THE TRVMPET OF THE LORD BLOWNE. OR, A BLAST Against Pride and Oppression, and the Defiled Liberty, which stands in the Flesh.

By a Servant and Messenger of the Lord, who is called into the work of the Lord, and to blow his Trumpet in England; so that all may be fore­warned in this day of the Lords calm, and be left without excuse, and in the day of his righteous Judgments be found just and true; in love to all imprisoned Souls.

By a Lover of all Souls, who is called, JAMES PARNEL.

London, Printed for Giles Calvert, and are to be sold at the Black Spread Eagle, neer the west end of Pauls. 1655.

THE TRUMPET of the Lord blown.

WOE unto you that are called Lords, Ladies, Knights, Gen­tlemen, and Gentlewomen, in respect to your persons, who are exalted in the earth, who are proud, and high, and lofty, who are called of men Master, and Sir, and Mistris, and Madam, in respect to your persons, because of your gay Cloathing, because of your much earth, which by fraud, deceit, and op­pression you have gotten together, you are exalted above your fellow-creatures, and grind the faces of the poore, and they are as slaves under you, and must labour and toyle under you, and you must live at ease, sporting in day time, and spending your time in pleasures,2 Pet. i2. 13. and Cham­bring, and wantonness, according to your lustful minds, in Hauking and Hunting, and bouling & carding, & dicing, in all manner of musick plea­sure & delights, in eating & drinking and sleeping, and you must have your wine and ale, and all your dainty dishes, and all manner of delights and novelties, and so ye seed the lust; eating and drinking and rising up to play, which is Idolatry, and you have your fine attire,1 Cor. i0. 7. and all manner of new fashions, Silk and velvet, and purple, Gold and Silver, and you have your waiting-men, and waiting-maids under you to wait upon you, and your Coaches to ride, and your high and lofty horses is like your selves, according to your lofty minds, and you sit at ease, Di­ves like, devouring the Creation, and spending it upon your lusts, and with it committing fornication, into it your hearts being adultred from God, who created you, and your fellow-creatures must labour like slaves under you, and works for all this, when you are at your pleasures, they must be at work and labour, that must Hunger and thirst and labour, when you are eating, and drinking, and sleeeping, and here like Dives you sit at ease, and poor Lazarus lyes starving without, and here you are Lords over your fellow-Creatures,Luk. 16. [...]9.20. 2i. and they must bow and crouch to you or else they must bee hated, and punished, and put out from your presence, and be scoffed, and scorned, and reproached, and you wil be called Masters, and thinks scorn that a poore man should stand with his hat on before you, and so sets up partiallity, which that Law of God condemns, upholding that which Christ in his doctrine forbids, who saith, be not ye called Masters, and so by it which you did profess,Mat. 23.8. you are condemned, and you think scorn in particular, to be thoued of your [Page 2] fellow-Creatures, which is the Scripture language to one, but you will thou God and Christ, and yet you wil not be thoued, and here you exalt your selves above God, and Lords over your fellow-creatures, but though you be exalted as high as the Heavens, and set your nests a­mongst the Stars,Obad. 3.4, and lay up treasures for many yeers, thence will the Lord fetch you down, and cast you into Hell the pit, as he did Lucifer, Dives,Isa. i4. 13, i4. i5. and Hammen, and Pharoah, and Herod, and the rest of your fore fathers, who would have been exalted above the Creator as you would, for it is Lucifer who is head and is exhalted in you, above all that is called God, opposing God, who is God over you, whom you serve and worship, for whom the pit is prepared: To the light in all your con­sciences I speak, which is honest of God, and impartial, which wil let you see you are guilty and condemn you,2 Thes. 2, 3, 4. but you think to have the pleasure and delights of this world, to be at ease and peace here, and to have an inheritance in the Kingdome of Good too, and you have covers for all this, you say your pleasures is pastime and recreation, and your fyne cloathes and gay attire, is comliness and decency, and your dainty di­shes and banqueting novelties and attendance, you say you are able to maintain it, and it belongs to your places, and so you have covers for all, but wo unto you that hide your Sins, and covers your iniquities, who covers with a covering but not with the Lord, but all your covers is found too narrow before the Lord Christ,Prov. 28. i3. Isa. 30.1. who wil lay all your hypo­crisye and deceit before you, and your vain lyes and actions, and