A Psalme of Thanks-giving to be sung by the Children of Christs Hospitall, on Monday in the Easter Holy-dayes, at S. Maries Spittle, for their Founders and Benefactors. Anno Domini, 1641.


This is to be sung by all the Children, and repeated after every Verse.

[...] GReat God direct our tongues, erect our hearts to sing thy praise,
[...] Whose sacred love, flows from above, from sorrows us to raise.


[...] WHen exil'd Hagars waters fail'd, thou botled'st up her teares,
[...] And them into a Well did'st turn, thus to prevent her feares.
[...] When as thy Justice, Israels Land, with barrennesse had curs'd:
[...] When others were with Famine pin'd, Ravens E-li-as nurs'd.
[...] Chaste Ioseph was from Pri-son freed, with Pharaoes favour crown'd:
[...] Afflicted Iob rose healthī-er, and wealthier from the ground.
Chorus. Great God direct, &c.
Distressed Hagar was our tipe, her teares our woes do show,
Her wealth the Bountie which to us, does from this City flow.
Lord, thou didst feed us by the hands, of these our Patrons deare:
For Ravens, (wee) relievers have, our famish'd limbs to reare.
From dens of death we are redeem'd, and raised from the earth:
And Charities sure saving-rock, hath freed us from a dearth.
Chorus. Great God direct, &c.
Look down upon this Sion Lord, and heale her many sores,
From subtill Foxes keep thy Vine, and from the Romish Bores:
Shew favour to our Solomon, his Queen and Royall race:
As thou hast grac'd him with a Crown, so crown him with thy grace.
Double Elias spirit on Peeres, and Prophets of our Land;
On City, Maior, and Aldermen, showre guifts of thy right hand.
Chorus. Great God direct, &c.
  • CHildren kept and maintained at this present, at the Charge of Christs Hospitall, in the said House, in divers places of this City and Suburbs, and with sundry Nurses in the Country. 926
  • The names of all which, are Registred in the Books kept in Christs Hospitall, there to be seen, from what Parishes, and by what meanes they have been from time to time admitted.
  • Children put forth Apprentices, discharged, and dead this yeare last past—103
  • THere hath been cured this yeare last past, at the charge of Saint Bartholomews Hospitall, of Souldiers and other diseased people, to the number of—1002
  • All which were relieved with money, and other necessaries at their departure.
  • Buried this yeare after much charge in their sicknes,—192
  • Remaining under cure at this present, at the charge of the said Hospitall, —330
  • THere hath been cured this yeare last past, at the charge of Saint Thomas Hospitall, of Soul­diers and other diseased people—1003
  • All which were relieved with money and other necessaries at their departure.
  • Buried out of the said Hospitall this yeare—212
  • Remaining under cure at this pre­sent—309
  • THere hath been brought to the Hospitall of Bridewell within the space of one yeare, of wandring Souldiers and other Vagrants, to the number of—711
  • Wherof some have been clothed and sent beyond the Seas.
  • And of which number many have bin chargable for the time of their being there, which cannot be avoyded by reason of their necessities, nor passed away without charge.
  • There is maintained and kept in the said Hospitall, in Arts, Occupati­tions, and other works and labours, Apprentices, taken up out of divers Parishes and streets of this City, to the number of—170

Printed at London by R. Oulton, dwelling neare Christ-Church. 1641.

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