AN EXHORTATION TO ALL FRIENDS, Who are of Late Convinced of the Way of the Everlasting God, And have a True BREATHING to walk in True OBEDIENCE Unto Him.

DEar Friends, in the Everlasting Love of God dwell, and keep your Minds stayed upon the Lord, and the Lord will not be wanting to all who are of an upright heart and a contrite Spirit. The Lord was never wanting to any that dwelt in his true fear, nor never will be, Blessed be his Name forever; for he hath been near at hand to help all those who desire after him, and them he will preserve as they wait upon him: Therefore Dear Friends, who are convinced of the way of the Everlasting God, in that all dwell, and by his Power you will be preserved; for out of the Power there is no Satisfaction to the Immortal Soul; therefore keep in the Mighty Power of God which will preserve you all, and if it be the Pure will of God to try any of you, to give up to the Lord, who will preserve you all whoever you are. For this I can truly say, that the Lord God was not wanting to me, nor to the rest of my Friends and Companions who were exiled for the Truth of the Everlasting God, Blessed be his Name forever, who was not wanting unto us, and his mighty Power preserved us, Blessed be his Name forever. So all Dear Friends, keep near to the Lord God, and the Lord will preserve you all whose mindes are truly stayed upon him, for it is a Blessed thing for the mind to be stayed upon the Lord, such will the Lord keep in perfect peace: And the Lord did never forsake the Righteous, but was and is alwayes a God near at hand to pre­serve all who truly hunger and thirst after him, such the Lord will satisfy with the Riches of his Love, which hath not been wanting, nor never will be wanting to those who keep their minds truly stayed upon him. So all Dear Friends mind the way of the Everlasting God, and if any of you be under any Servitude to Master or Dame, see that you Discharge a good Conscience to them, as you may read in Peter Chap. 2. ver. 12. and have your Conversations honest among the Gentiles, that they which speak Evil of you, as of Evil doers, may by your Good Works which they shall see, glorifie God in the Day of your Visitation; and shew forth a meek and a quiet Spirit, for that is it that will overcome all thats contrary to the Will of God. So Dear Friends be Faithful in your Places, and the Lord God will bless and prosper you, and it was the De­sire of the Lord's Faithful Servants that you might be preser­ved by the Power of God, and it is the Labour and Travel of Gods Servants that all that have tasted how good the Lord hath been in any measure, might be preserved in the same all your dayes, whether they be few or many the Lord he knows. So Dear Friends keep in the way of the Everlasting God, for the nearer you are to the Lord, the greater will be your joy and comfort; for the Lord he is the true comfort, and he was the preserver of Jacob, and the keeper of Israel, he sees and beholds all things, and nothing can be hid from him; for he is the search­er of the heart, and knows the secret intents thereof, and it is a pretious thing to have a true Love in your hearts for the Lord God; for I know the Lord God will give a true reward to such who seek after the way of Righteousness the Lord will satisfie. And Dear Friends, if any thing doth arise which doth tend to the Dishonour of God's Truth, be careful and watchful, that you never give way to any such thing that shall bring dishon­our to the pure way of God; but consider how it was with Joseph when he was Tempted, he having a true sight that he should sin against God, if he yielded thereunto; so his Eye was unto the Lord, and he was preserved out of the Temptation; for the truth of God hath many Enemies, and great are the Tryals of the righteous both inwardly and outwardly, but the Lord doth deli-them over them all, as he did for Job, for the Lord found him upright and just, one that feared God, and Eschewed Evil▪ and he held and kept his Integrity, though great was his Tryal, yet the Lord delivered him over them all. So Dear Friends, keep your minds stayed within the Bounds of Gods Love, and be diligent to wait upon him to know more of his pure will, for there is no End of his Love; for the more you have known of it, the more you may know of it, for there is no end of his Love; therefore Dear Friends, prise the Love of God forever, for the Lord hath done much for you in that he hath made himself known unto you, and gave you a true Sight of his Love. I cannot but Exhort you all to wait upon him forever, and that it may never be said by any that your Waiting was in Vain, nor to sit down short of the Rest which the Lord hath prepared for all those that are true Followers of him, for the Lord will Crown all that are Faithfull unto him, and the Redeemed of the Lord shall return and come with joy unto Sion, and everlasting joy shall be upon the heads of all those who trust in the Name of the Lord. They shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and mourning shall fly away, and none shall make them afraid whose trust is in the Lord.—And this is the desire of him who has a true Love in his Heart for all who draw near unto the Lord in this the Day of his Mighty Power. And Friends, be carefull, and look not out, but keep your minds stayed upon the Lord God; for if the mind be out, abroad, then carelesness will be ready to enter, and that will hinder your growth in the Lords Truth: So be diligent, and keep Watchful conti­nually over the mind, that it may not lead you into any thing which may tend to the dishonour of the pure Way of the Lord God, which many of the Lords Servants have been true Labour­ers in, who sought not their own Glory, but the Glory of God, and the good of your Immortal Souls; therefore prise the Love of God above all things, for there is nothing to be compared to it. Therefore dear Friends, walk in the pure fear of the Lord God, and it will be well with you when time shall be no more. The Just shall Live by Faith, but if any one draw back, my Soul shall have no pleasure in him, saith the Lord.

Thomas Parker.

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