you shall be rewarded accordingly, and shall have your portion in the Lake that burneth, which is prepared for you earth-worms, whose pleasure is in the earth, but you think to be saved, and so would make Christ and his Apostles lyars, who said, none could obtaine two Kindomes, and no such must enter who have their portions and delight in the earth,Iames 5. i. 5. and you make a profession of godlines with your praiers, praises graces, & singing & formal imaginary worship, and have a Chaplain or a Priest to preach to you one day in a week, and all the week after do as you do, and spends the time as you do, in eating, and drinking, and rising up to play, and lives in pride and covetousness, and is called of men Master, and you have a place for him to preach to you, in either in your houses or hard-by, so have all things at ease, and all this for your money, but the pearl you want,Iob. 28. which is not to be purchased with money, where lies the ine­stimable treasures: and you say he is a Minister of Christ, and he saith you are Christians, whenas you all are Heathens both Priest and people, living without God in the world, and so the blind leads the blind into the Ditch, and so you lead your lives and spend your time here and thinks to be saved hereafter; no, no, wo, and wo is coming upon you all who are proud, you must all give an account before the Lord God, of Heaven and Earth, who is terrible to the wicked, and behold, the [Page 3] day of the Lord cometh, which will burn as an Oven, and all that are proud,Mal. 4.1. Gal. 6.6, 7, 8. and all that do wickedly shall be as stubble and such as you sow such must you reap, he that sows to the flesh of the flesh, must reap cor­ruption, the Lord abhors all your profession, and your hypocrisye, it is not profession that he seeks for, it is practise, it is not the sayer, but the doer that shall inherit, your forefathers said but did not, so do you, but it is not all that saith Lord, Lord, that shall inherit,Mat. 7. 2i. but he that doth the will of my Father; what is the chaffe to the wheat? the Lord looks for fruits, you profess him in words, but your works are the works of the Devil, and l'o are of this sort who come neer him with their lips,Isa. 29. i3. but their hearts are far from him, in your gay attire, in your new fashions, in your varieties, in your dainty dishes, in your Gaming and pleasures, and spor­ting, in your wealth and earthly riches, in your lofty horses, in your cu­rious buildings, in your fyne Musick, in your earthly honor, which is all the fruits of the Devil, and here outwardly you profess the Lord, wth your tongues, but serve the Devil with your hearts and actions, who is the King of pride, and here you are in the broad and easie way,Iames 5.6. in the fyrst nature, which is in the fall separated from God, whose Kingdom is of this world, strangers to the life of God, and are at enmity, slaying and crucifying the just and innocent, and so are no Christians but Heathens both Priest and people, and the Lord abhors all sacrafycers from Cain, which is the fyrst nature wherein you live, rove out from God into the earth, your lives preacheth you forth, so all your graces before and af­ter meat, and your prayers, and your praises and Singing, and formall worships and traditions, the Lord abhors,Gen. 4.3.5. Isa. 1. i2, 13, i4. 15, 16, i7. Prov. i5. 8. for they are offered up in the fyrst nature, a sacrifyce of the earth, and Savours of the earth, and is not a sweet smell unto him, and therefore he hath no respect to it, his soul loaths it, away with it, and they that offer it, for it is enmity with him, the prayers and sacrifyces of the wicked is abominable, all prayers or Sacrifices offered ap from Cain, Dives or Hammon, or any in that nature, is abominable to the Lord, and he wil not accept them, for to them he hath no respect, therefore all you high and lofty ones, Ham­mon like, be ye sylent and let your mouths, be stopped all you who acts in unrighteousness, away with all your profession, and now repent and tremble before the Lord, ye children of the Devil, come down all you high and lofty ones, houl and mourn in sackcloath and ashes, for the Lord is coming to burn you up as stubble before him, for you are the fruitlesse TREES that cumbers the ground,Mat. 27.19. who are for the Fire, faire and flourishing with Leaves you are covered, but by CHRIST the LIGHT, ye are searched, and no Fruit is sound on you, therefore from him you are cursed for fruit hee is come to seeke for, therefore profess him no longer in words, but now repent and return from all your UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, [Page 4] for know you not that no unrighteous person shall inherit the Kingdom of God,i Cor. 6.9. no vain person nor drunkards, swearers, no