To the Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of LONDON in Common Council assembled;
The Humble Petition and Address of the Sea-men, and Water-men in and about the said City of LONDON,


THat they cannot without much grief of heart, and consternation of spirit, consider and bewail the Extraordinary decay of Merchandize, Trade, Religion, Iustice, Piety, and inundation of all sorts of Oppressions, Miseries, Rapines, Wars, Tumults, Sects, Heresies, Blasphemies, Alterations of Government, and destructive confusi­ons, which have ogerwhelm'd our formerly flourishing and renowned Nations, and this famous City, ever since the notorious violations & subversions of our fundamental Laws, Liberties, Pro­perties, Government, and Parliaments, by the treachery, & armed violence of ambitious, trea­cherous Mercenaries of inconsiderable Fortunes and corrupt Principles, usurping a more arbi­trary dominion over our Lives, Persons, Estates, and Privileges, than the worst of out former Kingly Governours, whose desperate Counsels, practises & innovations, have made us the scorn, derision of all the world, and plunged our Church, State, Nations, & this famous City into the very gulph of inevitable ruin; unless speedily and timely prevented by your prudent, unanimous Counsels, and standing up in the gap in this day of our publique Calamity, by improving your power and interest to accomplish these just desires of your Petitioners and many thousand others of these Nations, which we humbly conceive to be the only visible means (through Gods blessing on them) to obviate our dangers, compose our divisions, and restore our pristine Peace, Vnity, Trade, Prosperity, and make us once more a praise amongst the Kingdoms, Churches and Na­tions, whom the Lord hath signally blessed with glorious deliverances and transcendent mercies.

Wee shall therefore humbly importune this Honourable Assembly (the only visible, legal Au­thority in the Nation, to whom we can now make our Addresses) to endeavour,

1. That a free and legal Parliament, may with all convenient speed be convened to sit within the City of London without any forcible interruption or molestation, to Settle the Government, Redresse the Grievances, Restore the Peace, Merchandize, Trade, and Navigation of this Nation.

2. That the Militia of the City may be presently raised, and put into the hands of such Persons, whose Principles and Actions have evidenced them to be well-affected to Government, Magistracy, Ministry, Laws, Liberties, the Rights and Privileges of Parliament, and Reformed Religion here established. That the guards of the City may be put into their hands, and all obtruded Guards, disturbing the Peace, obstructing the Trade of, and Threatning danger to the City, removed.

3. That all such Officers and Souldiers of the Army in and about the City and elsewhere, [...] shall obey your Com­mands, and contribute their assistance for the calling, and safe-siting of a Free Parliament, may be assured and speedily paid their Arrears, and those, who shall oppose the same, and settlement of the Nation, and City, left to publique Justice for the Murders lately Committed, and other Misdemeanours.

4. That the Nobility, and Gentry of Quality, in and about the City, may be invited to contribute their Counsels and assistance for effecting the Premises.

In the prosecution whereof, and our former Oathes, Protestation, Vow and Covenant, we shall with our Estates, Lives, and last drop of our Blouds, constantly and u­nanimously assist your Honours, and all others adhering to you to promote and ac­complish the premises, and what else your Wisdom shall think fit to conduce to the restitution of the Publique Peace, Trade, and Welfare of this City, and our three distracted Nations.

In Witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our Hands and Hearts.

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