly desire) go to the ancient Constitution and Frame of the Government of this Nation. And now their Right (if they have any) may be properly said to be in abeysance or consideration of Law, in nubibus vel in gremio terrae. And seeing the King is the [Page 5] Primum mobile, from whence all inferiour Orbs have their principle of vigour and motion, and like the Sun that is, Cor planetorum primum vivaeus & ultimum moriens, it doth follow, that without the King, such a Government will be but an Ʋtopian Idea, formed by Mr. Prinns opera­tive fantasie. It is a Maxime in Phylosophy, that nihil a­git in seipsum, and these that have been dead and buried for so many years, should raise themselves, or be again vi­vified by the generative and prolifick faculty of Mr. Prinns fruitful Pen: but admitting they have a right in radice, and in semine, yet I humbly conceive that now there is no actu­al inter regnum, as he doth suppose: for there may proper­ly be said to be two administrations of a Common-wealth, the one is Military, the other togata, togata pacis spectat temporae, militaris belli spectat tempora, though there be rebellions and commotions, like hot exhalations set on fire by their own motion, amazing the common people, who are usually surprized, with a Spirit of fear and bondage: yet, If the Souldiers will be true to their principles, we may find out the most righteous government that ever we were under. And certainly there's no Title more lawful and indubitible then that which is jure belli, neither that which is elective successive, jure connubiorum, donative, Or testamentary, both by the Law of God and man. They having got it upon the account of righteous­ness, and liberty for the body and consciences of every in­dividual person, though (I have cause to believe) that they have since sought their own things and not the things of Jesus Christ. But had it been an unjust and inoffensive quarrel, then they had been Pyrats and Robbers, as Lucan calleth Alexander M. orbis terrarum praedonem.

The other thing that I did observe in Mr. Prinns pam­phlet was, that after the Nobility were invested in their ancient right, they should issue forth Writs unto all the places of this Common-wealth, to chuse persons for every County, Shiere, City, &c. as may be every way qualified for the service of that Country, to sit at Westminster on [Page 6] the third Monday in January next, according to the com­mon custome and usage of this Realme. I cannot imagin what this Parliament should do but revest Charles Stuard in his ancient right, for they would be altogether in­servisable, to settle us upon a firm and lasting Peace. For all their Ordinances, Acts, and Statutes, would be invalid and of none effect, without the consent of King in Parliament, they would be in Eodem Jure, with a person, 33. H. 6. 17. Tort. Cap. 18. P. 20. 4. H. 7. 18. 22. 53. 3. Br. Parl. 4. 42. 25. H. 6. 17. 15 E. 4. 2. 13. 4. H. 7. 18. F. H. 7 14. 7. H 7. 14. 16. 11. H. 7. 27. 1. H. 8. 18. 4. Co. 8. Rep. 15. 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24. 25, 26. 8. 34. 4. 37. H. 8. 19. to H. 7. 20. 2. H. 4. 3. Dyer. 1. 31. [...] Dyer. 144. 6. who cannot grant an anuity, &c. without the consent of his Patron and Ordinary, or Covent, who neither can en­feoffe or enfeoffed, no not in time of vocation, as hath been resolved in all succession of ages. And in my Lord Dyers reports, 1 Reg. Maer. 93. In the Duke of North. his Case, it was a great doubt among the Justices, whe­ther the King, after a Bill passed by the Lords and Com­mons, may Commissionate certain persons, by his Letters Pattents, regium suum assensuum consensuum, eadam billae, & omnibus in eadem specificatis, with a sciatis igitur, that he doth thereby ratifie and confirm whatsoever they should do in his name. So that now you see Mr. Prinns airy no­tions and plantasmes fall unto the ground. Oh that such an eminent person, for piety and godliness, should turn as the dog to his vomiting, and as the Sow that was wash­ed, to her wallowing in the Mire; the Phylosopher saith, that optimi corruptio est pessima, Hypocrites & Seducers shal wax worse and worse, and bring upon themselves swift de­struction. Oh what shall we say to these things, let them that stand take heed lest they fall.

Now that I may wind all in a sheet of Paper, I would put the great ones in mind of performing their solemn promises and declarations to exalt Jesus Christ, who is more glorious and excellent then the Mountains of prey. Abraham who is the Father of the faithful, as he came from the slaughter of the Kings, having rescued his Brother out of their hands, Melchisedech met him and blessed him; you are the persons that have delivered Gods people, and in former times Christ hath met you, and blessed you (as [Page 7] you have come from the slaughter of the King and the Nobles) with all divine and spiritual blessings, who is a Priest for ever after the order of Melchisedech. But now I am afraid you are like Sompson, your strength is depar­ted from, your honours have put out your eyes, and now the House of this Common-wealth is like to fall upon your heads. Therefore (I pray) hear one word.

I. Return unto the most high, from whom you have departed. And though you presume that God will not destroy you, because you are a Bull-work, and a defence to his People; Oh I must tell you, I ra­ther believe, they by the weapons of the Spirit, have averted the Judgment, that otherwise might have fell upon you. Saul was a professor, and prophesied a­mong the Prophets, yet after he came to be King, he forgot that God called him from following his Fathers Asses (as now some do not remember their pedigree, nor their Fathers House) and launched out into all sinful licentiousness, and God dethroned him, and set up his Servant David in his stead.

II. Secondly, Make no peace with unrighteous­ness, say not a confederacy with them that say a con­federacy, for you must be a Nation in the midst of a Nation, how dear was it like to cost good Jehosha­phat for entering into a league with wicked Ahab, saying, I am as thou art, and my people as thy peo­ple, and we will be with thee in the warr.

[Page 8] III. Thirdly, Endeavor the taking away the bur­dens that lie upon us, both as Men and Christians, as men, you ought to impose your great taxes and impositions upon your enemies, as Solomon that oppressed the Cananites and the Perinites, &c. that were enemies to his Kingdome, and spared his natu­ral born subjects, as Christians: how long shall we be villeins regardant, to set out the persons Titles. It is a strange thing, you will not have the judicial Law to be in force, (which is not abolished,) and will have the ceremonial Law (which is established) to con­tinue.

IV. Lastly, and so I will conclude; If you think to hold on your course, Kisse the Son lest he be angry, and you perish from the way; Proclaim him to be both King of Saints, and King of Nations. It is the eternal purpose and Decree of God, to make him above the Kings of the World, for he is the Prince of the Kings of the Earth, and all the holy Angels have done him fealty, for only the Lyon of the Tribe of Judah is worthy to open the Books, and loose the Seals thereof. And therefore seeing, you have kept Jesus Christ out of the Throne so long, the Lord give you Repentance unto Salvation, ne­ver to be Repented of.

[Page 9] And now I shall put you in mind of a few Scrip­tures among many; In Dan 7. 13, 14, 27. and in Isa. 61. 23. and in Isa 63. 1, 2. Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed Garments from Bozar? this that is glorious in his Apparrel, travelling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness mighty to save. Wherefore art thou red in thine Ap­parrel, and thy Garments like him that treadeth the Winefat? The Garments of Christ shall be dyed in the blood of his Enemies, as the Garments of the Priests was dipped in Jordan.


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