lyar, no proud, no covetous ones, none who delight in gaming or pleasures, spotting in the day time and riotting, chambering and wantonness, nor no unholy nor unclean thing must enter, for all unrighteous persons must be cast into the Lake that burns with Fire and brimstone for ever: now read your selves and your Portions, all you high and lofty ones, for thither you must go, and there you mustly for evermore, the Lord of hosts hath spoke it, with Dives and Hammon, and all the high and lofty ones who must be cast in thither,Easter 3. for you are too high and too Fine, and too lofty to en­ter in at the straight gate, as Dives was, and Hammon was, nay, you are enemeis and persecutors of all those who enters in at the straite gate, as Hammon, and Dives, and the High Priests, Pharises, and Rulers was, and all the high ones, because they do not feed you with your earthly honour, and respects no person, but equalizes all flesh, as the Lord doth so doth his people,Acts i0.34.35. but you proud ones thinks scorn to be compared, or to be equalized with your fellow-creatures, as Dives and Hammon did, but all you proud ones, remember your father Dives end, for thither you must go into the everlasting burnings, as he did, whose belly was his God,Luke i6. i9. & Phil. 3. i9. as yours is, whose end is destruction, who mind earthly things, and then it wil be too late for you to repent, and then when it is too late, then you wil wish you had been as Lazarus was, so that at the end you might have enjoyed the happiness that Lazarus did, though now you are exalted above your fellow-creatures,Ezekiel i6. 44. living in Pride, Idleness, and fulness of bread, which was the Sins of Sodome, but in this day you shal be brought down, and all you workers of eniquity, young and old, rich, and poor, Lord and Lady, and beggars shall be all turned into Hel with­out respect of person,Isaiah 2.42. Heb. i0. 8.34. Heb. 1i. 36, 37, 38. Luke i6. 22.23 then shall it be with the Mistriss, so with the maid, as with the Servant so with the Master, and as with the people, so with the Priest, & all the righteous simple ones which you despise and scoff at, who are now to you gazing stocks, and reproaches and pilgrims in the world, because their Kingdom is not of this world, then shall that be exalted and received into joy eternal, then you shal see a separation be­twixt the humble and the proud, as there was betwixt Dives and Laza­rus, the humble, and loly, and despised ones shall be exalted, and you high lofty ones, who are despisers and crucifyers of the just, shall be a­based and cast into Hell, then Lord and Lady, Master and Mistris and all your earthly honor, shall be laid into the fyre, then all your worldly wealth, riches, and earthly inheritance and heir-ships will be gone, wherewith you ruled as Lords in the eerth,, then you shall fynd that all your gay cloathing and rich attire was for pride, and not for decency, and that many of your fellow-creatures wanted that for to cover their nakedness which you spent upon your lusts, then you shall be rewarded for grinding the faces of the poor, for your oppressions, and for rackings [Page 5] and taxings and your heavy burthens, wherewith you oppress your fel­low creatures, for you are the high Oaks and the tall Cedars that op­press the little scrubs under,Isa. 2. i2, i3. &c. whom the Creation growns both man and beasts, but then you will be brought low, then all your pleasures and wantonness, hauking and hunting, and bowling and carding, and di­ [...]ing and all your Musik shall be turned into weeping and howling with Dives, Lazarus had none of this, but Dives had, but now Lazarus hath joy eternall, and Dives wo and misery everlasting, and then all your dainty dishes and novelties and varieties which hath fed your lusts shall be turned into fyre and brimstone, and the spoyle of the creatures shall witness against you, and then you shall be stript of of all your Silks and Velvet, and Purple, and Gold, and Silks, and all your gay attire, where­with you decked and addorned your Earthly bodies, to make your selves seem glorious in the eyes of other, for the honor and esteem of the world but then you will be as naked as the beggar, then you shall have no wai­ting men nor waiting maids, nor Coaches, nor high and lofty horses, nor curious building, or great houses, no more than the beggar, then bowing and crouching, and all your heathenish breeding shall be laid aside,Ezek. 22.28. Ier. 13. i. Mich. 3.5. then all your Priests & false Prophets which you extall now so high because they daub you up and cry, peace to you, healing you in deceit, because you put into their mouths, shal stand you in no steed, but shall be tormented with you hypocrites in the lake, and all your covers wil not serve