The Purchasers of Bishops and Deans and Chapters Lands, By their Petition offered to this Honoura­ble House Humbly shew,

THat notwithstanding his Majesties gracious Declaration from Breda concerning Sales: The Declaration of this Honourable House of the 8th of May last. His Majesties Proclamation of the 6. of June for quieting Possessions: And Your Honours Order of the 6. of August last, restraining Ecclesiasticks from granting Leases of any of the said Lands; Yet so it is, That divers Leases are granted over the Purchasers head; they disquieted in their Possessions, forcible Entries made upon their Estates, Actions at Law brought against them, Court kept upon their Mannors, their Court Rolls seized their Rents received by the said Ecclesiasticks, or stayed in the hands of the under-Tenants; Whereby they are reduced to great straits, and ru­ined in their Credits.

And therefore Pray,
First, That the Act mentioned in Your Declaration of the 8th of May last for confir­mation of Sales may be taken into speedy Consideration; And the Petitioners have their Purchases confirmed to them in such manner as to Your Great Wis­domes shall seem meet.

Secondly, That in the mean time their Possessions may be quieted, and their Tenants ordered to pay them their Rent, together with the Arrears thereof; And that all Proceedings at Law against the Purchasers may be stayed.

Thirdly, That all Leases of any of the Purchased Lands made to any other then the Purchasers or their Assigns, may be voided: And the Ecclesiasticks restrain­ed, according to Your said Order of August last, from making Leases or other Estates of the Premises, until the said Act for Confirmation be Determined.

Lastly, That Your Petitioners may by the Favour of this Honourable House be heard before they be concluded against; Hoping they may offer something to Consideration satisfactory to all Interests.

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