The Totall and Finall DEMANDS already made by, and to be expected from, the AGITATORS AND ARMY: Vpon the Concession whereof they will rest fully satisfied; and DISBAND When they shall think seasonable, but not before in all probability.

ECCLES. 2. 14.
The wise mans eyes are in his head; but the fool walketh in darkness.

LONDON, Printed in the Year. 1647.

The Totall and Finall DEMANDS of the AGITATORS and ARMY: Upon Concession whereof they will rest fully satisfied, and Disband when they shall think seasonable; but not before, in all probability.

1. THat all theSir Thoma [...] Fairfax last Letters to the House, and the Apprenti­ces Petition to him, sent to the Agitators, (newly Prin­ted) their own speeches, and Papers, and 14 Arti­cle against the Impeached Members and the Agitators massage to Trinity House, evidence this. Forces and Militia of England, Ireland, Wales, and the Islands thereunto belonging; the City and Tower of London, with all the Towns, Forts, and Garrisons within England, Ireland, Wales, and the Isles; and the Navy of the Kingdom, may be imme­diately put into their hands and power; not to inthral the Parliament and people to their wils and tyranny, but to maintain the Subjects Freedom and Liberties; the Kings Prerogative and Parliaments Priviledges, in [Page 4] such sort, and for so long time, as they in their just dis­cretions shal think meet: (A demand already conclu­ded, and in substance already propounded and granted;) that so the General (only in name) and Lieutenant Ge­neral, in truth, may become absolute Emperors of all King CHARLS his Realms and Dominions (now Captive under their Soveraign Power,) til the Agitators and Ar­my shal think fit to dethrone him, to set up either a new John of L [...]yden of their own creation, or introduce a Popular Tyranny, & Anarchy, which suits best with their Laid down in Regal Ty­ranny disco­vered; A clear and full Vindicati­on of the late proceedings of the Army; A Declaration from the Army June 14. 1647 Englands Birthright, and oth [...]r Pamphlets. principles, and the Peoples Freedom, the Supream power and Authority, to whom all other powers are subordinate de jure, and must be so de facto; before this Army dis­band; as their Papers intimate.

2. That not only the X-I. accused Members, but all Presbyterians and other Members in both Houses, oppo­site to the Armies proceedings or designs in any parti­cular, may be cast out of both [as wel as all such Offi­cers cashiered the Army;] predicted in Englands Birth­right, and now actually demanded in many of their printed Papers, but most clearly expressed in that of 7o Julii, at Reading, wherein the Commissioners of the Army render this as a reason why they refuse to pro­ceed in the Treaty; That notwithstanding the Votes of the House of the tenth of June, and those since of the fifth of Iuly, for the present purging of the House, yet divers persons comprised in these Votes continue stil to sit there; And what comfortable effect may we expect of a Treaty so long as THE PARLIAMENT (the supream Iudicatory of the Kingdom) is constituted ☞ OF SOME THAT ARE MEN OF INTE­RESTS, CONTRARY TO THE [Page 5] COMMON GOOD THEREOF, from whom we can expect nothing but banding and designing to obstruct and frustrate all proceedings (contrary TO THEIR INTEREST.) And if a seasonable re­medy be not given herein, we despair of any good to the Kingdom by way of Treaty. And when both Houses are thus fully purged, That then King Charls, their Pri­soner (whom now they flatter only for the easier ac­complishment of their own ends, & to take off the envy and opposition of his party, as some of them acknow­ledg in plain terms) be forthwith articled against, This Lilburns Regal Tyran­ny discovered, The Title pa. and p. 14. 62, 53, 54, 55, 57, &c. Englands Birthright. Overtons, and other sectaries printed Pam­phlets clearly demonstrate and advise, which have a great influ­ence on the Agitators and Army. im­peached, arraigned, deposed, executed, and his poste­rity dis-inherited by the Parliament, as the Grand De­linquent, and Author of all the late Wars, Mischiefs and blood-shed in his three Kingdoms; And after that the Members of both Houses, who have been opposite to them, arraigned and condemned as breakers of trust and Invaders of the peoples Liberties; and then the domi­neering House of Peers perpetually abolished, and a new-model'd Parliament consisting meerly of Commoners (elected by the Army) constituted, to execute only what the generallity of the Agitators and people shall prescribe them.

3. That the The Araign­ment of Per­secution, the Bloody Tenet. Sir Simon Presbyter, and many other late Pamph­lets of Secta­ries, clear all this, with Hartfordshire Petition a­gainst Tythes and other Pe­titions of like Nature. Assembly of Divines be immediately dissolved and impeached of high Treason; Presbyte­ries suppressed, the Directory, National League and Covenant, Parishes, Parish Churches, Chappels, Tithes, Oblations, Ministers made by Ordination, Universities, and all Schools of learning (except only such as teach to read English, write and cypher) all set forms of Prayer, the Lords Prayer, Creed, and Ten Commandments, bapti­zing of Infants, and singing of Psalms utterly abolished as [Page 6] Antichristian, and an Act of eternal oblivion passed against them; That a full and free Liberty be granted to all persons whatsoever to preach, baptize, dip, set up what new Congregations and Religions they please, and broach any Heresie, Error, Blasphemy, or new opinion without the least inhibition, as they do now within the Armies Precincts.