wherewith you hide your Sin, and covers over your deceipts, in saying your pleasures and vain talk, and foolish jesting, and tales and stories, is pastime and recreation, then you would be glad of one hour if you could get to repent in, as Dives would, but then it will be too late for your portion you enjoy in the earth, whose Kingdom is of this world, but the Son of man in it had scarce where to lay his head, and his ser­vants no certain dwelling place, for their Kingdom was not of this world, such you call wanderers and vaggabonds, who have your great houses and strong towers in the Earth, but all cannot hide from the pre­sence of the Lord, who will you call in judgment, and reward you accor­ding to your deeds,Luke 9.5.58. i Cor. 4. ii. Psalms i45. i3. when his own he doth exalt into the Kingdom which for them he hath prepared, which is an everlasting Kingdom, from which the earthworms are shut out, who saith the earth is mime, there­fore now before it be too late consider of it, and let Dives and Hammon and the rest of the proud ones be a warning to you, and now repent, while it is called to day, now you have been told, now you are left with­out excuse, before the just impartial Iudge; now prise your time all who desyre mercy at the hand of God, and pardon for your iniquities, for this is the day of your visitation,Luke i6. i3 [...] wherein the Lord is handing forth his mercy, and if you will not believe this, you would not blieve Dives and he should rise from the Dead.

To the light in all your Consciences I speak, which comes from Ie­sus [Page 6] Christ the light of the world,Iohn i. 9. who doth enlighten every one that comes into the world, which light is his witness in the conscience, a­gainst all deceit, ungodliness, and unrighteousness of men, which light in all your consciences is my witness, to the which I am made manifest, which if you love it, and to it hearken, it will let you see your selves, and the staite and condition wherein you live, and the fylthy unclean Image of the Devill which you bear, and your Leoperous spotted con­sciences, because of the lust wherein you are drowned, and the same light loving it and following it, which checks and covinces in the cons­cience, for that which is evil and of the least contrary to the wil of God, it wil lead you to repentance, and humble your hearts, and bring you down to know the fear of the Lord, whose power wil rend your habitati­ons wherein you have dwelt secure in your Sins, and this light (loving it) will be your teacher, and wil let you see the Creation and the good­ness thareof, and will teach you how to use it and order it in its place, out of the lust, to the glory of God, and how to do good with it, so that there be no want in the creation nor cry of oppreession, but the hungry wil be fed, and the naked cloathed, and the oppressed set free, and here is the blessing restored to the Creation, but while these things is under and you live in the lusts, with your abundance, nourishing your hearts as in a day of slaughter, the curse is upon you and war abundance, and you are the adulterers and adulteresses,Titus. 2. ii. i2. Iames 4. Iames 5. whose hearts are adulterated from God, committing fornication with the Creation, and the grace of God which should guide you out of the lust and ungodliness of the world you turn into wantonness, and your teachers who cause you to erre by their sorcery and inchantments, and Iames the Son of thunder uttered forth his voice against such, and thus saith the Lord, because the Daugh­ters of Sion are haughty, and walk with stretched out necks, and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet, therefore the Lord will smite with the scab the Crown of the head of the Daughters of Sion, in that day in that day the Lord wil take away all their bravery of their tinkling ornaments of their feet,Isaiah. 3. and their cauls and round attire, like the Moone, and the chains and the brace­lets, and the head-bands, and tablets, and the Ear-rings, and the nose-Iewels, the changeables suits of apparell, and the mantles, and the wim­ples, and the Crisping-pins, and the glasses, and the fyne linnen, and the hoods, and the vails, and it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smel, there shall be a stinck, and instead of well seat here, bauldness, and idstead of a stomacher, a girding with Sackcloath, and burning in­stead of beauty: Now all you high and lofty Daughters of England, who are sporting your selves in the day time, and scorning and disdaining your fellow-creatures, read your selves and your portions, howle and lament, for a day of venegance, of rending, of burning, of famine, is coming upon you, for the Land mourns because of pride.

TO THE LIBERTINE, whose Liberty stands in the Flesh.

