The PARLIAMENTS X. Commandements.

  • I. THou shalt have no other Gods but Us ther LORDS and COMMONS ass-embled at Westminster.
  • II. Thou shalt not make any Adresses to the King, nor yeeld obedience to any of his Commands; neither shalt thou weare any Image either of him or his Posterity; thou shalt not bow down unto him, nor Worship him, for Wee are jealou [...] gods, and will visite such sinnes unto the third and fourth Generation of them that hate us, and will not observe our Votes, Orders and Ordinances.
  • III. Thou shalt not take the Names of Us, your GODS in vaine, for we cannot hold you guilt­less that take our Names in vaine.
  • IIII. Remember that thou keep holy the Fast-Day, for that is Our Sabbath; In it thou shalt doe no manner of Work, for we have blessed that Day, and hallowed it.
  • V. Thou shalt neither yeeld Honor nor Obedience to the King (thy Countrie; Father) or thy Na­turall Father or Mother, so Wee will make thy dayes long, in the lands which we shall take from the ungodly and wicked ones, to bestow upon thee.
  • VI. Thou shalt Remove the Wicked One from his Throne, and his Posterity from off the face of the Earth.
  • VII. Thou shalt edify the Sisters, and abundantly in­crease and multiply the Saints.
  • VIII. Thou shalt get all thou canst; part from no­thing: doe no right, take no rong, neither pay any Debts.
  • IX. Thou shalt be a Witness for us, against whom­soever we judge to be Wicked, that [...]o We may cut them off, that the Saints may enjoy abun­dance of all things.
  • X. Thou shalt enjoy thy Neighbours House, his Wife, his Servant, his Maid, his Oxe, or his Asse, or any thing that belongs unto him; Provided he be first Voted (by US) to be a wicked or ungodly Person.

All these Commandements Wee require you, and every of you with all diligence to observe; and We your LORDS and GODS will incline your hearts to keep the same.

The Parliaments PATER NOSTER.

OUr Fathers, which think your Houses of Parliament to be heaven; you would be honoured as GODS, because CHARLES his Kingdome is come unto you; your wills must be done on earth, as unto the God of heaven; you have gotten the day, and dispose of our daily bread; you will not forgive any, neither must you look to be forgi­ven; you lead us into rebellion and all other mischiefs, but cannot deliver us from evil. Yours is the Kingdom, the power and glory, Parliament everlasting. Amen.

The ARTICLES of their FAITH.

I Beleeve in CROMWELL, the Father of all Schisme, Sedition, Heresy and Rebellion, and in his onely Son Ireton, our Saviour, begotten by the spirit in a hole, borne of a winching Mare, suffered under a house of Office at Brainford, he deserves to be drawn, hang'd and quartered, and to remain unburied; for he descended into Hull, the third day he rose up in Rebellion against his KING, and now sitteth on the right hand of the gods at Westminster; he beleeves there is no holy Ghost, nor Catholique Church, nor for­giveness of sins, but the Communion of the Sisters, the resurrection of his Members, and Parliament ever­lasting. AMEN.

Ordered, That these new Commandements, Pater Noster, and Creed be read in all Parish Churches, and Congregations, throughout England and Wales.

HE [...]

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