4. That all Regal Ty­ranny disco­vered. p. 15, 16 &c Englands Birth-right, Lilburn [...] Apo­logie to Judge Reeve, the Harfordsh. and other late Pe­titions to the Generall and Army manifest this design. Innes of Court and Chancery, all Courts of Iustice now erected, as wel Civil as Ecclesiastical, with the Common, Civil, Canon and Statute Laws formerly in force; and all Corporations, Tenures, Copyholds, rents and services, with all Titles and Degrees of Honor, No­bility and Gentry, elevating one free-subject above another may be totally abolished, as clo [...]gs snares, and grievances to a free-born people, and inconsistent with that universal parity and equality of condition which ought to be a­mong Free-men, & opposite to the Cōmunion of Saints

5. That all the This divers of the Army and their friends have propounded in print and discourse. Lands and Estates of Deans, Chap­ters, Prebends, Universities, Colledges, Halls, Free-schools, Cities, Corporations, Ministers Gleablands; and so much of the Lands of the Nobility, Gentry, and rich Citizens and Yeomen, as exceeds the summ of 300 l. per annum▪ and all the Revenues of the Crown belonging to the King or his children, be equally divided between the Officers and Soldiers in the Army to satisfie their Arrears, and recompence their good services (all the wealth of London being too little to reward them, as their friends have published in Print) that so the Prophecy of Daniel 7. 22. may be fulfilled, Judgement is given to the Saints of the most high, and the time came that the Saints possessed the Kingdom; much descanted upon in [Page 7] the Army both by the Soldiers and their M. Sedwicks Sermon at S. Albans. Chaplains, as now or never to be accomplished.

6. That all This is posi­tively deman­ded in the Armies Re­monstrances & printed Papers to disingage & mutiny the Reformadoes and leave the Parliament and City naked of all defence. Reformado Officers, Soldiers, and Forces in or about London, or elsewhere not actually under the Armies power may be immediately dispersed; all listings of men, but only by the Generals and Armies order, prohibi­ted under pain of high Treason; the old City and Parlia­ments Guards removed; and a New strong Guard of horse and foot presently sent from the Army to secure the City and Tower of London, and theThis was moved in the House, and that by an Alderman, and desired, in the Young mans Petition to the General. Commons House (under pretence of preventing a new War;) that so the Lives, Liberties and Estates both of Lords, Commons, Citi­zens, Gentlemen, Reformadoes, Soldiers, and people of all sorts, may be at the absolute mercy and free disposal of the Army, without the least hopes of resistance, or op­position, till all the precedent demands be granted and accomplished; and then we shal be as free a people as the slaves in Turky or Algiere.

When all this is effected, and the Kingdom utterly exhausted with taxes and free-quarter to keep up this unmercinary and most meritorious Army, who have such glorious designs in hand for the Kingdoms ease, and peoples Liberties and enfranchisement from their ancient Vas­sallage to the King, Parliament, Laws, Magistrates, Ministers, &c. our supream Lords and Masters (the Agi­tators and Army) wil be satisfied, and contentedly disband to divide the spoils in the fifth demand, but not willing­ly before, if their Principles or printed Papers; their private free ingenuous discourses; the Pamphlets and Petitions of their Confederates, the practises of their Pre­decessors in Germany, and the series of their late high [Page 8] proceedings and multiplyed demands (growing every day higher, and more then formerly) may pass either for demonstrations, or more then probable presages. Let all wise, honest, and wealthy men then, both in Parliament, City and Country be no longer gulled or blinded with specious pretences, but look about them in time; and pro­vide for the publick safety and the Liberty of the King, Parliament, Kingdom, and their own preservation, be­fore it be over late: and take the Poets advice to heart.

Principiis obsta; sero medicina paratur
Cum mala per long as invaluere moras.
In fine; In bello non licet bis errare; hic nec semel.

Reader, consider these Passages among others in Lilburns new printed Regal Tyranny Discovered, (whose brothers are chief sticklers in the Armies Treasonable proceedings) p. 14. We may evidently perceive, that this Office of a King is not, in the least, of Gods institution; neither is it to be given to any man upon earth. And p. 56, 57. Charls Stewart, hath committed treason against the Kingdome of England, &c. To sum up all, he is guil­ty of all the innocent bloodshed in England, Scotland, and Ireland, since the Wars, which is the blood of thousands of thousands. For which if all the Sons of men should be so base and wicked as not to do their duty, in executing Iustice upon him (in deposing and beheading him) which legally may and OUGHT TO BE DONE, by those espe­cially who have Power, and Authority in their hands; Yet undoubtedly the righteous God will, and that I am con­fident in an exemplary manner, in despight of all his bloody and wicked Protectors and Defenders. And then judge in what condition the King, Kingdome, and Par­liament now are in, under the power of men of Lilburns Spirit and Principles.


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