WOE unto thee, who art at ease in the flesh, devouring the Cre­ation, and spending it upon thy Lusts, whose heart is run from God awhoring after other Lovers, committing, Fornica­tion with the Creation, nourishing thy heart as in a day of slaughter, Ezek. 23.30. Psal. i0.39. Iames 5.5. Rev, i8.7. Heb. 10.29. Mal. 2. i7. satis­fying thy lusts in whatsoever thy heart runs after, and so art at ease in the flesh, and feels no sorrow nor griefe, but the Harlot is exalted in thy Bosome, above all that is called God, and thou had cast his Law behind thy back, living withoutt the fear of God and walking dispitefully a­gainst the Spirit of Grace, saying within thy selfe, he that doth evill is good in the sight of God, and where is the God of Iudgment? can we do any thing without God, is it not by his power we do all things, and can we do any thing contrary to his VVill; yea, thou shalt fynde, that all thou dost is contrary to his will, and thou shalt fynde him, a God of Iudgment, for thy Sins hath separated thy Soul from God, Isa. 59.2. and long in his love and mercy to thy soul hath he forborn thee, and hath not cut thee off from off the face of the earth, but hath still spared thee, and waited to be gracious, though thy heart hath been wholly gone from him, and never regarded to do that which is pleasing in his sight, but instead of serving him, thou hast served thy own lusts, with his good creatures to which thou hast had no right, and he to thee hath been a mercifull God; but will not the Lord visite for these things? yea, he wil not always strive with man, and though thou takest thy pleasure now, remember thou must come to Iudgment, And lo saith the Lord, Gen. 6.3. Eccle. ii. 9. Rev. 22.12. Gal. 6.8. I come quickly and my reward is with me, to give unto every one according to his deeds. And they that sow to the flesh, shall of the flesh reap corruption: And then thou shalt finde that power thou hast had, and instead of using it to the Honour and Glory of God, thou hast hid thy Talent in the Earth, and lived wantonly upon the Earth, serving thy own will, dishonouring the Holy Lord of Glory and Righteousness and then in the day of thy Iudg­ment, thou shalt confess that the Lord hath visited thee time after time, and called thee time after time, handing forth his Mercy to thee, when [Page 8] thou harkned, the Lord was with thee, when thou walked in his fear, he was not far from thee, but thou hast hearkned to the voice of the Serpent and false Prophet, which hath drawn thy heart from God, into the visible things of the Creation, which pass away, and hath promised thee Liberty and Peace in the same, and it being pleasing to thy lustfull earth­ly minde, thou art become one with the Harlot, which lyeth in thy Bo­some, Mat. 4, 8.9. and thus thou hast accepted the gift with which the Old Serpent tempted Christ, and so art become a Servant to the Devill, of whom thou art brought in bondage of him, being evermore, and while thou art pro­mising to thy selfe Liberty, 2 Pet. 2. i9, 20, 2i. thou thy selfe art a Servant unto corruption; and thus thy lusts hath separated betwixt God and thy Soul, and art be­come the Image of the Devill, yeilding thy Members servants to unclean­ness, & thus thou sets up a rest in the Devils Kingdom, wherin thou sports thy self and art at liberty,i Cor. i0, 7. i Cor. i5. [...]8, 9. eating and drinking in merriness, so if there were sorrow only in this world, thou art of all men most happy, then our Fathers that are faln asleep in Christ are perished, and we are of all men most miserable, if there be joy only in this world; but out of the liberty of the children of God thou art found, and by them seen to be in the fall, wallowing in the myre and lust, and so art unredeemed, li­ving under the Curse,Rom. 8. for this is the redemption from death to life, and thou livest after the flesh, and art dead, the carnall minde ruling which is death, and is at enmity with God, for it is not subject to the will of God, and so long as this hath dominion over thee, thou cannot obey God, for he that lives in the flesh, cannot please God, but if through the Spirit thou mortify the deeds of the flesh thou shalt live,Rom. 8. i. and here is the liberty of the Children of God, VVho walk not after the flesh but af­ter the Spirit, but their liberty is not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, for by the law of the Spirit of life they are set free from the law of Sin and death: And from Christ their Redeemer, they have received power to become the Sons of God, Ioh. i, i2. and in the same have dominion over the world, flesh, self, and the Devil, death and Hell, and this comes through the Cross, by which they are crucifyed to the world and the world to them, and here is the liberty of the Children of God,Galla. 6. i4. who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit, which liberty no vulterous eye can see, nor vene­mous beast shall know, nor the rebellious disobedient one, therefore do not deceive thy felfe in saying, thou art a Christian and believes in Christ, and art a child of God; for they that are Christs have crucifyed the flesh,Galla. 5.2 [...]. Romans 6. i6. and to whom thou yeilds thy members servants to obey, his servant thou art, to the light of God in thy conscience I speak, which if thou love it and unto it hearken, and bring thy deeds unto it to be tryed by it, it will witness for God and his Children, against thee to be a Child of the Devil, and his works thou dost, and thy faith to be feig­ned like the Hypocrite, and doth not purifye thy heart and so is no more than the wickedest that is, for all say that Christ dyed for them, but all [Page 9] cannot witness it, For he that believes is born of God, Ioh. 3.9. and he that is born of God doth not commit Sin, and this light loving it, will let thee see how thy heart is turned from God, and that thou hast more delight in the things that perish, than in the fear of the living God, which keeps the heart clean, And is the beginning of the pure wisdome and righteousness, and if thou honestly commune with it,Prov. 9. i0. it will let thee see thy secret a­ctions, and all thy hidden deeds done in darkness, that thou maist come to judgment, and condemnation for all these things, and except thou be born again and become as a little Child, thou art no child of God, neither can enter the Kingdome of God, but art without in the worlds nature, in the state of condemnation, in whom the Son of perdition rules above all that is called God, Sitting in the Temple of God, as God, and saith he is God, and here he opposeth God in his Kingdom, and saith that is lawfull, and for it pleads which God saith is unlawfull and forbids, and he tels the Creature and makes it believe it cannot keep Gods Commandments, and that it hath not power to do that which God commands it, or to depart from evill, and that none lives but they Sin, and Christ hath satisfyed for all Sin, though they Sin day­ly; that man may use the Creatures as hee pleaseth, seeing they were made for mans use, and the Spirit of God saith, he that saith he know­eth God and keepeth not his commandments,i Ioh. 2.4. i Iohn i. i2. Romans 8.2. is a lyar and the truth is not in him; And as many as receives him, to them he gives power to become the Sons of God; And the Law of the Spirit of life, makes them free from the Law of Sin and death, He that commits sin is of the Devill and never knew God, i Ioh 3. Romans 8. Hebrews i2. i4. and by this are the Children of God and the Children of the Devill made manifest and he that abides in him sinneth not; And he that lives after the flesh cannot please God, for without holiness none shall see the Lord: and thus the Devill the Old Serpent who was a lyar from the beginning, opposeth God in his Kingdom, daubing the Creature up in that vvhich is evil, making it a habitation in his Kingdome, vvhile it lives upon the earth, and then must take part with him in the lake that is prepared for the Devill and his Servants, who doth not dare to call God a hard Master, as if he would lay a tax upon the Creature which it is not able to per­form, and thus he deceives the Creature, and draws out of the com­mands of God, and out of the fear of God, which preserves from evill, and so he draws into carelesness and slothfulness,Coloss. 3.5.6 and begets a liberty therein, and because of those things commeth the wrath of God upon the Children of disobedience, as it was in the beginning when God said that in the day thou eats of the Apple thou shalt die the death, and the Serpent said, you shall not surely dye, for God doth know that in the day you eat thereof, you shall be as Gods, knowing Good and Evill,Gen. and thus he deceived them, and drew them out of the commands of God and out of the feast of God into the disobedience, and so came the curse of God upon them, by hearkning to him, and entring into his tempta­tion, [Page 10] and then they found God just and true, and the Devil a lyar, whom they had believed; now read thy self, to the light of Christ in thy Con­science I speak, which searcheth the heart, and knows the secret thoughts and intents of the heart, which will witness me, and condemn thee who walks contrary unto it, be not deceived, God is not mocked, for such as thou sowest, Gal. 6.7 such must thou reap, for God is a just God, and wil not ac­quit the wicked, for thou art found a sloathful servant, who hath hid thy talent in the earth, and think not that thou shalt receive the reward of the righteous and faithfull, for if the righteous scarcely be saved, what will become of the wicked and ungodly, therefore repent while its cal­led to day,i Pet. 4. i8, harden not thy heart, least the judgments of God come upon thee at unawares and sweep thee away, and give thee thy portion a­mongst the sloathfull hypocrites and unbelievers, for by the light of God thou art seen and found in the Sins of Sodom, and the plagues of Sodom is comming upon thee, therefore be afflicted and mourn, and let thy laughter be turned to mourning and thy joy into heaviness, for to judgment thou must come,Iam. 4.9. and thy liberty; to the light of Christ in thy conscience I am made manifest, which if thou loves it, will let thee see thy self, and tender thy conscience and wil lead thee into the fear of God following of it, and will humble thee, and bring down thy high and lof­ty looks, and bring thee under judgment and condemnation for thy stiff­neckedness, disobedience, and rebellion against the Son of righteousness, here will be thy condemnation, out of thy own mouth wil the Lord judg thee in righteousness by the light in thy Conscience, which he hath en­lightned the withall, which now thou Kickest against, which will thy thy torment be, this is a warning from the Lord unto thee, and now thou art left without excuse in the presence of the living God, by the light of God, this is the day of thy visitation, and the day of thy judg­ment draw nigh, now thou hast time prise it: For the day of the Lord will be as a Thiefe in the night, i Thes. 5.2, 3. to all the children of darkness, as it was to the So­domites, and verily I say unto thee, it shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorah in the day of Iudgment than for thee, if thou dost not repent, who hast tasted of the love and mercy of God, and hast trampled it under foot, and hast rebelled against the Spirit of Grace.

VVritten from the Spirit of the Lord, as a warning to all who are in the fleshly liberty, by a witness of the true liberty of the children of God through death, which liberty stands not in time, nor in any thing in time for all things in time perish with time, but this remains when time shall be no more, and this is pure unspotted of the world.


ALL you that scoff, and scorn, reproach, & revile at the Children, Ser­vants, and Messengers of the most High God, whom you nick-name quakers, and under the same name persecute them, as a people not worthy to live, and have no ground for it, neither knows any evill by them, but all along their lives and conversations condemns yours, and therefore you hate them, revile them, & reproach them in whom the power of the living God is made manifest, the same which ever was, VVhich shakes the Earth and makes the strong man to bow himself, Eccles. i2. 3. and the keepers of the house to tremble; and the same power which all the Children of God in all ages witnessed, and passed through, which then by the same Generation suffered, both by Magistrates, Professors, Priests, and People, who were, & are strangers to the life of God and his Power, and therfore re­proached, Scoffed and scorned it, as you now do,2 Tim 3.3. but it is that the Scripture might be fulfilled upon you, VVho are despisers of those that do good; I­saak the seed of the promise trembled, Gen. 27.33. VVho was mocked by Ishmael the Son of the Bondwoman, who was cast out as the same seed; and now by you Ishmalites who are the Children of the Bondwoman, who are cast out and are found without, mocking and scoffing the Righteous seed, Gen. 21.9. i0. Gal. 4.30. And Moses a Servant of God quaked and trembled, who counted it greater Riches to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of Sin for a season, Heb. 12. 2i. Heb. ii. 26. and this you now call madness and folly, who know not that godliness is great gaine, i Tim. 6.6. and David who was a King quaked, and trembled, and roared, and watered his Couch with tears, Psal. 69. i2. Psal. 22.14. Psal. 38. Psal. 6.6. and Drunkards made a Song on him, and some shut out their tongues, and wagged their heads and gaped upon him with their mouths, Psal. 64. Psal. 122.7. and this you Sing in your Steeple houses like Hypocrites without knowledg, Psalms 35. i6. and yet scoffe and scorn and reproach those in whom the same Power is made manifest and yet you will say as he said, you are not puffed in mind, nor have no scornfull eye, &c. but he spoke the truth, and you lye, Psal. i31.1. and thus you deceive your souls and loves to have it so, your leaders cause you to erre, Isa. 9.16. and Iob a Servant of the Lord quaked, who by the same generation was laughed to scorn, Iob 4. i4. Iob i2. i4. and Ieremi­ah, a Prophet of the Lord quaked, who was then persecuted by the same generation Ier. 23.9. and Daniel a Prophet of the Lord trembled, who was cast into the Lyons Den, because he would not deny his God, Dan. i0, ii. Dan. 6.16. but by his power he was preserved, as we are now from those Lyons whelps who would us devour; and Habbkkauk a Prophet of the Lord his belly trembled, and his lips quivered, Hab. 3. i6. and Paul an Apo­stle of Iesus Christ fell down and trembled, Act. who was re­viled, reproached, and persecuted even to death, who was one that ha­zarded his life for the name of Iesus, Act. 6.26. and said all the day long was they killed, and accounted as sheep to the slaughter, Rom. 8.36. [Page 12] now these was all quakers, who then suffered with patience by the same generation, now read what generation you are of, for they that were af­ter the flesh allways persecuted them that were after the Spirit, Gal. 4.29. there was always a generation by which the righteous ever suffered since Cain the fyrst born upon earth, in whose way you are found, who envy, who are in the wrath, Iude 10. you kill the just, and he lyes slain in the streets, Iam. 5.5, 6. at whose hands his blood shal be requited. Mat. 23.35. and the Son of man was to eat his bread with quaking, and drink his water with trembling, Ezek. i2. i0. out of which life you are found, who are at ease in the flesh, feeding without the fear of God, spending the Creatures upon your lusts, i Cor. i0.7. Iam. 5 scoffing and scorning them who are not one with you in the same liberty, but fears before the Throne of God, i Pet. 4.4. Rom. i3, i4. i Cor. i0.3i. and thus you erre, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God, Mat. 22.29. there­fore behold, ye despisers and wonderers, and perish, I will work a work in your days, which though you see it, you shall not believe it, Act. i3. [...]i. is it not apparent before your eyes, the wicked man returns from his wickedness, and the ungodly from his ungodliness and the drunkard from his drunkenness, and the prophane one from his prophainness, and now seeks after God, and feare his powerfull name, and this you see and cannot believe, but despises, scoffs & scorns the power by which this work is done, for it is no new thing but the same which was and are, you are in the same adulterous generation, which cannot see the Signes which follow the truth, Mat. i6.3, 4. from whom the Gospel is hid, whose eye is darkned with the God of the world, 2 Cor. 4.3, 4. and so speaks evil of the things you know not, Iude ii. putting darkness for light, and light for darkness, evill for good, and good for evill, Isa. 5.20. you are the scoffers that the Apostle fore-told of to be in the last times, Iude, i8. who are despisers of those that are good, incontinent, fierce, Traitor, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God, having a form of godliness, but deny the life and powers, 2 Tim. 3.3, 4, 5. and here you are both Priests, people, and professors, who are scoffing and scorning, slandring, reproach, reviling, and persecuting the righteous innocent servants and messengers of the most high God, who is uttering forth his voyce through them in power, against all ungodliness and un­righteousness of men, who will you call to judgment, and convince you of all your ungodly deeds, and all your hard speeches, which you have wrongfully spoken against him and his power, and will reward you ac­cordingly, Iude i4, i5. Rev. 22.2i. Therefore to that which is of God in all your consciences I speak, which is my witness against your ungodly lives, which turning your minds to it, and unto it taking heed, will let you see you speak evill of the things you know not, loving darkness ra­ther than light, because your deeds are evill, Iob. 3. i9. therefore fear the Lord God and repent, and take heed of mocking, least your bonds [Page 13] be made strong. Isa. 28.22. for God will not be mocked, such as you sowe, such must you reap, Gal. 6.7. therefore fear before the Lord, and try all things, and hold fast that which is good, i Thes. 5.2i. and despise nothing before you know it, least you speak evill of Gods elect, for it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God, Heb. i0.3i. there­fore take this for a warning, as from the mouth of the Lord, for no ig­norance is to be pleaded before the throne of God.

This was given forth in vindication of the power of God, which is now ma­nifesting in his Sons and Daughters, least the simple who are not yet ac­quainted with it, should stumble at the name.

By a friend of the truth and a lover of these people, which you who are out of the truth scornfully call quakers, but the scorners God will judge, and the righteous God will bless who work out their salvation with fear and trem­bling, for saith the Lord, to such a one wil I look, that is of a humble and contrite spirit, and trembleth at my words, Pro. i9.29. Phil. 2. i2 Isa. 66. i, 2.


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